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Cannabis Technology Consultant Level III
Mark Goldfogel
Cannabis Technology Consultant Level III

Mark Goldfogel, Quantum 9 Cannabis Technology Consultant Level III, is the Co-Founder of MJ Freeway, the first Seed to Sale tracking system in the cannabis industry. Mark proposed seed to sale tracking to the State of Colorado in March 2010 as a method for diversion control and health and human safety.

This software includes a customized, fully integrated point of sale, inventory control and patient management system for medical marijuana growers, dispensaries, collectives, and caregivers.

Cannabis Technology Consultant

He was also Founder and CEO of C4EverSystems. The system is a hardware and software platform that integrates with the leading Seed to Sale providers. This system guarantees to deliver the banking validation necessary for the cannabis industry. This, in turn, allows operators to openly and legitimately bank.

Mark’s Cannabis Technology Consultant History

For over seven years, Mark has worked full time in the cannabis industry. He has a deep understanding of the systems, people, and rules necessary to operate safely and profitably. Additionally, he is a regular contributor to Cannabis Business Executive and Marijuana Business Daily.

Mark currently consults as the Executive Vice President, Industry Relations for The Fourth Corner Credit Union. This entity is the first financial institution chartered to support hemp and cannabis industries. He is also the Founder of I Work For Cannabis. The company provides industry based consulting and implementation company. At the young age of 17, Mark published his first software. He went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Mark was awarded Outstanding Senior Marketing Student by faculty. Mark has built an impressive career in management and technology. As the Director of Industry Relations of ADP, he helped launch Service Pricing Guides, one of the largest automobile databases in history and one of the most profitable systems in ADP history. He has founded four successful startup companies including WonderDog, WebDogs, MJ Freeway, and C4EverSystems.


of Experience

Mark Goldfogel has been creating cannabis software solutions since 2010 when he created the Seed-to-Sale software MJ freeway one of the largest systems in the nation. Mark excels at technology and software focused on marijuana compliance and cannabis recordkeeping.

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