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In 2021, Quantum 9, along with its CEO Michael Mayes, was prominently featured in a Fox 5 News piece discussing the controversial Georgia medical marijuana bid process.


The Georgia Medical Cannabis Commission tentatively selected six companies to produce medical marijuana.

However, following an I-Team investigation and criticism of the selection process, the Georgia legislature considered rewriting the law and reopening the bid process.

News Coverage Details

Fox 5 News highlighted several key issues, including bid scoring secrecy and the slow rollout of medical marijuana. Legislators expressed frustration with the Medical Marijuana Commission’s executive director over these concerns.

Key Highlights

  • Oversight Committee’s Concerns: The committee criticized the lack of transparency in bid scoring and the slow implementation of the medical marijuana program.
  • Investigation Findings: The investigation revealed connections between winning bidders and politically connected individuals, raising questions about the integrity of the selection process.
  • Notable Companies and Individuals: The news piece mentioned Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers and Jigar Patel of Nature’s Georgia, along with Michael Mayes’ involvement as both an advisor and a winning bidder.

Quotes and Reactions

Michael Mayes, a Georgia cannabis consultant, was quoted in the news piece, addressing the controversy and emphasizing Quantum 9‘s commitment to ethical practices. Other stakeholders and oversight committee members also shared their reactions.

Quantum 9’s Response

Quantum 9 stands by its commitment to transparency and ethical practices. The company continues to support efforts to improve the medical marijuana bid process in Georgia.


The Fox 5 News piece sheds light on the complexities of the Georgia medical marijuana bid process and highlights the need for transparency and fairness.

Our cannabis consultants remain dedicated to our mission and looks forward to contributing positively to the industry.

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