Medical marijuana in Georgia has been legal since 2015. So, patients that qualify for a medical marijuana card are able to purchase medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries. As of now, over 15,000 people in Georgia are medical marijuana patients. With that, recreational marijuana remains illegal in Georgia. Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 give advice to the marijuana commission in Georgia about cannabis consulting for their state.

Cannabis Consulting in Georgia

Marijuana Commission Meeting In Austell

The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission considers and approves cannabis license applications for companies to grow and sell medical marijuana in the state. The group met in February in Austell, Georgia to hear from medical marijuana consultants in the state. With that, these cannabis consultants advise the commission with suggestions about marijuana businesses in Georgia.

Our CEO of Quantum 9, Michael Mayes, recently met with the commission. Within his feature in News Break, he states that his marijuana consultants in Georgia are able to help the state in every step of the process. This includes dealing with lawsuits from growers who are not approved. He follows by stating that disapproval is essentially inevitable.

Lawsuits with Medical Marijuana in Georgia

Mayes also says that “unfortunately, after the licenses are awarded, in every single market, there will be lawsuits against the state and commission, so there are definitely ways to protect against that, and we can lead credence to that.” He advises the commission to award its contracts on a merit-based system with third-party judges who score the candidates without knowing which company they are grading.

Other marijuana consultants in Georgia spoke within the commission meeting, but Quantum 9 is the only company that offers services pro-bono. Marijuana consulting in Georgia is important for potential businesses within the state.

What’s Next For Marijuana in Georgia?

The laws in Georgia still tightly control the THC content in medical marijuana products. Also, the state still does not want to make marijuana legal for recreational use. Some cities are more open to marijuana than others. For example, cities such as Atlanta and Savannah proceed to decriminalize marijuana in Georgia.

With that, many states are progressing in marijuana laws. Georgia is slowly making moves to bring the plant onto a wider market. Finally, for more information about marijuana in Georgia, make sure to contact our marijuana consultants in Georgia at Quantum 9.

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