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Michael Mayes Discusses the Market & Cannabis Lottery System in Connecticut

The retail cannabis market in Connecticut is promising and consists of many retail, micro-cultivator, and delivery service applications. Therefore, applicants are gearing up and preparing to edge out competition. In other words, there is no limit to the number of applications one can submit. As a result, applicants tend to submit as many applications as possible. Due to Connecticut’s submission process, applications are submitted one-by-one rather than in bulk, causing concern toward Connecticut’s process. That said, Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9, explains to CT Insider about his worry of potential system error and “huge upload issues”.

Cannabis Application Consultant in Connecticut

Applicants Submit Hundreds of Submissions to Improve Their Chances of Winning a License in the Cannabis Lottery System in Connecticut

In the article, Michael Mayes describes how many applicants intend to submit 400-1,000 cannabis applications to operate in the Connecticut market. Ultimately, this strategy increases the chance of winning a license and gives applicants a strong competitive advantage. Although there are many entry fees and start up costs, this strategy is not uncommon. Nevertheless, Mayes reiterates his apprehension toward Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection.

Additionally, the article addresses the cannabis market in Maine where the state received over 700 applications in its lottery. However, out of those 700,  350 applications were from the same two people. This led to threats from local cannabis companies “to sue the town over the process”. Likewise, it’s no surprise that other states, such as Illinois faced many legal challenges that resulted in lawsuits and “unconstitutional” biases. Not only does this solidify Mayes’s worries, but also illustrates the potential complications the State may encounter.

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All in all, Mayes and his team at Quantum 9 won’t let the cannabis lottery system in Connecticut stop them from submitting cutting-edge applications. He and his team of consultants in Connecticut help clients navigate the application process and win licenses all over the world. For more information about our cannabis consulting services in Connecticut, contact us today.

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