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Bruce Nicholson, MD head shot
Bruce Nicholson, MD
Pain Management Physician

Dr. Bruce Nicholson has over 40 years experience as a Doctor of Medicine, specializing in pain management. He is an experienced researcher and handles disquisitions as a Site Principal Investigator for 50+ clinical studies, including an ongoing study on the effects of medical marijuana for chronic pain. His expertise has allowed him to speak at 500+ invited lectures and produce 50+ scholarly publications related to the evaluation and treatment of acute, chronic and neuropathic pain.

He received his M.D from Eastern Virginia Medical School and continued his education with fellowships and training for general surgery and medicine, anesthesiology, and pain management. He is a Clinical Associate Professor for the Department of Anesthesia at The Penn State University School of Medicine and currently works as a Medical Director for Standard Farms, a licensed medical marijuana grower and processor facility.


of Experience

Dr. Bruce Nicholson will provide guidance on matters relating to research based on the therapeutic properties of cannabis. He will use his expertise to help create the correct recommendations for patients and customers. His guidance will help develop a Product and Safety Labeling Plan, Product Safety Plan, Quality Assurance, Standard Operating Procedures, and more.

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Neuropathic Medicine


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