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Looking for a subject matter expert for a story or piece? Our CEO, Michael Mayes, is a patient advocate and cannabis licensing expert.

We have appeared in over 150 news publications including the Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times, High Times, Fox News, ABC, The Business Journals, Crain’s Business, Tampa Tribune, Yahoo Finance, Tampa Tribune, Sativa Magazine, CBC and the Daily Herald amongst others. Quantum 9’s media appearances include several CBS and WGN appearances and international presence on BNN Commodities in Canada.

With the increasing popularity of the cannabis industry, there is a need for an expert opinion. We are a trusted advisor for many media outlets.

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A dedicated resource for professionals seeking information about Quantum 9

History of Quantum 9

In 2012, Quantum 9, Inc. started creating a custom regulatory compliance application focusing on tracking all aspects of cultivation from seed to cannabis acquisition by a customer or patient. The firm was founded by Michael Mayes who has managed and coordinated custom development projects with Fortune 500 companies such as Rubbermaid, Unilever, and General Dynamics. After over two years in development, the application entered the beta testing phase on July 1st, 2013.

Ed Rosenthal

The consulting practice gained enormous popularity with the addition of Ed Rosenthal in December of 2012. Ed Rosenthal is recognized worldwide as the leading authority on cannabis. For the last 35 years, he has worked as a cultivation expert, researcher, writer, teacher and activist. His volume of works covers marijuana gardening, law, social policy, and culture. The company transitioned from a limited liability company to a corporation in mid-2013 garnering seed capital investments. The firm now practices in the United States, Canada, and France and is internationally known as one of the most trusted names in cannabis consulting and technology.

In 2015, Quantum 9 was awarded the CannaAwards Most Disruptive Technology Award for technology excellence. In 2016, Quantum 9 was voted number one international marijuana consulting firm by Corporate Visions Magazine, a UK based publishing company.

Letters of Recommendations

Illinois’s Senator Michael Jacobs Letter of Recommendation

September 13, 2016

German Ministry Recommendation

February 2, 2015

Kentucky’s Senator Perry Clark Letter of Recommendation

December 10, 2013

Media Appearances

cannabis business plan in illinois

Illinois Cannabis Craft Grow Application

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Illinois Cannabis Craft Grow Application

Now that cannabis is legal in Illinois, we are starting to see more and more cannabis businesses each year. The state recently granted 40 new craft-grow licenses to those who provided strong applications. Now, businesses with Craft Grow licenses can operate up to 14,000 square feet of cultivation space for cannabis. With that, the winners of Cannabis Craft Grow licenses in Illinois have to raise money, locate property, and build out facilities before they can start selling products.

cannabis business license in illinois

Production for Craft Grow Establishments in Illinois

Production is often overlooked when it comes to cannabis business applications. Once you win a license, you need to start building your business. Craft Grow establishments in Illinois have a lot of opportunities for growth. For example,  your business can start out with 5,000 square feet of cultivation and can grow to as much as 14,000 square feet. These establishments also employ around 20-40 people and cost anywhere from $5 million to $10 million. However, Craft Grow establishments in Illinois can make about $10 million a year in revenue and get up to $40 million at full capacity.

With that, those who won Craft Grow applications in Illinois have to act fast as the state gives these businesses a year to get the facilities open. If you need assistance in raising money and building out property make sure to contact our cannabis consulting firm for an easy process.

craft grow application in illinois

Supplies and Materials for a Cannabis Craft Grow Establishment in Illinois

Additionally, you need to acquire specialized supplies and materials for Craft Grow facilities in Illinois. This includes assets such as ventilation, lighting, and security. Suppliers are currently swamped with requests for these materials. Additionally, materials are 50 percent more expensive than last year. Now the overall cost to build a facility tops $300 per square foot.

Our CEO, Michael Mayes, recently spoke to Crain’s Chicago Business about this issue. He states that “everyone in Illinois will be ordering at the same time.”

This causes major demand issues for Illinois Craft Grow establishments.

If you have any questions about supplies for your business or the Illinois cannabis Craft Grow application, contact us.

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cannabis business plan in illinois

Cannabis Business Plan in Illinois | Social Equity

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Cannabis Business Plan in Illinois | Social Equity

More than 700 business entities and individuals have applied for recreational cannabis business licenses in Illinois since legalization. Out of the 700 businesses applications for these licenses, only 75 licenses were granted to 21 applicants. This spread overall disappointment as social equity provisions in Illinois were questionable. Social equity provisions guarantee that members of communities that are most affected by crime and poverty resulting from the war on drugs receive a piece of the legal cannabis business. You must include information about social equity applicants within your cannabis business plan in Illinois.

Take a look at our cannabis consulting services for more information about the application process in Illinois.

cannabis business license in illinois

Diversifying Cannabis Businesses in Illinois

Out of the 21 finalists for cannabis business licenses in Illinois, 13 have majority ownership and control by people of color, 17 have at least one owner who is a person of color, and 16 groups include at least one woman owner. These finalists are social equity applicants under Illinois regulations. The Black Caucus wants changes in the application scoring system, point allocation structure, tiebreaker policy, and overall selection process.

Currently, those who qualify as social equity applicants in Illinois receive an extra 50 points on their score. Applicants can achieve social-equity status if:

  • The applicant had lived in an area designated as disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs
  • Secondly, if the applicant or a family member had been arrested or incarcerated for specific cannabis laws
  • Lastly, if the applicant hires at least 10 employees, 51 percent of that lived in a disproportionately impacted area, had been arrested or convicted of a marijuana offense, or had a family member who had.

Also, an additional five points are available to groups with 51 percent ownership by Illinois residents, veterans, and those who filed diversity plans. Additionally, applicants can get another two points by submitting a community impact plan.

If you qualify as a social equity applicant and need additional assistance on your cannabis business plan in Illinois, make sure to contact our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9.

cannabis consulting services

Ties in Cannabis Business Applications in Illinois

The ties for cannabis business applications were surprising. Our CEO at Quantum 9 is an expert cannabis consultant who works on applications nationwide, including those in Illinois. When interviewed at Crain’s Chicago Business, he stated that he “didn’t expect all of the licenses to be decided by the lottery.”

Quantum 9 Cannabis Consulting

Current Cannabis Oppurtunities in Illinois

There will be changes before the next round of cannabis licenses. So far, Illinois has offered more cannabis business licenses for dispensaries and Craft Grow businesses.

The next cannabis license application round in Illinois for adult-use dispensary licenses shall begin early to mid-2022. With that, the department plans to issue at least 50 additional dispensary licenses on or before December 21, 2022.

Hopefully, this will open the doors for more social equity applicants in Illinois.

To find out if you are eligible for participation in the Illinois Adult-Use Social Equity Program, take a look at this map.

illinois cannabis consulting firm

Map of Disproportionately Impacted Areas

A Disproportionately Impacted Area is a census tract or comparable geographic area that satisfies the following requirements by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity:

  • The area has a poverty rate of at least 20 percent
  • 75 percent or more of the children in the area participate in the federal free lunch program
  • At least 20 percent of the households in the area receive assistance under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • The area has an average unemployment rate that is more than 120 percent of the national unemployment average
  • Lastly, the area has high rates of arrest conviction and incarceration related to the sale, possession, use, cultivation manufacture, or transport of cannabis

You must meet at least one of the above criteria to qualify as social equity.

Cannabis Consultants in Illinois

Lastly, make sure to contact our cannabis business consultants for more information about the application process in Illinois. We help you with your cannabis business plan so that you can win a license and start a cannabis business.

There are still plenty of opportunities for cannabis businesses in Illinois, talk to us about your cannabis business plan.

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Cannabis Consulting Services in Wisconsin Offer Big Profits

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Michael Mayes is the CEO of a Chicago-based cannabis consulting firm. He explains how cannabis consulting services can win cannabis licenses for markets that offer marijuana businesses. Quantum 9 offers cannabis consulting services in Wisconsin and other states. Mayes and his team have won many cannabis licenses for business entrepreneurs all over the globe.

With that, Michael Mayes recently spoke with WISN-TV about a potential adult-use market in Wisconsin.

Cannabis Consulting Services for License Acquisition

As Wisconsin discusses a potential adult-use market, it is important to know that the barrier for entry is large. Cannabis businesses are often difficult to get into as the application process is lengthy and a large amount of capital is necessary for consideration. This is why it is important to work with a reliable cannabis consulting firm if you want to operate a cannabis business.

Quantum 9 charges clients for a range of services which include cannabis application writing and winning licenses. We offer cannabis consulting services in Wisconsin and other available markets within the U.S.

When speaking with WISN-TV, Mayes states that some companies spend anywhere from $400,000 to $1 million just to win one license. Additionally, the cost to run a cannabis business is also high and annual fees can be expensive.

cannabis consulting services in Wisconsin

Average Revenue of Cannabis Businesses

Although cannabis consulting services in Wisconsin may be high, the return on investment is worth it. For example, Mayes has worked on application writing for many business entrepreneurs in Illinois who have won licenses. Additionally, he mentions that stores in downtown Chicago generate $1 million to $3 million in revenue.

As more states legalize cannabis programs, the cannabis business industry becomes more of a reach for smaller business owners. Also, the owner of a CBD and hemp shop in Wisconsin hopes that social equity in Wisconsin gives minorities an opportunity to enter the business.

Finally, if you have an interest in a cannabis business, make sure to utilize our cannabis consulting services in Wisconsin for an easy application process.

Cannabis Business Plan

Cannabis Licensing Experts: Innovation

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Since the cannabis industry is still a relatively new industry, it is important to keep innovation high within the business. Cannabis licensing experts need to embrace creativity in order to keep up with this market. Our cannabis license consultants at Quantum 9 always keep up with the latest trends and news within the cannabis industry. This is extremely important for your cannabis business to advance and stay on top. With that, our CEO Michael Mayes recently spoke with the Forbes Business Council about how he embraces innovation within his businesses.

cannabis license consultantsInnovation within Cannabis Businesses

To begin with, there are multiple methods you can take to keep innovation alive within a business. This includes activities such as holding quarterly meetings, working on your mindset, or listening to user needs. For example, quarterly meetings allow your team to discuss new trends and ideas that can help innovate the business. With that, listening to user needs is vital for ongoing development. Both of these activities are essential for the cannabis industry. Cannabis licensing experts need to be on top of innovation to keep up with new cannabis information.

Additionally, it is important to keep an open mind within the cannabis business culture. This allows staff to express themselves in a creative manner. Also, embracing creativity within the workplace is key to avoid the normalcy trap. All in all, an open mind creates the most innovative ideas.

cannabis licensing experts

Cannabis Licensing Experts and Metric-Driven Decisions

In addition to the activities above, the CEO of Quantum 9, stresses that metrics should drive your decisions. For example, Quantum 9 began as a public policy and technology company. As time went on, the company morphed into a cannabis licensing company. With that, the company now focuses on building cannabis licensing experts in order to help business entrepreneurs. Mayes ends by stating to not be afraid to monitor and track where new trends are leading.

Finally, the cannabis industry is advancing faster than ever. Five new states legalized cannabis markets in 2020 and we can expect more states to follow. For more information on the cannabis industry and how you can begin a cannabis business, make sure to contact our cannabis license consultants at Quantum 9.

Contact our cannabis licensing experts here.

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Low-Dose Edibles for Low Anxiety

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Have you ever had an edible make you reevaluate your entire existence? Are you tired of cutting your edibles in halves and thirds? Well, you’re not the only one and now dispensaries carry low-dose edibles for a positive edible experience. Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 are here to talk about the benefits of these edibles.

legal marijuana business ideas

Benefits of Low-Dose Edibles

To begin with, low dose edibles contain a lot of benefits for those of us who tend to get anxious from cannabis products. In a Marijuana Business Daily article, our CEO, Michael Mayes, states that “low-dose products mitigate the risk of overconsumption.” He further explains that divvying up an edible into smaller pieces carries a higher risk of error than ingesting a single microdose product. Also, low-dose products fit consumer behavior. With that, most consumers expect a single serving to give them the high that they want. Some edibles are too strong, so this new type of edible can be of benefit to many. Not every marijuana user wants to be stoned, so these new edibles can bring in new customers to shops.

low-dose edibles

Marketing For Low-Dose Edibles

Many say that marketing these low-dose edibles may be a challenge. Consumers of cannabis always want the most bang for their buck. So, they often look for products with the highest amount of THC. Marketing for cannabis products is tricky since you can not sample products. However, it’s incredibly important for the budtenders within the dispensary to have knowledge about the product. Budtenders are the best brand ambassadors for many products and they need to know what is best for the customers’ needs.

For more information on cannabis marketing, contact our cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9.

All in all, low-dose edibles are beneficial for marijuana users who tend to get anxious from traditional marijuana products. These products can help many individuals who want the healing benefits of marijuana without the intense mental high.

Cannabis Business Plan

How to Win Cannabis Licenses in Illinois

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How to Win Cannabis Licenses in Illinois

Our CEO at Quantum 9, a cannabis consulting company in Illinois, was recently interviewed by the Forbes Business Council.  Interest in the cannabis industry is on the rise as 5 new states legalized either adult-use or medical marijuana programs within the November elections. In October 2020, Illinois brought in more than $75 million, according to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Services. Also, this industry is stable during a pandemic. Now, investors have an interest in large cannabis markets and want to know how to win cannabis licenses in Illinois.


how to win cannabis licenses in Illinois


Current Cannabis Cultivators in Illinois

New cannabis cultivators in Illinois consider themselves craft growers. Additionally, craft growers are limited to 5,000 square feet of production capacity. With that, 100 new licenses are available to new operators. In addition, new operators within the market need to act quickly. The first round of applications will reward up to 40 new craft grow locations either this year or early next year. Finally, the demand for these licenses is high, and putting together a winning application can take up to a year.

Sections that are scored within the application process include business plans, financials, security, recordkeeping, operations, community impact, diversity, quality assurance, and the strength of your team. Having experience in the cannabis industry is also a plus. So, those interested in how to win cannabis licenses in Illinois need to have strengths within all of those categories.

