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Michael Mayes - Media Contact

Michael Mayes - Media Contact

Job Position

Chief Executive Officer
Location: Chicago, IL
+1-888-716-0404 ext 801

Press Page
A dedicated resource for professionals seeking information about Quantum 9

Looking for a subject matter expect for a story or piece? Our CEO, Michael Mayes, is a patient advocate and cannabis licensing expert.

We have appeared in over 150 news publications including the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times, High Times, Fox News, ABC, The Business Journals, Crain’s Business, Tampa Tribune, Yahoo Finance, Tampa Tribune, Sativa Magazine, CBC and the Daily Herald amongst others. Quantum 9’s media appearances include several CBS and WGN appearances and international presence on BNN Commodities in Canada.

With the increasing popularity of the cannabis industry, there is a need for an expert opinion. We are a trusted advisor for many media outlets.

History of Quantum 9

In 2012, Quantum 9, Inc. started creating a custom regulatory compliance application focusing on tracking all aspects of cultivation from seed to cannabis acquisition by a customer or patient. The firm was founded by Michael Mayes who has managed and coordinated custom development projects with Fortune 500 companies such as Rubbermaid, Unilever, and General Dynamics. After over two years in development, the application entered the beta testing phase on July 1st, 2013.

The consulting practice gained enormous popularity with the addition of Ed Rosenthal in December of 2012. Ed Rosenthal is recognized worldwide as the leading authority on cannabis. For the last 35 years, he has worked as a cultivation expert, researcher, writer, teacher and activist. His volume of works covers marijuana gardening, law, social policy, and culture. The company transitioned from a limited liability company to a corporation in mid-2013 garnering seed capital investments. The firm now practices in the United States, Canada, and France and is internationally known as one of the most trusted names in cannabis consulting and technology.

In 2015, Quantum 9 was awarded the CannaAwards Most Disruptive Technology Award for technology excellence. In 2016, Quantum 9 was voted number one international marijuana consulting firm by Corporate Visions Magazine, a UK based publishing company.

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