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Forbes recently engaged recognized business leader Michael Mayes to address the various aspects of the employee transition into leadership roles. He shared insight on ways leaders can effectively support new managersA notable figure in the cannabis industry and public policy, his expertise in nurturing leadership carries significant weight.

Founder and CEO of the influential cannabis consulting business Quantum 9, Mayes’ approach to guiding new managers is both innovative and effective. Below, he sheds light on ways leaders can empower their newly promoted managers to excel.

Embrace a flexible framework

Mayes emphasizes the importance of providing a foundational structure for new managers. “When promoting an employee into a management position for the first time, we publish a playbook that outlines the Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS but lets them bring their own talents to it,” he shared with Forbes. “They are allowed to add to it and subtract things that are out of date.” Above all, such a business strategy highlights the balance between providing guidance and allowing personal flair and innovation. 

Effectively support new managers

Firstly, promoting an employee to a management position is a critical milestone. It’s a transition from being an individual contributor to leading a team, which demands a new skill set. The journey from team member to team leader involves mastering the art of communication, decision-making, and strategy, all while nurturing the team’s growth.

Learning from mistakes is vital to growth in any role, particularly in management. “We let them make their own mistakes, which helps foster and grow autonomy,” adds Mayes. This approach is vital to develop confident and self-reliant managers who can handle future challenges with greater ease. 

Additionally, supporting new managers is not just about empowering them. Supporting them also contributes significantly to the growth of both the team and the overall business. If you’re seeking assistance to support new managers in your cannabis business, reach out to our team of cannabis business consultants.

In conclusion, we offer expertise in team building, talent acquisition, and cannabis business planning services. Our cannabis consultants will provide you with insights and strategies tailored to your unique business needs.

Quantum 9 CEO Michael Mayes cannabis business leadership

Founder and CEO of Quantum 9 Inc.and member of the Forbes Business Council, Michael Mayes is highly sought out for his business leadership acumen. Through compassion and a strong will to help, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 continue to work hard at cannabis consulting and promoting safe access to the plant worldwide.

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