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CannaInsider names Michael Mayes one of the most Influential Voices in Cannabis Consulting

By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Piece

Michael Mayes was featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Michael Mayes has worked with the governments of Illinois, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. He has also done work with the German ministry. These things have made him one of the most influential voices in cannabis consulting.

Quantum 9 Worldwide

Officials worldwide work with Quantum 9 to help better understand the results of their choices. The German Ministry wants to make a nanogram limit for drivers to prevent driving while impaired. Quantum 9 works as experts in the cannabis field. They work in Jamaica, to make sure that Jamaicans are able provide a living as farmers.

Michael provides helpful advice in all things cannabis. Such as growing, processing, and receiving a permit to dispense cannabis. He has worked with major companies such as Tilray. Tilray is a Canadian cannabis company that has received approval to export. They are going to export marijuana to Croatia as well as Australia.

As a result of this, Matthew Kind, the host of CannaInsider, says “Michael Mayes and his team at Quantum 9 have mastered the details required to win cannabis licenses around the world, he is truly one of the most influential voices in international cannabis consulting.”

Quantum 9 are experts in exploring the distinctions between the cannabis markets. Specifically, in Germany, Canada, Australia, Colombia, Jamaica and in Spain. In Canada, the procedures for obtaining cannabis is a mail order system. Down under, Australia has legalized medical cannabis. Columbia is a major worldwide exporter of marijuana and Jamaica has been closing in on legalizing cannabis. Also, in some private areas of Spain, it is legal to use for recreational purposes.

Quantum 9 Inc. is a Chicago, IL-based cannabis consulting firm. They have that worldwide expertise helping businesses obtain cannabis licenses. For more information on their services visit Quantum 9.

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