Tips on How to Win Cannabis Licenses in Illinois

Michal Mayes provides tips on how to be successful within the cannabis industry in Illinois. Here are some of the steps you need to take in order to obtain a cannabis license in a highly-competitive, merit-based state submission process:

Raise Capital

  • Mayes claims that capital is king. It can buy any holes or deficiencies in your submission

Build a Team

  • You need to build a team that includes C-level, skilled positions, and social equity applicants. Also, the social equity applicant component is incredibly important if you want to know how to win cannabis licenses in Illinois. For more information on social equity, make sure to contact our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9.

Use Cannabis Consulting in Illinois

  • Most high net-worth individuals do not have the time to complete cannabis applications in Illinois. Also, a quality cannabis consulting team helps you win a cannabis license in Illinois.

Find and Design the Facility

  • Many applications require architectural drawings and high-traffic retail areas for dispensaries are costly. With that, make sure to have a plan for this.

All in all, if you want to know how to win cannabis licenses in Illinois, you need to have a team of people to help you. If you want to start a cannabis business in Illinois, make sure to contact our team of cannabis consultants.

cannabis consulting

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Cannabis Business Plan

Planning a Cannabis Company

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Planning a Cannabis Company in 2021

Planning a cannabis company takes time and detail, but the outcome is most definitely worth it. Our marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 are always adapting to the changes in business planning.

According to Forbes, conducting a successful company change requires a certain amount of foresight and the ability to deal with problems as they surface. Michael Mayes, our CEO, and member of the Forbes Business Council offers some advice for when your business needs to make necessary changes.

You need to be ready for changes when planning a cannabis company. Here are some tips so you can be ready for any change within your company.



planning a cannabis business


Planning a Cannabis Company and Profitability

According to a member of the Forbes Business Council, there are three key elements you need to keep in mind when trying to achieve profitability within your company. This is especially important when planning a new cannabis company, so our marijuana consultants always keep these elements in mind. With that, the three elements include: how your new model aligns to the strategy, whether it can be a long-term model during the pandemic (with cannabis businesses, it’s promising), and how the firm’s current capabilities can support the new model. For more information on how you can plan a cannabis business, contact our marijuana consultants.

Be Ready for Staff Cuttings when Planning a Business

During the pandemic, you have to ready for anything. A big challenge for many businesses is keeping and cutting staff. Michael Mayes states that making necessary cuts to save the company is the mature thing to do. In addition, he advises moving staff to 1099 employees and bill hours as needed. This is a good middle-road solution for both employees and the company.

All in all, planning a cannabis company during a pandemic is a challenge. With that, our marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 are eager to help entrepreneurs create successful cannabis businesses. Finally, during the pandemic, cannabis may be the answer as it is a business of high-demand.

cannabis business plan in illinois

Looting in Chicago and Safety Concerns

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Recent lootings in the downtown Chicago area leave residents anxious about the safety of the city. Recent criminal activity hurts many businesses and theses businesses question the security of the city. Michael Mayes, CEO of marijuana consulting firm Quantum 9, speaks on the recent events within an article on Crain’s Chicago Business.

chicago looting

Looting in Chicago on August 9th

The initial looting in Chicago began in late-May. This was in result of the George Floyd incident. Many Chicago properties are trashed and a lot of product is gone. This eventually died down, but on August 9th, 2020 widespread downtown looting began again. A recent police shooting in Englewood set off these events. Now, looting in Chicago and safety is of concern for residents.

Concerns From Local Chicago Businesses

So, the looting in Chicago is of concern for many who live and own businesses in the area. COVID-19 is already a difficult time for many of these businesses, so the destruction makes it more difficult. Unfortunately, the looting put them a step back in the wrong direction. For example, the shops at 900 N. Michigan Ave. just begun to regain some traffic since the pandemic. Shops in this popular area include stores such as Tesla and Gucci. These shops contain expensive merchandise, so looting is a huge profit loss for these businesses.

Concerns From Chicago Residents

Chicago residents and employees of these companies are not feeling safe due to the Chicago lootings. Living in Chicago is now a risk for many businesses, as well as families. CEO of marijuana consulting firm, Quantum 9, speaks about the events. Michael Mayes states that he does not feel safe when his wife even walks the dog. He also states “We’re baffled: Every time something happens, it turns into looting. I’m very concerned.” Mayes also operates a marijuana consulting firm in the Chicago area. For Mayes, living in the city makes him question his family’s and business’ safety.

What’s Next for Chicago Lootings?

National business leaders state that “local government authorities have a duty to protect all of their citizens, including the business owners who contribute so much to the lives and livelihoods of their communities.” With that, mayor Lori Lightfoot has a lot on her plate in order to figure out how to keep Chicago safe. We hope to see less looting for a safer Chicago in the future.

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Marijuana Consulting in Georgia

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Medical marijuana in Georgia has been legal since 2015. So, patients that qualify for a medical marijuana card are able to purchase medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries. As of now, over 15,000 people in Georgia are medical marijuana patients. With that, recreational marijuana remains illegal in Georgia. Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 give advice to the marijuana commission in Georgia about cannabis consulting for their state.

Cannabis Consulting in Georgia

Marijuana Commission Meeting In Austell

The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission considers and approves cannabis license applications for companies to grow and sell medical marijuana in the state. The group met in February in Austell, Georgia to hear from medical marijuana consultants in the state. With that, these cannabis consultants advise the commission with suggestions about marijuana businesses in Georgia.

Our CEO of Quantum 9, Michael Mayes, recently met with the commission. Within his feature in News Break, he states that his marijuana consultants in Georgia are able to help the state in every step of the process. This includes dealing with lawsuits from growers who are not approved. He follows by stating that disapproval is essentially inevitable.

Lawsuits with Medical Marijuana in Georgia

Mayes also says that “unfortunately, after the licenses are awarded, in every single market, there will be lawsuits against the state and commission, so there are definitely ways to protect against that, and we can lead credence to that.” He advises the commission to award its contracts on a merit-based system with third-party judges who score the candidates without knowing which company they are grading.

Other marijuana consultants in Georgia spoke within the commission meeting, but Quantum 9 is the only company that offers services pro-bono. Marijuana consulting in Georgia is important for potential businesses within the state.

What’s Next For Marijuana in Georgia?

The laws in Georgia still tightly control the THC content in medical marijuana products. Also, the state still does not want to make marijuana legal for recreational use. Some cities are more open to marijuana than others. For example, cities such as Atlanta and Savannah proceed to decriminalize marijuana in Georgia.

With that, many states are progressing in marijuana laws. Georgia is slowly making moves to bring the plant onto a wider market. Finally, for more information about marijuana in Georgia, make sure to contact our marijuana consultants in Georgia at Quantum 9.

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Cannabis Business Plan

Cannabis Business Plan Tips

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Raising capital for a new business is tough, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals do not want to take risks right now, so here are some alternative ways to raise money for your cannabis business plan.

Our CEO, Michael Mayes, recently gave some advice with Forbes on how entrepreneurs can raise money for a cannabis business plan.

Cannabis Business PlanRaising Money for Your Cannabis Business Plan

There are many ways that you can raise money for your own cannabis business without relying on investors.

First off, try to raise your own money. Although this may sound obvious and not ideal, if you are confident in your cannabis business it is worth it. So, get your goals and start with partially funding your own business. The cannabis industry is extremely profitable and is worth the investment. If you have any questions about this business make sure to contact our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9.

Secondly, partner with someone else. Double the team means double the work. So, working with another person will result in a more successful and thought out cannabis business plan. Make sure to choose a partner that is just as committed as you in your cannabis business journey.

Tips from a Cannabis Consultant

Lastly, our CEO, Michael Mayes, recommends having a thorough cannabis business plan. He states that he always tells young entrepreneurs to create a stellar business plan, pro forma, and investor presentation on Prezi. Mayes also mentions that friends and family are the most likely to invest in your startup and this will help you get to the proof of concept stage. Lastly, he mentions that once the model is proven, additional funding rounds can commerce at higher valuations.

All in all, starting a new business can be stressful. With that, our cannabis consultants are eager to help new business owners in creating their own cannabis business plan. To contact our cannabis consultants, click here.

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Quantum 9’s Use of Tech

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Quantum 9 is a globally renowned Cannabis license consultant firm. In 2015, CannAwards announced us the winner of the Most Disruptive Use of Tech. We are known for cutting edge technology, so it’s no surprise that Quantum 9’s use of tech took the cake.

quantum 9's use of tech

Clients Rave About Expert Record-Keeping Tech

Quantum 9’s Use of Tech: Something to Rave About

Vida Cannabis, a licensed medical cannabis producer, is one of Quantum 9’s top clients. In an article by Yahoo Finance, Vida Cannabis raved about Quantum 9’s use of tech. Quantum 9 developed a record-keeping database. Vida Cannabis attested that the quality was second-to-none. Quantum 9 developed a multi-faceted and full-service record-keeping software specifically for Vida Cannabis.

Yahoo Finance calls Quantum 9 “North America’s pre-eminent authority on cannabis cultivation consulting and technology services”. Vida Cannabis says the software Quantum 9 developed for them was

“…[The] product of countless hours of research and development. Furthermore, the proposed methods are specifically designed to comply with all MMPR requirements.”

We Know Our Stuff

Quantum 9 is more than a cannabis license consultant firm. We build businesses from the ground up. We start from the beginning with you. So, the very beginning. From Quantum 9’s use of tech to our business advice, we won’t miss a beat.

In other words, we start with the initial application. We offer application consulting. Basically, our firm uses FDA grant writers in marijuana application services. Firstly, we help you understand the return on your investment. We help you understand the market financially so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

How we implement Quantum 9’s use of tech…

cannabis license consultantSecondly, we get into the fun part. This is where some of Quantum 9’s use of tech comes in. At least, for some phases of the business plan. Our business planning services create a project roadmap for your cannabis business, whatever that may be. We are here for every step of your business plan to make sure every detail of your business complies with state regulations.

We even offer detailed facility design, marketing, and other services like our expert record-keeping technology. So, we specially tailor each and every service to our client. That means you’re getting something unique from us every time. Our services always ensure compliance with state laws. Lastly, Quantum 9’s use of tech is always second to none!

Get started with us today!

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Marijuana Cultivation Company

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Michael Mayes in The Herald-News

Michael Mayes, CEO of marijuana consulting company Quantum 9, was quoted in The Herald-News. The story was about Chicago businessmen starting a marijuana cultivation company.

Michael Mayes quoted in article about marijuana cultivation company

Marijuana Cultivation Company

Cresco Labs is the subject of the article. The company was started by four former businessmen from the real estate world. They were all quoted as knowing how risky the switch would be. In a similar fashion, they had a hard time explaining to their families.

Joe Caltabiano is one of the businessmen who started the marijuana cultivation company. He is a survivor of childhood leukemia. In addition, he spoke with doctors about the benefits of marijuana. It confused him how something that could help people be illegal.

However, the marijuana cultivation company ran into problems. They were the defendants in a lawsuit against an unsuccessful applicants. They say the state failed to review their application properly. It doesn’t look like that is gonna stop them from growing, though.

Mayes said that he believed the marijuana cultivation company would survive after their lawsuits. They are one of the largest marijuana growers in Illinois. In addition, the company won three cultivation permits. That is more than any other company.

Eventually, the company survived the lawsuit. However, Caltabiano left the company in 2020. He was president whenever he resigned. The marijuana cultivation is still one of the largest growers in Illinois.

Marijuana Consultant

The businessmen mention that they received help by a marijuana company in Denver. However, there were still problems with their application process.

Quantum 9 has worked with clients around the world. We have a success rate of 90.21. And we only see that number growing.

In short, we would love to work with you.

You can find the article here.

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Loyola Phoenix Logo Cannabis Consultant

Medical Cannabis in Illinois

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Expert Cannabis Consultant Quoted

Michael Mayes, CEO of cannabis business consulting firm Quantum 9, was quoted in The Loyola Phoenix. Mayes acted as an expert in an article about medical cannabis in Illinois.

Michael Mayes, CEO of cannabis business consulting firm Quantum 9.

Medical Cannabis in Illinois

The Loyola Phoenix published an article about cannabis in Illinois. The state legalized medical marijuana in 2013. Illinois was the 21st state to do so. However, the law didn’t go into effect until 2014.

Basically, medical marijuana applicants found out how complicated the application process would be. Illinois has strict rules on account of medical cannabis in Illinois being new.

There was even trouble with background checks. Gov. Rauner handed out licenses before background checks can be run. In addition, applicants need 10 to 20 years of cultivating experience. Mayes said that it would be hard to find someone with experience that doesn’t have a drug charge.

Qualifying Conditions

Patients had to qualify based on a condition that could specifically cause pain or sleeplessness. However, citizens hoped to get the list expanded. Some of the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in Illinois are:

  • ALS
  • Cancer
  • Chrohn’s Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Adult-Use in Illinois

However, voters made recreational cannabis legal in 2020. Customers were able to buy cannabis from dispensaries in January 2020. Although, recreational users can not buy medical cannabis in Illinois.

In light of legalization, Illinois has earned a lot of money from the industry. The state has made $52 million in tax revenue. That is to say that the cannabis industry can be very profitable.

Cannabis Consulting

Medical cannabis in Illinois has been legal for a few years.  At Quantum 9, we have experts who are seasoned in the cannabis industry. It would be our pleasure to help you.

In other words, reach out to us if you have any questions.

You can read the article here.

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Marijuana Business Daily logo Cannabis Consultant

Legal Marijuana Business Ideas in New Jersey

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Now that 5 new states legalized either medical or recreational marijuana programs, it is the perfect time to brainstorm some legal marijuana business ideas. This recent election especially opened up business opportunities for marijuana cultivators. With that, some of these new marijuana markets provide better opportunities than others.

Let’s take a look at what markets are the best for your legal marijuana business ideas.

legal marijuana business ideas

5 New States With Marijuana Business Opportunities

To begin with, the five states that legalized marijuana programs include Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Montana.  Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, and Montana all legalized recreational marijuana programs while Mississippi legalized a medical marijuana program.

With that, Arizona and New Jersey are the states to look out for as their markets have large state populations.  New Jerseys market is especially interesting as it offers incredible conditions for marijuana cultivators to grow products.

