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Have you ever had an edible make you reevaluate your entire existence? Are you tired of cutting your edibles in halves and thirds? Well, you’re not the only one and now dispensaries carry low-dose edibles for a positive edible experience. Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 are here to talk about the benefits of these edibles.

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Benefits of Low-Dose Edibles

To begin with, low dose edibles contain a lot of benefits for those of us who tend to get anxious from cannabis products. In a Marijuana Business Daily article, our CEO, Michael Mayes, states that “low-dose products mitigate the risk of overconsumption.” He further explains that divvying up an edible into smaller pieces carries a higher risk of error than ingesting a single microdose product. Also, low-dose products fit consumer behavior. With that, most consumers expect a single serving to give them the high that they want. Some edibles are too strong, so this new type of edible can be of benefit to many. Not every marijuana user wants to be stoned, so these new edibles can bring in new customers to shops.

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Marketing For Low-Dose Edibles

Many say that marketing these low-dose edibles may be a challenge. Consumers of cannabis always want the most bang for their buck. So, they often look for products with the highest amount of THC. Marketing for cannabis products is tricky since you can not sample products. However, it’s incredibly important for the budtenders within the dispensary to have knowledge about the product. Budtenders are the best brand ambassadors for many products and they need to know what is best for the customers’ needs.

For more information on cannabis marketing, contact our cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9.

All in all, low-dose edibles are beneficial for marijuana users who tend to get anxious from traditional marijuana products. These products can help many individuals who want the healing benefits of marijuana without the intense mental high.

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