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How to Deliver Marijuana in Colorado

Marijuana delivery opportunities are expanding as more states legalize the plant. Multiple states are allowing marijuana delivery, and the demand is high as the pandemic has accustomed consumers to quick and easy delivery services. If you want to know how to deliver marijuana in Colorado or have an interest in a marijuana delivery license in Colorado, our cannabis consultants explain the rules and regulations for this license type.


marijuana delivery license in colorado


According to Marijuana Business Daily, the CEO of Uber claims that his company will explore marijuana delivery in conjunction with current services the transportation app provides. Thankfully, the legislature and governor of Colorado approved a law to allow the delivery of cannabis in 2019. With that, medical cannabis deliveries began in 2020, and adult-use deliveries began in 2021. Now is the time to start your application so you can make a profit off of marijuana deliveries in Colorado.

Marijuana Delivery License in Colorado

Let’s take a look at some of the eligibility requirements for a marijuana delivery license in Colorado. Our cannabis consulting firm is eager to help business entrepreneurs deliver cannabis in Colorado.

Medical Marijuana Delivery in Colorado

If you have a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado, you can apply for a delivery permit. This application needs to be made on Division forms in accordance with the 2-200 Series Rules. Additionally, an application for a delivery license can be submitted with a Medical Marijuana Store or renewal application. You can also submit it separate from a Medical Marijuana Store application, but you have to identify the Medical Marijuana Store that seeks to obtain the delivery permit.

Retail Marijuana Delivery License in Colorado

Now, a Retail Marijuana Store, a Medical Marijuana Transporter, and a Retail Marijuana Transporter can apply for a delivery permit as well.

Multiple Medical Marijuana Stores, Retail Marijuana Stores, Medical Marijuana Transporters, or Retail Marijuana Transporters with identical Controlling Beneficial Owners that are in the same local jurisdiction can contain one delivery permit that allows all Medical Marijuana Stores, all Retail Marijuana Stores, Medical Transporters, or all Retail Transporters to make deliveries to patients and consumers.

How Long Does a Marijuana Delivery License in Colorado Last?

A delivery license is valid for one year and expires at the same time as the associated marijuana business. With that, a delivery license has to be renewed annually with the associated store. Additionally, the Medical Marijuana Store or Retail Marijuana Store has to disclose to the Division any online platform provider that the Licensee used during the previous year of renewal.

Contact our cannabis consultants for more information on license renewals in Colorado.

Colorado Cannabis Consulting Firm Delivery License

Deliver to a Private Residence

With a cannabis delivery license in Colorado, you can deliver to a private residence. With that, it is important to be aware of what qualifies as a private residence. These residences include private premises where a person lives. This includes:

  • Private dwellings
  • Place of habitation
  • A house
  • Multi-dwelling unit for residential occupants
  • Apartment unit

A private resident does not include any premises that are located at a school, on the campus of higher education, public property, or any commercial property unit, like an office or retail space.

Inventory Tracking System for a Delivery License

A Regulated Marijuana Business that possesses a valid delivery permit must use an inventory tracking system and transport manifest in order to track all marijuana deliveries to patients and consumers.

Motor Requirements for Delivery License in Colorado

Additionally, the state has specific rules for the vehicle that you use for your services. For example, any Delivery Motor Vehicle has to be owned or leased by the marijuana business that the delivery service is affiliated with. This vehicle must have registration in Colorado and valid insurance.

Also, each delivery motor vehicle has to have a vehicle tracking system that can perform real-time tracking. The tracking system must also be able to record the route of the delivery vehicle. Lastly, this tracking system can be an application that is on a mobile device. The tracking system can not be visible to any patients or consumers.

This vehicle also can not advertise that it contains marijuana.

The security requirement for a Delivery Motor Vehicle shall include a security alarm system, and a secure, locked, opaque storage compartment. Talk to our cannabis consultants in Colorado about application writing for security plans.

Additional Rules and Regulations for Marijuana Delivery in Colorado

As mentioned above, video surveillance is a requirement for delivery vehicles. The footage must be kept for a minimum of 40 days and must be reproducible upon request.

In regards to the amount of marijuana allowed within a vehicle, an enclosed Delivery Motor Vehicle can not contain more than $10,000 in retail value of marijuana. However, a vehicle that is not included can not contain more than $2,000 in retail value of marijuana.

Also, this vehicle can not leave the state of Colorado while marijuana is in the vehicle.

Delivery Order Requirements

If you have a marijuana delivery license in Colorado, you can deliver to individuals over the age of 21. For medical marijuana patients, you can deliver to the parents/guardians of patients under 18 years of age. You can not deliver to patients who are 18-20 years old.

Consumers must choose a Medical Marijuana Store or a Retail Marijuana Store before they can see the prices of marijuana.

Additionally, delivery orders have to document the following information:

  • The name and date of birth of the patient/consumer
  • The address of the private resident
  • The registration number for medical marijuana patients

Delivery Limits

A Medical Marijuana Store or Medical Marijuana Transporter can not deliver individually to in any combination more than two ounces of Medical Marijuana, 40 grams of Medical Marijuana Concentrate, or Medical Marijuana Products containing more than 20,000 milligrams of THC to a patient in a single business day.

A Retail Marijuana Store or Retail Marijuana Transporter can not deliver individually or in combination, more than an ounce of retail marijuana, 8 grams of retail marijuana concentrate, or retail marijuana products that contain more than 80-milligram servings of THC to a customer in a single business day.

You can take a closer look at specific rules and regulations for marijuana delivery here.

Conclusions on Marijuana Delivery Licenses in Colorado

If you have any additional questions on how to deliver marijuana in Colorado, make sure to contact our cannabis business consultants. We make this process easy for you so that you can start deliveries as soon as possible and raise your profits.

Colorado Cannabis Consulting Firm Delivery License

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