Our cannabis business consultants are here to explain the best new markets for marijuana cultivation.

Legal Marijuana Business Ideas in Arizona

Arizona is a market to keep an eye on. The potential for this market is high as it is possible to build huge cultivation and processing centers indoors. Also, this state has a population of more than 7 million people. Also, the state already has some indoor cultivating centers in operation.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, the state will generate $760 million in annual recreational sales by 2024.

Keep in mind that many cultivators already exist within this market. So, obtaining a cultivator license in Arizona may be more competitive. Our CEO, Michael Mayes, at Quantum 9 claims that this market is on track for producing a great deal of profit but it is a competitive market for new operators.

Arizona’s market is on track to develop quickly. Medical marijuana operators are able to apply for dual licenses between January 19, 2021, and March 9, 2021.

Make sure to contact our cannabis consultants so you can win a dual license in Arizona.

Legal Marijuana Business Ideas in New Jersey

New Jersey’s population is even higher than Arizona’s as it has 20 million residents within the state. Additionally, this state neighbors populated states such as New York and Pennsylvania. New Jersey is on track to generate $1 billion by 2024.

New Jersey is a profitable state for any new legal marijuana business ideas you may have. Mayes of Quantum 9 has concerns about how the two dozen MMJ licenses that were available in the third round of approvals are still swamped in lawsuits. This is not good for new growers.

With that, these new marijuana markets are still extremely profitable, and winning a license in this state would provide some big bucks. Make sure to contact our successful cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 so that you can operate a cannabis business in one of these states.

Click the button below so you can start a marijuana business in New Jersey or Arizona.

Yahoo Finance logo Marijuana Logo

Consulting Services in Yahoo Finance

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Quantum 9 in Yahoo Finance

Michael Mayes, CEO of cannabis business consulting firm, Quantum 9.

Yahoo Finance mentioned Quantum 9 in an article. It is not the first time Quantum 9 has been named in the publication. Vida Cannabis Corporation mentioned the company because they used Quantum 9’s consulting services.

Vida Cannabis

Derek Ogden was named Chief Operating Officer of Vida Cannabis Corporation in 2014. Ogden was Chief Person in Charge, as well. He was previously president of Obsidian Consulting & Investigation. The company investigated bad medical devices. He hired Quantum 9 for cannabis business consulting services.

Vida Cannabis Corporation is a licensed Canadian producer of marijuana. The company previously worked with medical marijuana. But, Canadian voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2019. As a result, the entered the recreational cannabis business.

Consulting Services: Facility Design

Quantum 9 is particularly good at facility design. The company helped Vida purchase a 315,000 square-foot production facility. The license application required the applicant to describe where the facility will be. It is unquestionably an important part of the application.

In addition, Vida received an irrevocable approval from the municipality. The municipality must approve or the company will not receive a license. The application got approved because of Quantum 9’s expert consulting services.

Cannabis Business Consulting Services

Quantum 9 has a client success rate of 90.12. Vida Cannabis is only one of our successful clients. In addition to facility design, we also offer acquisition consulting.

Entering the cannabis industry can be very confusing. Hiring a company for cannabis business consulting can make to process a lot easier.

Every state has different cannabis laws. Additionally, every country has different cannabis laws. Quantum 9 helps make sure you are within the law.

Contact us if you have questions about cannabis business consulting. In other words, we would love to help you with you start your cannabis business.

You can read the article here.

More from Quantum 9

Associated Press Logo Cannabis Consultant

Marijuana Software for Marijuana Businesses

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Marijuana Software and Quantum 9

As featured in PR NewsWire, Quantum 9 partners with ArchitectNow. ArchitectNow is a technology implementation and development firm for the Oregon Liquor Control Board Seed to Sale System Request for Proposal. The marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 are excited for this partnership as it is led by Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Kevin Grossnicklous. They know that this marijuana software will be a success.

Quantum 9 is one of the largest and well-rounded cannabis consulting firms. They have experience in a wide array of marijuana projects. Only a few marijuana consulting firms have the tools that Quantum 9 has. They are experts in marijuana technology as well as marijuana consulting. The marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 have a 90.12 percent success rate. All of these factors make the marijuana consultant team at Quantum 9 ideal for the OLCC.

marijuana software

What is Seed to Sale?

The marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 are excited to bring ArchitectNow into the Seed to Sale projects. To begin with, seed to sale software helps marijuana travel through the supply chain. So, it is a very important part of the marijuana business. With that, the marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 want to work with the best of the best. So, they chose Atlas as their main marijuana software platform.

Also, seed to sale software helps marijuana businesses keep their licenses. The marijuana business is very regulated, so this kind of software helps the businesses stay on track. For example, specific marijuana activities have to be done in specific settings. So, growing, drying, trimming, and packaging are all done separately. Marijuana software helps keeps the information on track.

In conclusion, not every cannabis company may need a seed-to-sale software. Although it is not a necessity, our marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 find software for marijuana to be important for the company. With that, Quantum 9 always makes sure to use top-of-the-line technology. To learn more about how Quantum 9 can help you click here.

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NCIA Logo Marijuana Consultant

Illinois Cannabis Networking

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Networking is an important part of any business. Therefore, it is especially important for new emerging industries, such as the cannabis industry. Illinois legalized recreational marijuana in January of 2020, and has made clear and consistent strides toward success. According to CBS Chicago, Illinois broke a record this month (August 2020) with $61 million worth of marijuana sales. Succesful marijuana licensing consultant and sponsor of the event, Michael Mayes, knows how important Illinois cannabis networking is for the Illinois market.

marijuana licensing consultant

NCIA Sponsors Cannabis Networking Event in Chicago

Yes, it was lit!

More than 50 reps from the National Cannabis Industry Association were present at the event, according to Chicago’s Fado Irish Pub hosted the event on September 16th. This event gave attendees a chance to meet other people in the industry. It’s especially important when you are starting out to network with established, as well as newcomers in the industry. You never know when a connection will come in handy, so staying on top of cannabis networking is a must.

Illinois Cannabis Networking

Timing is everything…

The event was held only 6 days before medical dispensary and cultivation program applications were closed. This was a smart business move, allowing the people in attendance to feel out their competition as well as work on cannabis networking. After all, the more people you know in the industry, the better.

Updated Laws Expand Opportunity for Illinois Cannabis Networking

Attendees to the Illinois Cannabis Networking Event Discuss New Business Opportunity

The medical marijuana program in Illinois has allowed for more opportunities for the new wave of applicants. This was a major topic of discussion during this years’ new working event. According to the new law, the state now allows twenty-two cultivation centers. The new limit for medical cannabis dispensaries in the state is sixty. This presents a ton of new opportunities for newbies trying to break into the industry. Similarly, it highlights why cannabis networking is so important.

ILCIA Speakers Discuss Advocacy in D.C. and Springfield, IL

Dan Linn and Aaron Smith, both from the Illinois Cannabis Industry association spoke about what the group is doing in the nation’s capital. They also discussed what they’ve been up to in Springfield. The ILCIA is a newer state affiliate. The goal of the group is to help along with political agendas pushing for the growth of the industry. This is why hosting the Illinois Cannabis Networking event is so important for the group!

This cannabis networking event is a huge part of political advocacy for the industry. It is sponsored by NCIA members and marijuana licensing consultant Quantum 9, CFO Worldwife, MJ Freeway, and a few others!

Mint Press Logo Cannabis Consultant

Marijuana Scammers Target Investors

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According to MintPress News, the emerging marijuana industry is projected to be worth close to 9 billion dollars in the next five years. Though this presents a great opportunity for new people to enter the industry, it also invites the company of marijuana scammers. As an international cannabis license consultant firm, it is important for Quantum 9 to follow up on these possible claims.

Cannabis license consultant

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Issues an Investor Alert

An Increase in Marijuana Scammers in the Stock Market

The FINRA Issued an alert that there was an increase in marijuana stock scams. Because the cannabis industry has steadily built momentum over the past 10 years, con artists have become attracted to the industry. According to the alert, these scammers use fax, email, and phone to target investors.

Marijuana ScammerGerri Walsh, FINRAs Sr. VP said that investors who are thinking about investing heavily should think twice when approached by a stranger.

“Why [would] a total stranger tell [you] about a really great investment opportunity?”

Welsh’s advice? Always find out if the person promoting this opportunity is licensed. You can do this using FINRAs BrokerCheck. You can also research the investment using the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database of company filings. These are great ways to figure out if you might be working with a marijuana scammer!

Bruce Perlowin of Hemp Inc.: Guilty?

Hemp Inc. CEO Enraged at Possible Accusations

The Las Vegas-based CEO says that if the warning is about him, it’s absurd. He thinks he was targeted because he used to sell illegally. He also ran one of the biggest smuggling/illegal marijuana trade operations in the United States. Perlowin doesn’t see his past as a negative, however. He also doesn’t consider himself a marijuana scammer.

The increased interest in him happened when Hemp Inc stocks went from 1.5 cents to 10 cents in February of 2013. He insists that his products are real and that he invests out of his own pocket.

Quantum 9’s own cannabis license consultant extraordinaire and CEO, Michael Mayes is a major investor in the industry. However, an 8.5 cent jump is pretty dramatic. Who knows how Perlowin achieved it!

Tricky? Yes. Worth it? Definitely Yes.

Marijuana Scammers Only Make Something Tricky, Trickier

In the last five years, investing in the cannabis industry has gotten less tricky. However, it’s still a difficult business. Quantum 9’s Michael Mayes says:

“The reality [is] that if you’re swinging for the fences, you have to know you might strike out.”

That’s why having a knowledgable cannabis license consultant is so important. Of course, this is especially true when you’re just starting out. Quantum 9 is a fantastic globally acclaimed consulting firm. Check out our resources for more information.

Investing in cannabis, just like with any industry is always going to have risks. Furthermore, the truly important thing is to educate yourself about the risks. That is why it’s so important to be aware of cannabis scammers and other dishonest people who may just be trying to take your money!


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Yahoo Finance logo Marijuana Logo

Commercial Marijuana Production License

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Vida Cannabis, also known as Vida Cannabis Corp’s subsidiary Vida Cannabis Ltd, has submitted its application for a commercial marijuana production license in Canada. Vida Cannabis Ltd has a gigantic medical cannabis production facility. It is located in Nova Scotia and is a whopping 300,000 square feet. Vida Cannabis Ltd consulted with Quantum 9, cannabis consulting firm, for their record-keeping needs.Commercial Marijuana Production License

Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations

Meeting the criteria required for a commercial marijuana production license

Of course, Vida Cannabis Ltd needed to meet public health regulations for any medical products. In other words, they produce medical cannabis products. Health Canada requires that producers provide measures for the procedures and practices that take place under that organization.

These procedures and practices relate to production, security, packaging, shipping, record keeping, etc. Similarly, you must have an enhanced security clearance as key personnel for a production organization. Of course, Vida Cannabis had to be sure that they consulted the right people. Especially when applying for a commercial marijuana production license. It’s very important for them to maintain strict standards to comply with requirements.

Adhering to Commercial Marijuana Production License Regulations

Vida Cannabis Ltd Consulted with Globally Renowned Cannabis Consulting Firm, Quantum 9

cannabis consulting firmIn order to adhere to all requirements for their application to be approved, Vida Cannabis Ltd knew that they needed to consult the best of the best. This is why they chose Quantum 9 to design their record-keeping application. It is very important to have a state-of-the-art record-keeping program. Yahoo Finance calls Quantum 9

“North America’s pre-eminent authority on cannabis cultivation consulting and technology services.”

Quantum 9 designed the program specifically to comply with MMPR requirements. This is why partnering with a cannabis consulting firm like Quantum 9 could be an asset for your company. |Especially if you are interested in getting a commercial marijuana production license for a large production facility.

Of course, when there are lots of moving parts to a business, it can complicate things. This is why Quantum 9 offers so many services for all of your needs as you enter the industry. Please check out our services if you think we could be of help to you!


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Marijuana Business Daily logo Cannabis Consultant

High Fees for Marijuana Businesses

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Marijuana markets create rules and procedures in the industry. This means there are high fees for marijuana businesses. These rules and procedures include fees from state and local governments. Although these fees are high, local governments expect an increase in law enforcement costs.  Our marijuana business consultants at Quantum 9 are here to explain how these fees look.

high fees for marijuanaMarijuana Fees are High

First, those interested in Illinois dispensary ownership have to pay an initial fee of $5,000. In addition, they have to pay other fees such as permits and annual renewal fees. So, the additional fees from local and state governments add to the abundance of fees.

Although the high fees for marijuana may be frustrating, they are necessary. As featured in Marijuana Business Daily, Michael Mayes of Quantum 9 explains how the local high fees for marijuana are understandable. He states “I don’t necessarily think it’s the local municipalities taking advantage of the situation, it’s just that they’re preparing for the worst-case scenario.” He adds that since marijuana is a Schedule I federal drug, people are taking precautions.

Security for Marijuana Businesses

These precautions are of reason, but the high fees for marijuana law enforcement are not necessarily needed. This is because the security requirements for medical marijuana companies are usually strict. So, this security often brings down law enforcement fees. The high-security systems that these marijuana dispensaries can actually bring down crime rates.

Most dispensaries have strict security plans. These security plans can help municipalities understand the precautions marijuana dispensaries take. These security plans include surveillance cameras, shatter-proof glass, and vaults.

With that, it is important for interested entrepreneurs to know what the requirements are. Our marijuana business consultants at Quantum 9 help these entrepreneurs learn about what they need in order to run a marijuana business.  If local and state governments understand the seriousness of security in marijuana businesses, the high fees for marijuana may not be so high.

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Marijuana Business Daily logo Cannabis Consultant

Cannabis and Tax Revenue in Illinois

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Tax revenue from cannabis is promising. Marijuana consultant firm, Quantum 9, reaches out to municipalities across Illinois. A municipality includes a city or town that has corporate status and local government. It is important for marijuana consultant companies to be in contact with these cities, especially as marijuana laws change.

cannabis and tax revenueConnections and Cannabis

As featured on Marijuana Business Daily, Michael Mayes of Quantum 9 makes connections with local officials over the phone. It is smart to make these connections over the phone as municipalities have a lot of say about where marijuana businesses can be. Cannabis and tax revenue go hand in hand, so these cities and towns should consider cannabis. So, many marijuana consultant firms promise jobs and tax revenues if the towns help approve cultivation businesses.

