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If you want a cannabis business license in Washington D.C, now may be the time to get a head start on your application. With that, Washington D.C currently has two competing recreational cannabis bills that will regulate and tax marijuana. The two bills present different recreational cannabis rules and regulations. The current marijuana market in Washington D.C could be worth up to $130 million a year. With that, our cannabis consultants in Washington D.C can help you win a license for this profitable market. Quantum 9 has the highest success rate in the industry  (90.12 percent success rate). Work with us for an easy and successful application process.

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Currently, Washington D.C allows all citizens over the age of 21 to purchase and possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis. With that, district residents can use and grow marijuana on their private property. They are also able to exchange weed as long as no money, goods, or services are exchanged. This makes Washington D.C’s marijuana market unique compared to other legal marijuana markets. Currently, a recreational cannabis business license in Washington D.C is not an option, but if these new bills are approved individuals and entities can potentially open a cannabis business.

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Cannabis Rules for New Recreational Market

As mentioned above, Washington D.C introduced two cannabis bills for a recreational market. These bills include Mendelsons’ bill and the Bowsers’ bill. These bills include different rules for cannabis licensing, so it is important that are cannabis consultants in Washington D.C explain both of them.

For example, Mendelson’s bill gives licensing priority to existing medical marijuana businesses and local residents who qualify as social equity applicants. Social equity applicants are individuals who have been convicted of marijuana-related crimes or those who live in impoverished areas.

On the contrary, Bowser’s bill creates a point system for social equity applicants as well as veterans. However, Bowser’s bill does not give preference to those with existing cannabis business licenses for medical marijuana in Washington D.C.

Cannabis Cultivation Business Licenses in Washington D.C

Additionally, these bills include different rules and regulations for cannabis cultivation licenses in Washington D.C. For example, Browser’s bill has three classes of cultivation licenses which cap plant counts at 2,000, 6,000, and 10,000. On the contrary, Mendelson’s bill has a tier system for cannabis cultivation licenses. Additionally, licensing fees are different for both of the bills.

As of now, there is a preference for Mendelson’s bill.

All in all, although there are two competing bills for recreational marijuana measures in Washington D.C, it is likely that a regulated recreational marijuana market will exist in the future. With that, it is never too early to start planning for a cannabis business license in Washington D.C. Contact our cannabis consultants in Washington D.C in order to win a license.

Washington D.C. Cannabis Consulting Firm

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