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Marijuana Consultant featured as guest speaker at Mississippi State Capitol

Michael Mayes, founder and CEO of Chicago based Marijuana Consulting firm Quantum 9, was featured in a CBS WJTV Jackson 12 original feature and USA Today Network’s Clarion Ledger write up because of his expertise. The articles discuss Mr. Mayes’ participation and involvement in a public hearing at the Mississippi State Capitol Building. The purpose of the hearing is to go over the current laws and legalization of Medical Marijuana. The hearing took place on February 4th and was hosted by the Black Caucus. Along with Mr. Mayes, the panel consisted of Dr. Victor Chou and Attorney Bethany Nieubauer.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is still highly controversial in many cities

What is viewed by some and scientifically backed as a feasible solution to chronic and debilitating illnesses, is still argued by so many to be wrong or immoral. In some instances, as in the case with Mississippi House Representative Omeria Scott, a person’s well-being and livelihood could be at stake. Democratic Rep. Scott has been battling cancer and recently fighting it into remission. She is pushing for Medical Marijuana legalization in Mississippi because of her being able to specifically identify with the pain management properties of Medical Marijuana.

Legalization to be addressed

There are countless cases across the nation that so are similar to Ms. Scott’s. This hearing and many like it are being held to discuss broad changes to state and federal marijuana laws. The new Democratic Congress has already scheduled their first hearing over the issue because of the urgency. A congressional panel is currently holding its first marijuana-related meeting and hearing of 2019 as we speak. It will focus on the banking laws and legal issues related to Medical Marijuana businesses. You can view it live here, and see multiple witnesses testify about these banking issues.

If you might benefit from Quantum 9’s expertise in the Medical Marijuana field, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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