Cannabis and Tax Revenue in Illinois

Now that marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use in Illinois, let’s see how the tax revenue from cannabis looks. Well, Illinois made $52 million in the first six months since marijuana became legal. And this is only from the recreational program. This money can help Illinois with a lot of problems, which is why other states should consider legalizing marijuana.

So, where did this tax revenue go? Well, 25% of the tax revenue went towards community improvement. It is made to support communities that are impacted by the drug war. Also, municipalities are able to collect up to 3% in tax revenue from cannabis. All in all, the new flow of tax revenue is very important for Illinois towns and cities.

With that in mind, tax revenue and cannabis are promising. Contacting local officials is an important step in the process of marijuana legalization. A marijuana consulting firm, such as Quantum 9, helps make connections with these localities. All in all, the firm has success with marijuana business in Illinois. For more information about our consulting services click here.

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Medical Marijuana Production and Vida Cannabis

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Quantum 9 Partners with Vida Cannabis

Vida Cannabis Corp. is a well-known marijuana production company. They are experts in the design and construction of health care buildings. So, this includes knowing the technical requirements and needs of medical marijuana production.

Cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9 work with Vida Cannabis Corp. So, they provide consulting services about the workflow design and construction of medical marijuana facilities.

medical marijuana productionVida Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Facilities

As featured in SaltWire Network, Vida Cannabis works with Lindsay Construction in order to help design and build a marijuana facility in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. So, Vida Cannabis purchased a 300,000 square foot facility. They also have a 50-year approval from the local municipality to run a medical marijuana production plant. This facility is a state-of-the-art modern medical marijuana production plant.

Although this facility is in Canada, Vida Cannabis continues to keep up with potential markets that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana laws. So, they are on top of the marijuana business market and work with Quantum 9 to help them. Quantum 9 is a Chicago based cannabis consulting company. They are one of the most experienced cannabis consulting teams in the world.

With that information, Vida Cannabis is excited to work with Quantum 9. The cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9 have extensive resources around the country. Luckily, they are able to help plan one of the most advanced medical marijuana facilities in Canada.

Canada and Medical Marijuana

First off, medical marijuana in Canada is taken very seriously. So, Vida Cannabis has high expectations for the medical marijuana production facility they design. As of June 2019, 363,917 people in Canada are medical marijuana clients. The market for weed in Canada is large and a lot of these businesses exist. For example, as of October 2018, over 132 licensed marijuana cultivators and distributors exist.

All in all, Vida Cannabis and our team at Quantum 9 are eager about this project in Canada. This facility is one of a kind and is a huge help to medical marijuana production in Canada. If interested, you can take a look at what our cannabis business consultants offer here.

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COVID-19 and Cannabis Applications

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Investing is a difficult decision during the COVID-19 pandemic. Illinois legalized adult-use cannabis at the beginning of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic causes major delays for many individuals who involve themselves with this business.  Many application fees for these licenses are nonrefundable and individuals hope for the best. On top of that, cannabis applications during COVID-19 are difficult because of the economy.

Our cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9 explain the current Illinois environment with cannabis applications.


Cannabis applications during COVID-19

COVID-19 and Cannabis Applications

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy negatively, investing for cannabis becomes risky. Cannabis is a mostly white and male industry. So, this makes it difficult for minorities who invest in this competitive business.

On top of that, federally charted banks and small business loan programs are off-limits since cannabis is federally illegal.  This means you need to know people with money to invest in this demanding business. This makes the COVID-19 pandemic and cannabis applications a difficult combination since individuals have investment fear.

Investing for businesses is difficult during this time.

As featured on Herald & Review, our CEO at Quantum 9 states that many investors are sick and out of commission. He also says that “it’s slowed investment capital to almost nothing.” He follows by saying that most investment funders usually have another business. Lastly, Mayes mentions that “any disposable income is not going to a secondary investment; it’s going to there primary business.”

All in all, Mayes hopes state regulators show flexibility in Illinois cannabis applications during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Illinois Cannabis Licenses and COVID-19

As mentioned, 2020 was the year that cannabis became legal for adult-use in Illinois. Illinois prepared to award cannabis licenses in May and July. COVID-19 pushed back results for cannabis applications and they were announced in September.

The state also gives preferences to Illinois cannabis applicants with social equity. Social equity helps minority groups enter the cannabis industry. Although this may sound nice, the application process during COVID-19 for cannabis licenses is difficult.

All in all, these applications take time, and attention to detail is important. So, make sure to contact our cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9 for help with these applications.

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Legal Medical Marijuana in Kentucky?

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Marijuana in Kentucky is illegal for both medical and recreational use. The state tries to push for legal medical marijuana in Kentucky, but they have not had much luck.

Marijuana Legalization in Kentucky

In 2015, an effort was made to make medical marijuana legal. The anti-cannabis National Marijuana Initiative and the Kentucky Baptist Convention defeated the bills that were rooting for marijuana legalization in Kentucky.

marijuana legalization in Kentucky

Legal Medical Marijuana in Kentucky for 2020?

Although recreational marijuana may not be legal in Kentucky for a while, medical marijuana may be. In February 2020, a medical marijuana bill was approved by the Kentucky House of Representatives. Although this is good news, COVID-19 delays this process. So, we might see legal medical weed within Kentucky in the future. With that, make sure to talk to a marijuana licensing consultant if the market is of interest to you.

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can help those with painful medical problems. This is why it is important for Kentucky to legalize the use. As featured in LouisvilleFuture, Pritesh Kumar, a cannabinoid research scientist for Quantum 9, strongly believes that marijuana is a medicine. Quantum 9’s marijuana licensing consultants also believe in the many benefits that medical marijuana offers.

With that, Kumar also believes that marijuana needs regulation. In other words, medical marijuana needs to be taken seriously. So, Kumar does not think that growing at home is the answer to growing the plant. He believes that people should only get their marijuana products from licensed dispensaries.

Quality is very important when it comes to medical weed. With that, a lot of people need these products to help them with serious pain. This is why we hope to see some sort of marijuana legalization in Kentucky in the future.

Since legal medical marijuana in Kentucky may be on its way, it’s important to think about the opportunity with licenses for these dispensaries. Lastly, our marijuana licensing consultants help give information about licenses for all sorts of marijuana businesses. For more information about cannabis consulting click here.

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cannabis business plan in illinois

Illinois Cannabis Applications and What’s Next

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The long wait for the Illinois cannabis application finalists is finally over. But, it did not go as expected. Illinois is working on a way to diversify the marijuana industry, and it took a wrong turn. Our marijuana consultants in Illinois at Quantum 9 are here to discuss what exactly is going on.

Illinois cannabis applications

So, What Happened with Illinois Cannabis Applications?

Well, 75 new licenses for retail marijuana shops are divided among just 21 applicants. These 21 applicants all received perfect scores, according to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Now, the department will choose winners from a lottery system at the end of this month.

The Disappointment with Social Equity in Illinois

As mentioned before, Illinois makes efforts to diversify the marijuana industry. The social equity program helps ensure that members who are affected by crime and poverty because of the war on drugs have a piece of the legal cannabis business. Well, this backfired with Illinois cannabis applications.

“The administration has screwed us”

Rep. Chris Welch, D-Hillside, a member of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, states that “seventy-five licenses are going to 21 applicants. Where is the equity in that? The lottery should not take place until wholesale changes happen. At this moment when our country demands racial equity, the administration has screwed us.”

The Black Caucus also suggested that the governor’s office should slow down the licensing process so that they can examine the process more clearly and make some changes. They want changes in the Illinois cannabis application scoring system, point allocation structure, tiebreaker policy, and the overall selection process.

They hope to see these changes before the next round of Illinois cannabis licenses. These include craft growers, transporters, and infusers. The state plans to issue these later this month as well. Our marijuana consultants in Illinois hope for the best with this situation.

What’s Next for Illinois Cannabis Applications?

As mentioned, a lottery is to happen at the end of Septemeber. Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 have opinions about the situation. During an interview with Crain’s Chicago Business, our CEO, Michael Mayes, states that “it’s hard to believe there were that many ties.”  He also says that he didn’t expect all of the licenses to be decided by the lottery and that it has taken him back.

As for what’s next, this information is still very new and unknown. That said, our cannabis consultants keep up with new information about the Illinois cannabis industry. It is an important time for the cannabis world right now. Reach out to us for any questions you may have about Illinois cannabis applications. If you want to talk to a marijuana consultant in Illinois, click here.

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Chicago Sun Times Logo Cannabis Consulting

Illinois Cannabis Applicants Want Fairness

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Many Illinois cannabis applicants are upset about the licensing process. As a result, Gov. J.B Pritzker gives these applicants another chance to revise their applications before the lottery. Now, let’s see what this means for Illinois cannabis applicants. Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 are here to give you a quick rundown.

Illinois cannabis applicants

Illinois Cannabis Applications and Reevaluation

Let’s look at the current situation.

The 21 firms within the lottery all have perfect scores on their applications. As a result, the other 900 applicants saw the ultimate decision unfair. Now, the 900 applicants who did not qualify have the chance to review their scoring along with a notice that outlines all of the deficiencies.  The Illinois cannabis applicants who lost can amend their applications or petition the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to reevaluate their application.

Illinois Cannabis Applicants and Social Equity

Cannabis application requirements for Illinois heavily focused on social equity. Although this was all meant for good, it did not go as planned. Pritzker is aware of the unfairness within the applications and is making efforts to revise the scoring. He states that “…we believe that these new steps will inject more equity and fairness in the first round of license awards and provide insight as we improve the process for future rounds.”

This change is important as Illinois cannabis applicants are still waiting on licenses for cannabis craft cultivation, infusion, and transportation. Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 hope this change affects future licenses in Illinois. With that, Illinois also decided to change who reviews these applications.

KPMG Will Not Review Applications for Future Rounds

Initially, KPMG, a global accounting firm, was awarded $7 million in no-bid contracts to grade Illinois cannabis applications. Now, IDFPR officials conduct reviews. So, those who applied for cannabis craft cultivation, infusion, and transportation may have a better chance.

All in all, Illinois cannabis applicants deserve a fairer chance in this pool. From the looks of it, Illinois is making its best efforts to make this process fairer.

For more information about cannabis license applications in Illinois make sure to contact our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9. Illinois is a booming market right now and you still have a chance to enter this extremely profitable industry.

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Herald Tribune Logo Cannabis Consultant

Marley Natural Cannabis Brand

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Cannabis Consultant in Herald-Tribune

Michael Mayes, CEO of cannabis license consulting firm Quantum 9.

Michael Mayes, the CEO of marijuana license consulting firm Quantum 9 was quoted in the Herald-Tribune. The article is about Bob Marley’s name as a cannabis brand. Mayes talks about Marley Natural Cannabis helping the cannabis industry.

Marley Natural Cannabis

Bob Marley was a reggae artist who was known for his love of cannabis. His greatest hits album is the best selling reggae album. The album has sold more than 27 million copies. Marley called cannabis “the herb”. In addition, he said it calmed him and made him more creative. But, he sadly passed away in 1981.

He had 12 kids and some of them also became musicians.

Recently, his family has let his name be used for a cannabis brand. The family made a deal with Privateer Holdings for a long-term licensing agreement. The headquarters of Marley Natural Cannabis will be in New York.  Most important, the company will sell Jamaican strain inspired by Marley.

The article touches on how important the deal is to the cannabis movement. There are quotes from numerous people in the cannabis industry. In particular, Michael Mayes spoke in a similar fashion.

Michael Mayes mentioned that the deal is a good step for marijuana legalization. It is important because the federal government still thinks it’s as bad as hard drugs such as heroin. Bob Marley is a name that a lot of people know. In addition, he did a lot to change the reputation of marijuana. There is no doubt that Marley Natural Cannabis will be a success.

Cannabis Consulting

Being a Marley would make it easy to enter the cannabis industry. However, if you aren’t a Marley, you can hire a cannabis licensing consulting firm to make the process easy.

We have expert consultants who would love to work with you.

You can read the article here.

More from Quantum 9



Michael Mayes Illinois Cannabis Consultant

Regulations for Cannabis Vary by State

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Cannabis Consultant on State Regulation

Michael Mayes, CEO of cannabis license consulting company Quantum 9, was quoted in a CenterBlog post. Mayes offered insight into the regulations for cannabis in different states.

CEO of cannabis license consulting firm, Michael Mayes

Difference Between States

There are no federal regulations for cannabis because it is not legal federally. Technically, cannabis is not approved by the FDA. As a result, states have to make their own rules.

Marijuana is legal in 11 states for adults over 21. In addition, it is legal in 33 states for medical use. The states made marijuana legal at different times, so they have different regulations.

Mayes describes the horizontal integration model. Basically, this means that producers, retailers, and distributors are separate. It is the model that the alcohol business follows. That means a dispensary might carry marijuana from different producers.

However, some states use vertical integration in regulation for cannabis. This means that the producers, retailers, and distributors are the same overall. In contrast to horizontal integration, dispensaries produce their own marijuana

Regulation by State

Firstly, states that are vertically integrated:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • New Mexico
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • New Jersey

Secondly, states that allow vertical integration in cannabis regulation

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • Oregon

Thirdly, states that are horizontally integrated. In addition, vertical integration is prohibited.

  • California
  • Illinois
  • Washington.

Furthermore, Hawaii, Michigan, and Montana are unregulated.

Cannabis License Consulting

The regulations for cannabis are somewhat confusing. Consequently, newcomers to the industry should do themselves a favor and hire a cannabis consultant.

In other words, Quantum 9 can help with guiding through your state’s cannabis regulations. We can help with license acquisition, as well as facility design.

You can read the article here.

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Medical Marijuana Greenwave Dispensary Benefiting the community Michael and Thomas Mayes

Cannabis Transport License – Massachusetts

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Have you been thinking about starting a marijuana delivery service in Massachusetts? Well, first, you’re going to need a cannabis transport license. Luckily, Quantum 9, a leading cannabis license consultant firm, is here to help answer all of your questions!

