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Recent lootings in the downtown Chicago area leave residents anxious about the safety of the city. Recent criminal activity hurts many businesses and theses businesses question the security of the city. Michael Mayes, CEO of marijuana consulting firm Quantum 9, speaks on the recent events within an article on Crain’s Chicago Business.

chicago looting

Looting in Chicago on August 9th

The initial looting in Chicago began in late-May. This was in result of the George Floyd incident. Many Chicago properties are trashed and a lot of product is gone. This eventually died down, but on August 9th, 2020 widespread downtown looting began again. A recent police shooting in Englewood set off these events. Now, looting in Chicago and safety is of concern for residents.

Concerns From Local Chicago Businesses

So, the looting in Chicago is of concern for many who live and own businesses in the area. COVID-19 is already a difficult time for many of these businesses, so the destruction makes it more difficult. Unfortunately, the looting put them a step back in the wrong direction. For example, the shops at 900 N. Michigan Ave. just begun to regain some traffic since the pandemic. Shops in this popular area include stores such as Tesla and Gucci. These shops contain expensive merchandise, so looting is a huge profit loss for these businesses.

Concerns From Chicago Residents

Chicago residents and employees of these companies are not feeling safe due to the Chicago lootings. Living in Chicago is now a risk for many businesses, as well as families. CEO of marijuana consulting firm, Quantum 9, speaks about the events. Michael Mayes states that he does not feel safe when his wife even walks the dog. He also states “We’re baffled: Every time something happens, it turns into looting. I’m very concerned.” Mayes also operates a marijuana consulting firm in the Chicago area. For Mayes, living in the city makes him question his family’s and business’ safety.

What’s Next for Chicago Lootings?

National business leaders state that “local government authorities have a duty to protect all of their citizens, including the business owners who contribute so much to the lives and livelihoods of their communities.” With that, mayor Lori Lightfoot has a lot on her plate in order to figure out how to keep Chicago safe. We hope to see less looting for a safer Chicago in the future.

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