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Quantum 9 recently spoke at a public town hall meeting in the state of Georgia. Here, the Marietta Daily Journal published a press release article discussing the town hall meeting.

Georgia Marijuana Consultant

Mayor Valerie Anderson and Michael Mayes

In February 2019, the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission met with our CEO, Michael Mayes.  First, they discussed opportunities to legally grow and sell marijuana in Georgia. Afterward, the marijuana consultant provided his opinion on the most effective cannabis application system.

Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission

Recently, Gov. Brian Kemp signed Georgia’s Hope Act into law. As a result, the new law created the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission.

The medical marijuana program in Georgia has existed since 2015. However, the Georgia Hope Act allowed for the legal distribution of cannabis in the state. Additionally, the act gave patients and caregivers the ability to purchase marijuana from licensed pharmacies.

Advice on a merit-based application system — Georgia Marijuana Consulting

Notably, Mayes’s warns the state about potential lawsuits. He claims that declined applicants are likely to file lawsuits against the state. States such as Missouri and Florida have faced lawsuits in the past from failed applicants who were denied a license.

Mayes said that “Unfortunately, after the licenses are awarded, in every single market, there will be lawsuits against the state and the commission.” On the other hand, he insists “there are definitely ways to protect against that.”

Mayes recommends a merit-based system with third-party judges. Also, the judges should score the candidates anonymously. Surely, such a system will help to avoid legal entanglements.

Quantum 9’s marijuana consulting services ensure that patients have a safe supply of marijuana. Our Georgia marijuana consulting team helps businesses obtain licenses to provide patients with marijuana.

Reach out to us today to speak with an expert marijuana consultant about starting a cannabis business.

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