More Opportunities for Marijuana Businesses in Massachusetts

As cannabis gets more popular in Massachusetts, more business opportunities will be available. Cannabis was originally legalized for medical purposes back in 2015. However, only a year later, recreational use became legal in the state for adults over 21. (Read more about recent updates here!)

Businesses would open as early as July 2018. The competition in the new industry meant that only the most experienced businesses would earn licenses first. Therefore, it is important to get the correct licenses. Cannabis transport licenses, also known as marijuana delivery licenses, fall under the retail category.

Why get your cannabis transport license?

Getting a license is the first step in starting out in the cannabis industry. So, what’s so good about getting a transport license? Well, these licenses allow third-party delivery of adult-use cannabis.

Right now, these cannabis transport licenses are for social equity/economic empowerment applicants. In other words, this is a great opportunity for minorities. The commissioner, Jennifer Flannagan, talked about starting delivery during a pandemic:

“I’m uncomfortable with the timing of it…[but] I feel that delivery was already crucial…[and] now, the entire concept is so much more relevant.”

This comes from Mass Live’s article about the licenses launching in May 2020.

Taking Flannagan’s words into account, there is clearly a need for delivery services in Massachusetts. Similarly, it is a good chance for minority business owners. The state has opened applications to minorities for two years before they become open to the public.

How much could I make doing marijuana delivery?

Using your cannabis transport license, you could make anywhere from $50,000 a year up to millions of dollars (check out this post from for more). It really depends on how early you are able to get your foot in the door. However, the most important thing is that you make smart business choices early on.

This is why it is ideal to consult with a cannabis license consultant.

Cannabis License ConsultantWhy Do I Need A Cannabis License Consultant?

If you are first starting out, it is very important to get the best advice for your new business. This is especially true if you don’t know the business very well yet.

Quantum 9 has a team of highly trained professionals who know this industry inside and out. Therefore, we would love to help you get your cannabis transport license today. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and see how our services can help you.

So, did you enjoy this post?

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Marijuana Business Daily logo Cannabis Consultant

Medical Cannabis Market in Canada

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Although cannabis in Canada is legal for recreational and medical use, the medical cannabis market in Canada still makes a lot of profit. With that, it is important for interested business owners to know how to have success in this market. So, it is essential to contact a cannabis consulting firm in Canada. They will help you make the most out of this market.

As featured in Marijuana Business Daily, the experts at Quantum 9 are here to walk you through some tips on the market in Canada.

medical cannabis market in Canada

Know the Medical Cannabis Market in Canada

Although it may seem simple, know the market. One needs to know the country’s medical marijuana laws in order to have success in this industry. In order to know the medical cannabis market in Canada, it is important to read bills and documents that apply to the Canadian market. This is what will allow you to open up marijuana businesses in Canada.

For example, Micheal Mayes of Quantum 9 states that “there are many local laws that we were unaware of, including building codes and restrictions that required our facility design to be targeted towards the local regulations.” So, the use of a cannabis consulting firm in Canada will help you with the legality side of cannabis.

Quality is Important for Canada

The quality of cannabis is extremely important for the market in Canada. This is different from the U.S market, as the U.S finds that the price is more important than the quality of cannabis. But, the medical cannabis market in Canada has high standards for their cannabis products.

As this is different than the U.S market, make sure to find a cannabis consulting firm in Canada. Quantum 9 is able to walk you through on how to make the most out of this market. Adapting to what the Candian market wants will bring you the profit that you want.

Keep Learning about Medical Cannabis in Canada

Another tip includes attending industry events within the United States. Networking can really open up doors for those interested in the medical cannabis market in Canada. Many Canadian businesses are at these events and are looking for people who are interested in the business.

All in all, it is very possible to have success within the medical cannabis market in Canada. With that, you have to put in the time to know the business and to know how to get licenses. So, contact a cannabis consulting firm in Canada, such as Quantum 9, in order to make sure you can get everything right. To learn more about the services Quantum 9 offers click here.

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The Green Rush


Marijuana in Illinois

Medical marijuana licenses checks

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The CEO of marijuana consulting firm, Quantum 9, was quoted in The Chicago Tribune. Michael Mayes commented on Gov. Bruce Rauner issuing medical marijuana licenses before FBI background checks.

CEO of Marijuana Consulting Firm Quantum 9

Medical Marijuana License in Illinois

It is the law in Illinois to have a background check run for medical marijuana license applications. Applicants with a violent crime felony are prohibited from participating. In addition, applicants cannot have a drug charge. Although, there are exceptions for medical related drug charges.

The law is there to bring legitimacy to the medical marijuana industry. State regulators can revoke medical marijuana licenses later if they need to. Lawmakers know it’s better to wait for the background checks. However, they want to make sure that people can get the relief they need.

Quantum 9 CEO Michael Mayes noted how this may be a problem. It is hard for someone to have 10 years of experience in marijuana cultivation without a previous drug charge. It’s because marijuana has only become legal in some states this decade.

Peter Scweda of Nature’s Grace and Wellness paid a security firm to run background checks for his company. They got the background checks done early and were able to receive their medical marijuana license.

Medical Marijuana Consulting

Quantum 9 offers services that make the process of applying for a marijuana license more streamlined. Applicants who work with our marijuana consultants get the knowledge that you might not get if you didn’t work with experts in the industry.

Quantum 9 specializes in permit acquisition, which includes the process of getting background checks. Consequently, we have a permit acquisition success rate of 90.12 percent.

In other words, you can’t go wrong with working with us!

You can read the article here.

More from Quantum 9


Cannabis Business Advice

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CannaInsider hosted Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9, a leading cannabis consulting firm for an interview. The interviewer, Matthew Kind, wanted to pick Michael’s brain about the cannabis industry and see if Mayes had any cannabis business advice to offer. Kind noted that he chose Michael because of his level of experience and the level of success that Quantum 9 has already reached.

The information for this article came from this transcript from the CannaInsider interview with Matt Kind:

Michael Mayes, Cannabis Business Advice:

Background in the Industry

Michael began his exploration of the cannabis industry as a simple investor. In fact, he actually called himself a “passive investor”. For Mayes, this meant that he never really intended to operate the business and gain the rewards of doing so.

However, when he started investing in 2009, this passive investment wasn’t really allowed. So, this is how he dove headfirst into the world of cannabis. He started out overseeing operations in Colorado. Mayes notes that that was what really set the groundwork for what Quantum 9 would become.

The biggest piece of cannabis business advice Mayes could give? Well, Michael’s advice is to make mistakes! You’re going to anyway. Mayes notes that Quantum 9 made every mistake in the book at first. That’s how you learn and grow as a business!

A Strategy to the Madness?

Mayes’ Cannabis Business Advice on Licensing and Consulting

Matt Kind pointed out how complex and detailed consulting is, and how much work cannabis consulting firms have to put in. Mayes agrees that the work is tedious and detail-oriented. He notes that many of the companies seeking business consulting with Quantum 9 want to build large facilities.

In other words, this means they need access to a lot of money. Another thing that is really important about building a large cannabis business like this is assembling the right team. This is especially important for medical-based companies. This means having experts in research, medical, growing, etc.

Basically, there can potentially be a lot of competition, because it’s not legal everywhere yet. This also means there are limited licenses available in a lot of places, and people have invested a good amount of money into making a profitable business. This drives a lot of the competition, so having a really strong team is pretty much essential for success in this industry.

Michael Mayes Cannabis Business Advice

What the Heck is up with the market in Michigan?

Michael Mayes cannabis business advice: an expert opinion on market trends

Mayes opens by saying this: Michigan’s marketis dysfunctional, to say the least. But, he does note that it had a lot of promise. The market there really started in ’08, but a lot of people didn’t know about this at first. Basically, Mayes says that there was sort of a “gray market” that started up in Michigan before medical cannabis was fully legal.

There were loopholes in the law, so there were possibly up to 40,000 caregivers producing 12 or more plants themselves. Essentially, what Mayes is saying is that there were a lot of people developing a lot of products during a time when legality was somewhat questionable.

Michigan’s Provisional Licenses

In Michigan, there was a grace period before the actual legalization. So, this grace period required a provisional license that allowed you to operate as a dispensary. Similarly, this is called a provisional center in Michigan.

Basically, the state-mandated that there would be steps one and two of approval. Step two approval was a local license and step one was centered more around the background of the principals (or the main people) basically running the business. And, of course, there were financial requirements as well.

Essentially, Michigan is a bit of a mess right now, but it’s expected to clear up sooner than later.


As the founder of a globally renowned cannabis consulting firm, Maye’s loves to offer business advice for those trying to break into the industry. This Is exactly why he does Interviews just like this one! Check out the rest of the transcript here.

Cannabis Consulting Firm


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Profits in Cannabis Cultivation

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Lead cannabis cultivation consultant, Ed Rosenthal, talks about the profits in cannabis cultivation. Ed Rosenthal works with the cannabis licensing consultants at Quantum 9.  Also, he brings knowledge into the cannabis consulting company as he is an expert in the weed cultivation market.


Cannabis Cultivation Market

The Cannabis Cultivation Market

So, how does one mix cannabis with business? It is fairly easy, as the demand for weed is high and the market is there. Ed Rosenthal was recently featured on Weedmaps, where he talks about the profits in cannabis cultivation. He states that “marijuana may not be addictive but growing it is.” By that, Ed means the money is there.

To begin with, in order to have success within the cannabis cultivation market, one needs to know cannabis very well. This is why Quantum 9 has Ed Rosenthal on their team. With that, Rosenthal heads up the cultivation division as a Master Gardner Level III at Quantum 9. That’s an impressive title and Rosenthal knows his stuff when it comes to weed. Lastly, his cultivation skills help the cannabis licensing consultants at Quantum 9 be successful in their company.

Mixing Cannabis and Business

As mentioned, Ed is an expert in the cannabis industry and his knowledge makes Quantum 9 an incredibly credible company. Weedmaps describes Ed as the ‘Guru of Ganja’, and they are more than right. In fact, Oaksterdam uses Ed’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook as an official handbook for classes on weed cultivation. With that, he helps students learn about the profits in cannabis cultivation and how to get them.

Although Ed means business, he still does amazing things for marijuana reform. Currently, he is the CEO of the charity GreenAid. The cannabis license consultants at Quantum 9 respect his work as he helps protect the medical marijuana community in the United States.

All in all, Ed’s knowledge about the cannabis cultivation market is a huge benefit for cannabis license consulting. His expertise allows Quantum 9 to have success in making profits in cannabis cultivation.

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Forbes Council: Cannabis Consultant

Cannabis Business Plan

Forbes Business Council and Mayes

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Cannabis License Consultant in Forbes

Forbes Business Council member Michael Mayes screenshot image at the Cannabis-Aid conference to discuss Winning Big and Building a Winning Team

Forbes quoted Quantum 9 CEO and marijuana licensing consultant Michael Mayes. Mayes was featured as one of the 13 Forbes Business Council members who offered advice on improving business processes.

Forbes Business Council

The industry leaders quoted in the article are members of the Forbes Business Council. The council is an invitation-only and includes several successful small business owners.

The article lists 13 ways business owners can improve their business processes. Improving your business process makes it easier to streamline your company’s procedures.

Marijuana licensing consultant Michael Mayes suggested that businesses use systems like Basecamp. This allows for a system of checks and balances. For instance, the system lets you set due dates that track the progress of your employees. In addition, you can send a notification to your employees through the app.

However, Mayes was the only leader from the marijuana license consulting business to be featured in the article. Similarly, he is the only industry leader from the cannabis industry featured. However, he is not the only Forbes Business Council member in the cannabis industry.

Expert Panel

The industry leaders in the Forbes Business Council featured in the article:

  • Firstly, Michael Mayes – CEO of Quantum 9
  • Secondly, Kyle Hermans – CEO of Be Courageous
  • Thridly, Karthil Krishnan – Global CEO of Brittanica Group
  • Andy Rodosevich – CEO of Home Depot
  • Syed Gilani – CEO of Safr Technologies Inc.
  • Scott Amyx – Managing Partner at Amyx Ventures
  • Andreea Vanacker – CEO of SPARKX5
  • Dawn Brown MD.,  -ADHD Specialist at ADHD Wellness Center, PLLC
  • Kiara Cancer – Owner of Extraordinary Headhunters, LLC
  • Heather Newman – CMO of Content Panda/Creative Maven
  • Beth Worthy – President of GMR Transciprtion Services, INC.
  • Amanda Daering – CEO of Newance
  • And Lastly Chris Cashin – CEO of Parcel Consulting, LLC

Cannabis Business Consulting

In conclusion, Quantum 9 offers services to help make the process of obtaining a marijuana license easier. In addition, our CEO has been a member of the Forbes Business Council for almost two years.

To sum up, Quantum 9 has very qualified marijuana licensing consultants who are happy to help you.

You can read the article here.

Finally, More from Quantum 9



Associated Press Logo Cannabis Consultant

Illinois Cannabis Industry

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Michael Mayes is the CEO of Quantum 9, a global leader in cannabis license consulting. In an interview with Associated Press, Mayes discussed how unlikely it was for growers to come with a clean record. As the industry moves into a fully legalized one, it’s important to talk about issues that seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. For instance, how do we stop thinking of marijuana as an illegal street drug to a common household product? How is the Illinois cannabis industry changing everything?

Illinois Cannabis IndustryMedical Marijuana: The First Step to Changing the Illinois Cannabis Industry

Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill legalizing marijuana in 2013. It caused a pretty big stir. Making the average person see marijuana as a medical plant would not be an easy feat. The state fully legalized marijuana as of 2020. However, it still doesn’t come without its setbacks.

Anyone with experience in the Illinois cannabis industry is bound to have some criminal record connected to growing. However, legislators saw changes medical marijuana could make. This is why they first allowed people with certain health conditions to purchase medical cannabis products first. Obviously, this really took off–or we wouldn’t be where we are today. In other words, that means full legalization.

Cannabis License ConsultingCue in the Entrepreneurs: Changing the Illinois Economy!

