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Julio C. Soriagalvarro, MS, MBA

Cannabis Strategy Consultant

Julio Soriagalvarro is a natural product chemist turned consultant who combines his expertise in the life sciences and business to provide consulting services across the cannabis industry. Since joining Quantum 9 as our cannabis strategy consultant, he has helped clients win cannabis licenses in over 14 U.S. States.

Julio’s broad-reaching background in finance, marketing, analytical chemistry, and biology makes him a valuable asset to any cannabis project. More specifically, he’s written business, marketing, operating, and financial plans for various cannabis companies, including cultivation, processing, delivery, testing, infusing, and retail operations.

From operating Mass Spectrometers and HPLCs to crafting pro-forma financial statements and designing product packaging for cannabis businesses, Julio has years of experience advising on a variety of functions related to all types of cannabis business operations. Having worked in many legal cannabis markets, Julio is an expert in Cannabis law. He has developed standard operating procedures for cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and retail operations in various U.S. States while complying with the intricacies of each market. 

Julio received an MBA from Indiana University, focusing on finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship; a M.S. in Natural Product Chemistry and Drug Discovery from the University of Illinois; and a B.S. in Biology from James Madison University.

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