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Virginia legalized an adult-use marijuana market, so if you plan to apply for a retail cannabis dispensary license in Virginia, now is the time to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations. Annual sales in Virginia are expected to surpass $1 billion within the fifth year, which means the demand for licenses will be high. Our cannabis consulting firm recommends that business entrepreneurs get a head start on their application, so when the time comes, you can be the first one to open an adult-use cannabis dispensary in Virginia.

cannabis dispensary license in VirginiaWhat Can I do with a Retail Cannabis Dispensary License?

A retail cannabis dispensary license in Virginia allows you to do a multitude of cannabis activities. First, you are able to purchase retail marijuana, including immature marijuana plants and seedlings, from a marijuana cultivation facility. Additionally, you can purchase retail marijuana and retail marijuana products from a marijuana manufacturing facility. Lastly, you can sell retail marijuana and retail marijuana products, including immature marijuana plants, flowering marijuana plants, and seedlings, to consumers on the premises approved by the Board.

This license type will be in high demand as the cannabis market for Virginia is extremely profitable. Contact our consulting firm for more information on the application process.

Marijuana Retail License Application in Virginia

Rules for a Retail Cannabis Dispensary in Virginia

Retail marijuana stores in Virginia must follow certain rules and regulations in order to operate. This includes:

  • Every person who enters the establishment must be 21 years of age or older to make a purchase
  • A retail marijuana store can sell retail marijuana and retail marijuana products. This includes immature plants, flowering marijuana plants, and seedlings, to consumers. However, these products must be sold only in a direct, face-to-face exchange.
  • Stores can not have automated dispensing or vending machines, drive-through sales windows, internet-based sales platform, and delivery services

Also, a retail cannabis dispensary in Virginia can not sell more than any of the following during a single transaction:

  • One ounce of retail marijuana
  • Sixteen ounces of solid marijuana product
  • Seventy-two ounces of liquid marijuana product
  • Twelve immature plants
  • Six flowering plants

With that, a dispensary can sell unlimited seedlings to one person during a transaction.

Local Regulation for Virginia Retail Dispensaries

A locality can adopt and enforce local ordinances to regulate business licensed under this chapter. This includes local zoning and land use requirements, as well as business license requirements.

If you have any additional questions about cannabis business licenses in Virginia, make sure to talk to our marijuana consultants. Additionally, we help you raise capital, build a team and write business plans that win cannabis licenses.

Lastly, for more details, check out the bill for cannabis regulation in Virginia.

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