Of course, this new cannabis business opportunity was bound to attract shiny new entrepreneurs. Whether these people were investors, or people looking to build a new business from the ground up. There is no doubt that full legalization was a fantastic idea for Illinois. Similarly, full legalization has drastically changed the Illinois cannabis industry. This month, Illinois broke another record as it pulled in $61 million in revenue from cannabis products.

As entrepreneurs pour in, dying to learn about the industry, it’s important for them to have all of the right resources. Quantum 9, a global leader in cannabis license consulting, is here to help new entrepreneurs. It is our job to help you navigate the new Illinois cannabis industry and the business climate overall. Don’t go into a new industry blind, let us lead you!

Here are some of our resources:

Application Services

Business Plan Services

Facility Design

Marijuana Business Daily logo Cannabis Consultant

Medical marijuana patients in Illinois

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Marijuana Business Daily quoted Quantum 9 CEO and Illinois cannabis consultant Michael Mayes. He offered insight on how a low number of medical marijuana patients in Illinois can affect the industry.

Medical Marijuana Patients in Illinois

Illinois began a pilot program for medical marijuana in 2017. There were originally 2,500 people who signed up for medical marijuana cards.  Experts expected around 75,000 people to sign up for the program.

The patient count would need to be around 10,000 to support the businesses in Illinois. For instance, at least one company has turned over their cultivation license because of the low number of medical marijuana patients in Illinois.

Mayes points out that the concern was that the entire program would be cancelled. People who oppose the program would have a chance to fight it if it was not successful.

Michael Mayes on low marijuana patient count

Reasons for low medical marijuana patients in Illinois

There were no dispensaries open in Illinois because licenses had not been given out. This was one of the reasons for the low number of medical marijuana patients in Illinois.

Furthermore, a lot of people did not qualify based on the ailments that were approved. Some of the ailments listed are Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Lupus, and ALS. However, more medical conditions were proposed because it would allow more people to receive licenses.

In addition, individuals must complete a lot of paperwork to receive a license. The process is also very competitive.  It can be daunting to anyone without help.

Adult-Use in Illinois

Adults were able to buy marijuana from dispensaries on January 1st, 2020. Consumers purchased $239 million in marijuana within the first six months of legalization.

Marijuana is taxed at a rate of 25%. The state has made a total of $52 million with taxes included. However, a portion of every purchase will go towards communities hurt by marijuana laws.

In addition, the money will go towards mental health, crime prevention, and to combat substance abuse.

Cannabis Consulting

Mayes mentioned that public outreach is something that will help the low number of medical marijuana patients in Illinois. In addition, he also adds that the low number medical marijuana patients in Illinois will increase once dispensaries open.

Quantum 9 helps groups who wish to enter the industry by consulting them through the process. In other words, meeting with an Illinois cannabis consultant can help make the process a lot easier.

In addition to facility design, we can help with location to ensure the facility you choose will be in an area where a low medical marijuana patient count doesn’t matter.

You can find the article here.

More on Illinois

Marijuana Business Daily logo Cannabis Consultant

Marijuana Licenses in Puerto Rico

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Medical Marijuana Finally in the Caribbean

If you want a business in the Caribbean, now may be the time. That’s right, medical marijuana is finally making its way to the Caribbean. As seen in Marijuana Business Daily, our marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 explain how they are working with the medical marijuana business in Puerto Rico. This means Puerto Rico is the first island in the Caribbean to make medical weed legal for use. So, Quantum 9 helps Puerto Rico with the medical marijuana business. We have the highest success rate in the industry and are eager to help entrepreneurs who want a cannabis business. Contact us for more information.

Let’s take a look at what this means for Puerto Rico.

This is exciting as Puerto Rico has a huge population of 3.5 million people. As a result, this market is huge for anyone who wants to start a medical marijuana business in the Caribbean. With Puerto Rico as the first legal medical marijuana country, the demand is very high. Now is the time for interested people to work with a cannabis consultant on a business plan to get these marijuana licenses in Puerto Rico.


Marijuana Licenses Puerto Rico

Marijuana Licenses in Puerto Rico

For those who are interested in this market, there are a few things that are important to know. First, the marijuana licenses in Puerto Rico are available on the Health Departments Cannabis Medicinal site. Secondly, these marijuana businesses include many options. These options include dispensaries, distributors, and manufacturers. So, this means that there are many choices for people who want to start a business in the weed industry. Contact us so that you can win a cannabis business in Puerto Rico.

With this information, it is important to work with marijuana consultants that know the market. As mentioned, Quantum 9 is one of the companies that works with Puerto Rico’s market. This is good news as they know what needs to be done and how to help.

Cultivation License in Puerto Rico

If you want a cultivation license in Puerto Rico, the environment offers perfect conditions for cultivation. The tropical climate is perfect for growing conditions. For example, according to Puerto Rico’s Department of Agriculture, the climate allows hemp to be harvested 3 times a year. If you are familiar with cannabis cultivation, this is a very exciting fact about Puerto Rico. A cannabis cultivation marijuana license in Puerto Rico can bring you some exceptional profits.

Let our expert cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 help you apply for a cultivation license in Puerto Rico. Contact us here.

Rules of Medical Marijuana in Puerto Rico

Let’s take a look at how one can get a medical card in Puerto Rico. To begin with, medical cards in Puerto Rico will be open to people who are 18 and older. With that, people who want a card need to go through some steps in order to get their cards. So, one needs to have a medical problem for a card. On top of that, the fee for a card costs anywhere from $100-$150. All in all, this is a big step for the people of Puerto Rico.

The use of medical marijuana in Puerto Rico is only allowed on private property. Also, smoking weed is still illegal but there are other ways of use. This means that things like edibles or capsules are okay to use. Also, one can vaporize their flower. All in all, this move is a big step for Puerto Rico. Now is the time to make moves in this business.

These rules are specific, so it is important to reach out to our marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 because they know the international market very well.

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Cannabis Consulting Services:

Marijuana Application Services

Business Planning Services

International Business Times Cannabis Consultant

The Most Energy-Efficient Cannabis Greenhouse

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Over the last ten years, the medical marijuana industry has been on the rise. Dan Sutton, CEO of Tantalus Labs took advantage of this growth. He is currently working on building an energy-efficient cannabis greenhouse in British Columbia. The greenhouse is the product of years of research. Biologists, engineers, and cannabis farming experts put their heads together to design the facility. The facility may just be the blueprint for the future of the industry, which is why it will be an important model in cannabis consulting.

A Cannabis-Green Revolution

The energy-efficient cannabis greenhouse and a new age for agriculture

Energy-Efficient Cannabis Greenhouse

Sutton wanted to make something that no one had tried before. He wanted to take advantage of current technology in his new design. For example, plans include data-mining software, more efficient lamps, and improved irrigation systems.

Maria Gallucci for International Business Times notes that these new improved tools for growing could leak into the traditional agriculture industry. Gallucci even said that large businesses could implement Sutton’s new ideas to lower electricity usage.

“Cannabis is spurring an ag-tech revolution,” Troy Dayton, the CEO of a cannabis research firm in California, said. Dayton notes that this is all happening because laws about cannabis are getting less strict. This trend-setting tendency is what creates the model cannabis consulting firms will use to advise future business owners.

The Market in the Shadows

News of the energy-efficient cannabis greenhouse sheds light on a hidden market

Troy Dayton explains the market to International Business Times:

“The market is already there, it’s just moving from the shadows into the light. That’s why you’re seeing this incredible growth and why so many people see it as a once-in-a-lifetime [business] opportunity.”

As of 2020, 11 states are fully legal for recreational and medicinal use. Another 11 states legalized medicinal use and decriminalized recreational use.

Because the laws about marijuana were so strict in the past, the market was forced to stay hidden. Now that laws are loosening, the high level of interest in the industry is becoming clear.

In 2014, U.S. cannabis sales skyrocketed past $2.7 billion with only 3 states fully legalized at the time. It was a $1.1 billion increase from 2013.

How do Energy-Efficient Cannabis Greenhouses Actually Save Energy?

The new developments focus mostly on ventilation and interior cooling. They also made lighting improvements. Together, these three aspects make up a majority of the growing costs.

They are also working on automating the system. Sensors automatically determine the current air temperature and humidity and adjust the system accordingly. These automating systems are all energy-efficient and cut down on electricity usage.

One of the leaders in optimal environment automation is called Heliospectra. They specialize in lighting setups. They produced lights that can be customized to alter the intensity, spectrum, and the timing of artificial light rays.

Energy-Efficient Cannabis Greenhouses: Plenty of Room to Grow

Sutton explains that cannabis is a unique industry. This is because there is a lot more room for experimentation. Similarly, the cannabis industry has a much larger profit margin than traditional farming. For instance, traditional farmers may only experience a 10% profit margin, whereas cannabis growers could bring in close t0 an 80% profit on their product.

Secondly, new technologies are being developed for the cannabis industry because it has such a fast-growing market. Scientists are more likely to conduct research in a growing industry.

Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9, a cannabis consulting firm, spoke on the topic:

For the newer generation that’s just getting out of college or new to the workplace, cannabis is a more interesting project than say a real-estate project, or a lettuce project…the ‘cool’ factor can drive innovation.

Young people enjoy the idea that they could be doing something totally different than anything previous generations have done before them. It makes the cannabis industry truly cutting-edge.

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Washington Examiner Logo Marijuana Consultant

Medical Marijuana License Increases Jobs

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The Washington Examiner quoted Quantum 9 CEO and marijuana consultant Michael Mayes. In the article, Mayes offers insight into the relationship between medical marijuana and an increase in jobs.

marijuana consultant Michael Mayes

Increase in Jobs

Medical marijuana impacts the number of jobs within a community. The large facilities and stores require people to work within them. The medical marijuana license application helps the applicant and officials cooperate. Moreover, the revenue is enticing for state and city officials.

Additionally, towns are able to tax the marijuana that is being sold. It allows towns to earn money while also turning people away from the black market.

Growers went to many towns to meet with public officials. As a result, they were welcomed because of the financial benefits of medical marijuana.  Most Americans believe that medical marijuana should be legal, according to a Pew Research Center poll.

Marijuana in Illinois

Illinois became the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana in January 2020. However,  individuals were able to begin receiving their medical marijuana license in 2013.

The first step in building local support is having a phone conversation, Quantum 9 CEO and marijuana consultant Michael Mayes said. Mayes mentions that the ultimate goal is to receive a letter of recommendation from the mayor. The letter shows that the city supports having marijuana facilities.

In addition, having a letter of recommendation shows that the applicant is viable applicant for a cannabis license.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Cards

The hope is to still bring in more jobs and revenue so that the towns remain viable.

Medical Marijuana Application Process

The application process for obtaining a medical marijuana license can be exhaustive. Above all, groups looking to obtain a license should start the process early because of the many steps . That is to say, hiring a marijuana consultant is very beneficial.

Marijuana consultant companies, like Quantum 9, have made the process easier. For instance, part of the medical marijuana license application is preparing blueprints for the grow facility. Marijuana consultants can help ensure that the facility meets the standards outlined in the requirements.

You can find the original article here.

More on Cannabis in Illinois


NPR Logo Marijuana Consulting

Marijuana Business Investment in Illinois

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Cannabis consulting company, Quantum 9, talks about the benefits of medical marijuana in Illinois in an NPR Illinois feature. In the long run, marijuana business investment in Illinois is promising for business owners as long as they can put in the time to research the industry.


NPR Logo Marijuana Consulting

The Economic Benefits of Medical Marijuana

To begin with, medical marijuana in Illinois brings in a new tax income. So, this serves as a benefit to the economy. Also, the decriminalization of the drug helps the state save money in the long run.

Next, medical marijuana legalization often turns into legal recreational marijuana in most states. For example, Illinois marijuana laws began as strictly medical and are now recreational. With that, they made more than $40 million in tax revenue within the first four months. In effect, this lets more and more people invest in these businesses. So, this is why cannabis consulting is very important for business investment in Illinois.

The Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Although a stigma with marijuana may exist, marijuana businesses in Illinois help many individuals that have serious illnesses. Accordingly, cannabis consulting experts at Quantum 9 explain how the cannabinoids found in marijuana help many people with pain-related issues. In addition, they explain that different strains of the plant help with different health problems. So, this means the use of marijuana will not always make one intoxicated or high.

Furthermore, people are more open to marijuana in general. For example, 91 percent of U.S adults say marijuana should be legal either for recreational or medical use. As a result, people are willing to accept those who use marijuana. On top of that, they are more accepting of marijuana businesses in Illinois and other states.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Cards

Marijuana Business Investment in Illinois

Now that one can see how promising the marijuana business in Illinois is and has been, let’s look at how one can invest. To begin with, it is necessary to use a cannabis consulting company. With that, they will guide you in the right direction to having success in the industry. Quantum 9 provides consulting to people that are interested in how to run successful businesses in Illinois. Finally, the use of a cannabis consultant will make your journey in this business adventure a lot easier.

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So, How Profitable is Marijuana?

Cannabis Conference | Michael Mayes

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Cannabis Conference, Mayes

The Cannabis Business Times hosts the annual Cannabis Conference. COVID-19 has affected almost every gathering in the country. Unfortunately, the Cannabis Conference is no exception. The Cannabis Business Times had to cancel the conference this year. Michael Mayes, marijuana consultant and CEO of Quantum 9, spoke on important topics at the Cannabis Conference.

This year, the conference was able to bring their educational programming to its viewers online for the 2020 conference. In other words, this is great news in wake of COVID-19!

Michael Mayes at the Cannabis Conference

How can a CPA help your business?

Mayes is an expert marijuana consultant. He spoke about how helpful it is to have a CPA for license submissions.

For clarification, a CPA is a Certified Public Accountant. At the Cannabis Conference, Michael Mayes details things that a CPA can streamline for your business.

Tax Strategy:

  1. CPAs can figure out what the corporate structure will be.
  2. Most companies starting out begin as LLCs. Mayes suggests flipping to s-corp once profitable. S-corps also limit liability and are taxed under internal revenue code.
  3. CPAs are vital in the corporate structure as people who understand tax codes.

CPAs also help investors understand the risk and how to enter the industry.

The Cannabis Conference Asks Michael Mayes, Marijuana Consultant, about Starting Out

Cannabis Conference replay: Finding Real Estate

As a business owner, real estate is one of your highest expenses. For instance, the building where production happens is always going to be your number one cost. Thus, Michael Mayes talks about finding a good real estate agent at the cannabis conference.

Your real estate agent should be market-focused. For example, a market-focused agent will be able to help you find the right real estate for your business. An agent like this will also be able to help you negotiate favorable terms. So, this includes out clauses, set rent increases, etc.

Cannabis conference replay: Attorneys

Mayes also notes that business attorneys can help negotiate better buying terms for real estate. You will probably need task-specific attorneys as you continue. In other words, business attorneys help you form your company correctly. They are also vital for helping you get a certificate of good standing. Therefore, it might be a good idea to invest in an attorney!


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Belleville News-Democrat Logo Cannabis Consulting

Illinois Medical Cannabis Cards

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Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9, a marijuana consulting firm, gives Belleville News an exclusive on the upsurge of applications for medical cannabis cards in Illinois.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Cards

Between July and August, Illinois increased approval rates for medical cannabis cards. There was a 1.4% increase in just one month. In July, 3,500 people applied for the cards. Only 2,800 of those were approved (5.7%). The following month, 3,700 people sent applications. 3,000 of those applications were approved (1.4% increase).

Michael Mayes’, CEO of Quantum 9, Explains Possible Reasons for the Increased Approval for Medical Cannabis Cards

Mayes Predicts an Upsurge

The Belleville News interviewed marijuana consulting expert Michael Mayes on the topic. Before it happened, Mayes knew it was coming. Illinois had more than 50 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries getting ready to release product at the time.

Mayes knew well before the upsurge that more people would be applying for the cards. However, Mayes notes that it may not be worth it for certain patients to get the cards in the first place.

Should people even apply for medical cannabis cards?

According to Mayes, the answer might be no

Mr. Mayes detailed that medical cannabis cards are only good for a year. He also said that the process to get the Illinois medical cannabis cards is very intense. He notes that it may not be worth it for low-income or highly debilitated patients.

First, applicants have to be fingerprinted. Then, they go through a federal background check. After that, they have to pay an annual fee of $100. Lastly, patients have to have the card signed by their doctor.

“For a very ill patient, this could be a mountain,” Mayes told Belleville News. For others, information about obtaining a card in Illinois can be found here.

Medical Marijuana Consulting

Overall, the need for medical cannabis cards in Illinois is on the rise. It will be important for patients to carefully evaluate if it will be worth it for them to apply for one.


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So, How Profitable is Marijuana?

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The United States is moving fast with the legalization of marijuana. So, this is good news for investors who want to make large profits with marijuana. Now, let’s take a look at how profitable marijuana investment actually is and how marijuana consultants can help.

Are People Still Opposed To Legal Marijuana?

Yes and no. The culture of marijuana is changing. With that, there are still a few groups who are skeptical.

So, who are these groups?

Well, the groups that oppose legal marijuana are the ones who profit from their illegal status. For example, police unions do not want marijuana to be legal. Those arrests make them money. Another example includes Big Pharma. Those pills make them a ton of money as well. Also, marijuana can take the place of many painkillers such as Advil and Vicodin.

Profits in Marijuana Markets

To begin with, the marijuana market is very desirable, and profitable for young innovators. As one can see, the trend for investment within this market is on the rise. Michael Mayes, CEO of a marijuana consulting company, explains more about the market within his appearance on the Daily Reckoning. He states that “the cool factor can drive innovation.” So, this means that the skill-set for this business will be very strong.

The Benefits of Marijuana Investment

Secondly, there are many benefits to marijuana investments. So, it is important to use a marijuana consultant in order to fully benefit from the investment. Marijuana consulting company, Quantum 9, helps business investors succeed within this industry. Now, let’s look at how profitable marijuana is.

How Profitable is Marijuana?

Lastly, marijuana is very profitable in the United States. For example, a tomato producer makes about 10 percent in revenue. On the contrary, a marijuana grower can make up to 80 percent in revenue.

In order to better show the interest in marijuana, we compare search trends on the agriculture and cannabis industry. Now, let’s take a look at how the investment trend has changed in the past 10 years:

Cannabis vs. Agri investment trends

Also, marijuana is profitable for tax revenues. Because of the profitability, it is estimated that marijuana taxation can produce tax revenues of $10 billion to $14 billion. And that’s only within a year. On top of that, the profit in marijuana is also able to help the United States with the money it brings in from taxes.

As one can see, the marijuana market is booming and will continue to. With that in mind, it is important to use cannabis consulting companies, such as Quantum 9, to help interested investors succeed in this industry. Lastly, if you want to make large profits, choose marijuana.

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The switch to Illinois cannabis industry

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The Herald-News quotes Quantum 9 CEO Michael Mayes. Mayes predicts if Cresco Labs will survive their troubles. The Illinois cannabis industry has grown recently. But, it is still hard to be successful.

Medical Cannabis Industry

Cresco Labs is one of the biggest cannabis growers. They have won three cultivation permits. That is more than any other company. Cresco had the highest scores on applications. They said it’s because of cannabis consulting.

The founders are from the real estate industry. It is also a high stakes industry. They entered the cannabis industry because of the benefits for cancer patients. It hits close to home. Founder Joe Caltabiano survived leukemia .

The career switch was surprising to their family. As a result, Rob Sampson had to explain to his daughter. Others had to tell parents and in-laws. It was still a taboo industry. Because the industry is still a mystery. It has become normal, though. Many states have made it legal.

The company was in legal trouble. The lawsuit came from unsuccessful applicants. The owners didn’t think they could continue because of the litigation. The company was successful, anyway.

The Illinois pilot program expired in 2017. The company didn’t think it would get renewed. At the end of 2017 the program was renewed. Finally, it was approved for adult use this year.

Illinois Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Consulting

Mayes predicted that the company would succeed. The company had done well already. They are the biggest in the Illinois cannabis industry. So, they had a lot to focus on.

Surprisingly, many companies in Colorado failed. It was hard to prepare for the cannabis industry. Thankfully, you can now hire a cannabis consultant to help.

Cresco Labs wanted to open a new grow facility. So, they were able to with the help of cannabis consulting companies. A cannabis consulting company can help make the process easier. Experience makes sure that everything is done right.

You can find the article here.

Articles on Cannabis in Illinois


Tech publication Built In

Marijuana Companies Using Tech

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Built In featured the CEO of marijuana consulting agency Quantum 9 . Michael Mayes talked about how COVID-19 has impacted the cannabis industry. He believes that marijuana companies have turned to tech to beat the restrictions of COVID-19.

Many cities have issues stay at home orders. Marijuana companies remained essential, though. Both dispensaries and marijuana consulting companies have stayed open. Despite this, it prevented some customers from going to stores. As a result, marijuana companies using tech to sell their products online.

Cannabis Tech during COVID-19

States made cannabis essential because of medical users. Marijuana companies have allowed medicinal users to come into stores. Other users can have their orders sent to their home. That prevented lines that plagued Chicago stores earlier this year.

Marijuana companies do not get the same help as other businesses. That is because marijuana is not legal in every state. Lawmakers are looking for ways to give money to cannabis companies. Marijuana companies have turned to tech to keep their business running.

Companies have listed their products in addition to their strains on their website. This lets people place their orders from home. They close their website once they have sold out. It helps give more people the chance to buy. It also allows for companies to keep up with their orders.

Cannabis Tech in the Future

Blackbird is a marijuana consulting agency in Nevada. The company uses tech to reach their customers. They saw their sales go up after the state was issued a stay-at-home order. The company provides online sales software, shipping, and help with customer service. They work with over 700 cannabis companies.

Mayes says companies now have more to do to set up a better platform. Marijuana tech companies can now help stores build websites to reach people. It is kind of a new form of marijuana consulting.

The original story from Built In can be found here.

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Winning With Cannabis Internationally

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The cannabis industry is growing. With that, it is important to know how to win with international cannabis markets. With that in mind, the experts at Quantum 9 can help.

quantum 9 logo

Winning Cannabis Licenses Internationally

Michael Mayes, of Quantum 9, talks about the North American and other cannabis markets within the podcast at CannaInsider. Quantum 9 is a cannabis consulting firm. So, they focus on the licensing part of cannabis consulting. With that, they are winning with cannabis internationally.

To begin with, Michael Mayes began his career as an investor in 2009. Additionally, Mayes began to work with Colorado’s first for-profit medical marijuana market. The company began as a basement operation and grew fast from there. Now, he is able to win with cannabis licensing all around the world.

Also, Quantum 9 works around the world with about 10 other countries. While working with the company, Mayes helps other businesses win with the help of cannabis consulting. As a result, Mayes began his cannabis consulting company. Now, he has a 91.6% rate with business applications.

cannabis leaf

Cannabis Consulting in International Cannabis Markets

Within the CannaInsider interview, Michael Mayes talks about the international cannabis market. Currently, the United States and Canada are at the top within the cannabis business. Mayes explains that a lot more countries are growing within the cannabis industry. With this growth, Quantum 9 is winning at cannabis lisencing around the world.

Also, the cannabis markets are different around the world. For example, the Canadian market relies mostly on E- commerce. This means that most cannabis is mail order. On the other hand, the Australian cannabis market is like the the United States. For example, the rules on cannabis are different based on where you are in Australia. With this knowledge, Quantum 9 is winning cannabis around the world.

Jamaican Cannabis Market

Another interesting international market is Jamaica. Mayes explains that Jamaicans make a living off of cultivating cannabis. With that, it is important that the legalization of cannabis does not affect the country. When asked about how Mayes works with the Jamaican cannabis industry he states:

“What we didn’t want to do is take that privilege out of the Jamaican’s hands and put it into private enterprise.”

Following that statement, Mayes explains that a private market can be bad for the country. This is why it is important to be up to date with cannabis markets around the world.

Lastly, cannabis markets are different around the world. It is important to work with successful cannabis consulting companies such as Quantum 9. With that, Quantum 9 is up to date with their information about the cannabis market. As a result, Quantum 9 is winning cannabis internationally.

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Cannabis Business Plan

Forbes Cannabis Business Advice

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Forbes recently published an article by Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9 Cannabis Consulting. Mayes took the opportunity to write about cannabis business best practices. It has been a dream for Mayes to offer Forbes cannabis business advice to entrepreneurs.

Mayes recounts the proud moment:

Michael Mayes, Cannabis Business Owner and CEO

“It is super challenging to get an article published in Forbes.  I can’t tell you how many ideas I have pitched and full articles I have written that they didn’t pick up.  Over the last few weeks, I feel like I have something to say, passionately.  It is with great honor I had my second article published with Forbes only two weeks apart.  This article focuses on the upside of down.”

In the Forbes article, Mayes gives cannabis business owners three steps to take during trying times. The coronavirus has made business difficult for everyone. Mayes wrote his article in hopes that it could give cannabis business owners some hope.

Step 1: Refining Your Cannabis Business Policy

Slowing down doesn’t mean stopping, it means finetuning

Mayes doesn’t see the virus as a means of stopping his cannabis consulting business. Rather, he sees it as an opportunity to work out the kinks, so to speak. For example, a slowed business may give business owners more time to assess current processes. This means finding out where there may be problems in everyday business functioning and having time to address those issues.

Mayes makes the point that the slowing business due to the virus is a great chance for optimization. Mayes encourages cannabis business owners to document specific tasks for each employee. Furthermore, Mayes notes how important it is to see how you can improve those tasks to enhance the business experience for clients.

Another tip Mayes had for increasing optimization was creating manuals and accountability charts. Visual charts and manuals are helpful tools for employees to refer to when business picks back up again. In this way, a boss is able to provide their employees with everything they need so they can optimize their business functions in the future.

Step 2: Taking Online Classes

Use the extra time you have to learn new skills to apply to your business

Knowledge is power, and Michael Mayes knows this all too well. When business feels slow, taking an online class is a great way to improve or brush up on your skills. It’s also a great time to consider your employees and the skills they bring to the table.

Do you have an employee with great skills that simply need fine-tuning? Now is the best time to give that employee the opportunity to do so via an online class. Online classes tend to be fairly affordable and can be done on your or your employees’ schedule. Most importantly, the benefits of taking an online class could be the change your cannabis business needed.

Step 3: Refreshing Your Brand

Take the extra time to invest in improved marketing materials for your business

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of modern-day business. Mayes did some searching in his cannabis consulting company. He asked himself how updated his resources are, how he could update things that were outdated, and what merchandise his budget may allow at the time. In other words, internal analysis is key for optimization across the board.

Think about what you may need to update moving forward. Are your business cards out of date? Does your website or Instagram need sprucing up? Would you like to try a new marketing campaign? Now may just be the time to do those things!

Lastly, Michael notes that it is not easy to respond to a crisis. The coronavirus has been an unprecedented event, and many employers are finding these times to be extremely difficult. It is important to remember that all bad things come to an end. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel!

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Cannabis Awareness – Michael Mayes

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Phil Wong with High! Canada Magazine met with Quantum 9’s CEO, Michael Mayes, to talk about his support for cannabis awareness. Quantum 9 is a highly successful marijuana consultant firm.

Mr. Wong was drawn to Mayes after reading a heated debate about the legalization of cannabis.

Mayes’s Early Involvement in the Industry

Image of CEO Michael Mayes, Marijuana Consultant

Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9 Marijuana Consulting

An early start as a marijuana consultant for Michael Mayes

Mayes started in the marijuana consultant industry in 2009. At first, he had no idea that the industry would grow to be worth over $6B. His first investment was with a marijuana manufacturing company in Denver. Later, he would go on to make investments in Colorado, Michigan, and Maryland.

Mayes started his marijuana consulting firm, Quantum 9, in 2013.

Quantum 9 Goes International

Quantum 9’s global involvement as a marijuana consultant firm

At first, Mayes knew it would be important to gather a group of marijuana experts. This included Dr. Stephen Goldner and Ed Rosenthal Guru of Ganja. Mayes wanted to lead the conversation about cannabis awareness with state governments.

Once news of Mayes’s success in marijuana consulting made its way across the pond, the German Ministry consulted with Quantum 9. During an investigation for Germany, Mayes’s team found that their breathalyzers were showing inaccurate readings. Therefore, this opened European conversation to cannabis awareness.

The International Cannabinoid Research Society’s Role in Cannabis Awareness

Cutting edge research–a major factor for cannabis awareness

Mayes first became a member of the ICRS in 2013. They hold annual meetings about important research topics in the industry. The ICRS is a source for cutting edge research in the cannabis field. Therefore, Mayes gets important updates in the industry. Consequently, access to this research improves his practices to give clients the best service possible.

ICRS is key to cannabis awareness and keeping the conversation open. So, this is necessary for legalization in the future.

Cannabis Awareness for Legalization in the States

Michael Mayes, Cannabis Awareness Advocate

So, what’s up with Michael Mayes’s “Fuck Jeff Sessions” t-shirts? Well, the former US Attorney General had strong opinions against legalization. Sessions said that he believes legalization would not be good for combating the current heroin crisis going on in America.

He said: “I am astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin crisis by legalizing marijuana – so people can trade one life-wrecking dependency for another that’s only slightly less awful.”

Sessions created a dangerous link between cannabis and heroin as if they are similar. This comparison is untrue as well as damaging to the industry. Moreover, it is bad for patients who rely on medicinal marijuana for treatment. The shocking t-shirt is a good way of getting people’s attention. Proceeds from the t-shirts helped to remove Sessions from office in 2018.

Current Legalization Status in the US

Not now, but soon

Currently, there are 28 states with medical marijuana laws in place. 8 states are recreational. Mayes believes, due to industry trends, that Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Vermont will open for recreational use soon. Mayes notes that cannabis branded products are now a main trend in the industry. Therefore, it should not be surprising to see more cannabis branded products coming up in the market. Cannabis awareness will only increase as sales continue to rise in the industry.

cannabis business plan in illinois

Cannabis Security in Illinois

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Security for Illinois medical marijuana is taken just as seriously as the security used in areas such as Fort Knox Colorado.

Illinois Cannabis Security Requirements

For example, medical marijuana in Illinois grows within enclosed facilities. Also, security will monitor the areas with silent alarms and 24-hour video surveillance. Additionally, patients need special IDs in order to be within the retail centers.

Also, some of the strict requirements include time-stamped recorded videos of cannabis cultivation and dispensaries. At the same time, the videos are kept for 90 days on-site and another 90 days off-site. In addition, these centers must have a printer that is able to immediately provide still photos from the videos.

In order to prevent internal theft, employees within these facilities will wear pocket-less color-coded uniforms. With these intentions, these requirements will prevent the theft of the product. The color-coded uniforms will make it easier to monitor workers from going into restricted areas.

Security Design Consulting

Cannabis Consulting

With that in mind, business owners are in compliance with these strict restrictions. Quantum 9, a Chicago-based cannabis consulting company, provides expert marijuana consulting. Quantum 9’s consulting methods aid investors and entrepreneurs with the permit acquisition process.

To begin with, the security is intense. Business owners need to make sure they have detailed security plans that exceed the laws strict requirements. Quantum 9, a cannabis consulting company, has been guiding business owners in the right direction. Simultaneously, Quantum 9 helps exceed security requirements for cultivation and dispensary permits.

Illinois Cannabis Security-Michael Mayes Quote

Also, Michael Mayes of Quantum 9 is very aware of the strict requirements that the state requires and is moving quickly to have the best security in place. When asked about his security measures, he states:

“We outfitted a world-class 315,000-square-foot facility in Nova Scotia and the security with biometrics (was) around $1.8 million.”

As one can see, Quantum 9 is taking security as seriously as the state wants it to. Therefore, his cannabis consulting company is a necessary tool for business owners. This is important as there is a limited number of marijuana cultivation and dispensary permits available within the state.

Automation in Cannabis Cultivation

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The Value of Automation in Cannabis

Cannabis Business Times quotes Michael Mayes, CEO of the marijuana consulting firm Quantum 9. The article addresses the rise of automation in cannabis. Mayes’ knowledge in marijuana consulting helps with understanding the future of the industry.

Mayes spoke about how the cannabis industry is growing. Big companies have come into the industry. Marijuana consulting agencies have helped growers start their business. Automation in cannabis helps them prevent crop loss.

Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9 was featured in Cannabis Business Times.

Michael Mayes, CEO of Marijuana Consulting agency Quantum 9.

Benefits of Automation in Cannabis

The systems are mostly used for lighting and humidity control, according to the 2019 State of the Industry Report by Cannabis Business Times.

R. Green Leaf Organics in Albuquerque made the switch to automation in 2016.  Basically, they found powdery mildew in most of their marijuana grow rooms. Jacob White, Chief of Cultivation for R. Green Leaf Organics, believes that both cleanliness and environment affect marijuana production. As a result, the company installed a remote-controlled system that controls the CO2, lighting, temperature, and humidity. In fact, they no longer have a mildew problem.

Automation in Marijuana Consulting

Automation in cannabis continues to grow because of how young the industry is. In addition, automation helps with the environment needed to produce marijuana. Some practices have come from the horticulture industry, but the environment differs from other forms of horticulture.

Older buildings have trouble installing systems for automation in cannabis. As a result, growers in older markets might not be able to use the new systems. Mayes mentions that enterprises have begun to retrofit old industrial buildings. Lastly, they create an automation system to run through the facility.  In fact, marijuana consulting agencies are able to help and design the facility.

In conclusion, newcomers in the industry are encouraged to use marijuana consulting agencies. A companies growth depends on how well they understand the cannabis and horticulture industry, according to Mayes.

The original article from Cannabis Business Times can be found here.

Coronavirus Delays Application Deadline

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Marijuana Consultant Coronavirus

The application for craft grower and infuser licenses was delayed due to the coronavirus. A Chicago Tribune reporter interviews Michael Mayes to discuss the coronavirus. More specifically, topics discussed by the marijuana consultant include costs and safety measures as well as the delayed deadline. Recently, the article was republished by The Pantagraph.

marijuana consultant coronavirus

First, the article focuses on difficulties in raising capital. Due to COVID-19, finding investments has become challenging. As a result, Social equity applicants are unable to find investments. Additionally, following a year of cannabis stock declines has added to the challenge.

Our CEO said, “It’s slowed investment capital to almost nothing.”

Delayed deadline for Illinois submission

Secondly, Gov. Pritzker pushed back the deadline for craft grower and infuser applications. As a result of the virus, the new deadline is April 30, 2020.

Surely, COVID-19 made it difficult for applicants to complete their application. For instance, many fingerprint services were shut down. Also, city planning departments shut down making it impossible to obtain signed documents.

Our CEO opened up and told the press that many clients have contracted the coronavirus. Accordingly, many applicants were unable to complete the project.

After voicing his opinion, Illinois will allow applicants to submit incomplete parts of the application. Additionally, license applications can cost up to $1 million. Thus, it is a huge risk and cost for entrepreneurs.

Illinois Marijuana Market is Still Strong

Although COVID-19 is making it difficult for applicants, the market is still strong. Notably, the Pritzker administration reports $36 million in adult-use cannabis sales. Moreover, February reports sales of $34.8 million.

Thus, you should reach out to our marijuana consultants for help in navigating the coronavirus.

Quantum 9’s marijuana consulting services ensure that patients have a safe supply of marijuana. Our marijuana consulting team helps businesses obtain licenses to provide patients with marijuana.

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Chicago Tribune Quotes Illinois Cannabis Consultant

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Target Keyword: Illinois Cannabis Consultant

Illinois-based newspaper conglomerate, the Chicago Tribune, quotes legendary Illinois cannabis consultant Michael Mayes. The article addresses COVID-19‘s effect on cannabis investments. Firstly, the article was written by a reporter that has worked with Quantum 9 since 2015. Secondly, the new report found here.  Thirdly, the article addresses how investment dollars have slowed amidst the pandemic.

Illinois Cannabis Consultant Ponders COVID-19 Future

Cannabis investments have not just slowed but have come to a screeching halt. Illinois Cannabis consultants like Michael Mayes are concerned with the future of the licensing industry since the Department of Health typically spearheads the programs. However, cannabis sales in both medical and adult-use markets have scored since the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical cannabis remains on the essential supply list. Although, in some adult-use states like Massachusetts have closed adult-use stores.

Illinois Cannabis Consultant Advice | What to Expect

Mr. Mayes, an Illinois cannabis consultant since 2009, believes that the Department of Health in new territories like Georgia has paused most efforts. The State of Georgia was in the middle of rulemaking when the pandemic hit. Furthermore, the State was meeting with the public through town hall meetings to discuss pain points and opposition to the program.

Agencies across the United States remain faced with the decision on whether to concentrate on cannabis verse saving the elderly’s lives.

Cannabis Investments

A critical element in obtaining investment from a cannabis investor, for any cannabis business, involves a face to face meeting. Firstly, you need to shake hands (super scary). Secondly, share a meal (I hope you washed your hands). Lastly, sitting down at a restaurant not closed. The pandemic has created all types of problems, as an Illinois Cannabis Consultant, the future might not look that bright. The best any of us can hope for involves limiting the psychological damage this quarantine might have on society. As you walk down the street, you can’t help but think, does this person have the virus? Will interacting with them get me sick? Have I been careful?

In Conclusion

In conclusion, as all things will pass and the economy will return, as it always has. As Americans, we just need to suck it up for a little and stay vigilant.

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Georgia Marijuana Consulting

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Georgia Marijuana Consulting

Quantum 9 recently spoke at a public town hall meeting in the state of Georgia. Here, the Marietta Daily Journal published a press release article discussing the town hall meeting.

Georgia Marijuana Consultant

Mayor Valerie Anderson and Michael Mayes

In February 2019, the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission met with our CEO, Michael Mayes.  First, they discussed opportunities to legally grow and sell marijuana in Georgia. Afterward, the marijuana consultant provided his opinion on the most effective cannabis application system.

Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission

Recently, Gov. Brian Kemp signed Georgia’s Hope Act into law. As a result, the new law created the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission.

The medical marijuana program in Georgia has existed since 2015. However, the Georgia Hope Act allowed for the legal distribution of cannabis in the state. Additionally, the act gave patients and caregivers the ability to purchase marijuana from licensed pharmacies.

Advice on a merit-based application system — Georgia Marijuana Consulting

Notably, Mayes’s warns the state about potential lawsuits. He claims that declined applicants are likely to file lawsuits against the state. States such as Missouri and Florida have faced lawsuits in the past from failed applicants who were denied a license.

Mayes said that “Unfortunately, after the licenses are awarded, in every single market, there will be lawsuits against the state and the commission.” On the other hand, he insists “there are definitely ways to protect against that.”

Mayes recommends a merit-based system with third-party judges. Also, the judges should score the candidates anonymously. Surely, such a system will help to avoid legal entanglements.

Quantum 9’s marijuana consulting services ensure that patients have a safe supply of marijuana. Our Georgia marijuana consulting team helps businesses obtain licenses to provide patients with marijuana.

Reach out to us today to speak with an expert marijuana consultant about starting a cannabis business.

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MMJ Consulting Firm Risks of COVID-19 Forbes Article

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Target Keyword: MMJ Consulting

One of the industry’s most prolific MMJ Consulting Firm writers published an article in Forbes Magazine for the second time.  The first article Michael Mayes published in Forbes, addresses ways to run a lean company. The most recent article speaks on how Cannabis Dispensary Owners can address the pandemic. The Forbes article can found here.  There are many steps MMJ Consulting Firms like Quantum 9 suggest.

MMJ Consulting Forbes Article Written by Michael Mayes

Unexpected Hero

But what about the unsung hero, the dispensary agent, aka your local medical cannabis budtender? Did you ever think of Vegan Tom, your local budtender, as a healthcare worker?

Medical cannabis dispensaries appear on the Essential Business list, and medical cannabis remains an Essential Supply, in most Stay at Home or Shelter in Place orders.

Here are the risks identified by the MMJ Consulting firm Quantum 9:


According to the MMJ Consulting Firm, the cannabis industry remains an all-cash business. Depending on the traffic of the dispensary, from 250-1,000 transactions occur daily with an average ticket sale being $85-$105. Most patients pay with $20 bills. The average $20 bill changes hands nearly 75 times a year. Most $20 bills have an 8-year life span.  One Dollar ($1) and five dollars ($5) bills exchange hands every three days, on average 110 times a year.

The Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that the COVID-19 virus can stay on currency for as many as 24 hours. Research suggests it lives for up to 72 hours on hard and shiny surfaces. New research suggests the Coronavirus can last between three hours to three days on surfaces, depending on the material. A New England Journal of Medicine study outlines that COVID-19 is detectable up to twenty-four (24) hours on cardboard, up to four (4) hours on copper. Up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel, the sturdy shows that the virus’s half-life on stainless steel is 5.6 hours and plastic as 6.8 hours.


Current healthcare regulation prohibits alcohol disinfection when gloves are worn. Mainly due to the concern that sanitary intactness of gloves could present issues with the use of alcohol. It also bans examination gloves from being re-processed because of their composition, thinness, and inelasticity. Although, using disinfecting sanitizers does effectively kill virus bacteria’s based on phlebotomists studies, should dispensary agents risk it? MMJ Consulting Firm Quantum 9 suggests replacing gloves after touching surfaces and cash.

A dispensary isn’t a hospital, and gloves go quickly. If the store sees 250 patients a day, that is 250 require gloves in a supply shortage nationally.

Danger at Every Corner

Firstly, MMJ Consulting Firm states that dispensary agents are risking their lives to dispense medical cannabis. Secondly, the most vulnerable group visiting the dispensary are older patients with compromised immune systems with pre-existing medical conditions (like asthma, heart disease, and diabetes) based on information published by the World Health Organization.

Lastly, door handles, handrails, benches on our way to work, school, play, shop, and every other destination. There’s a risk of contaminating these surfaces if we touch them with virus-laden fingers. Moreover, they risk contracting the virus from every surface they encounter. The typical fast-food restaurant has running water behind the counter, dispensaries do not. Very few have running water behind the counter. This lack of water means budtenders have to walk to a restroom to wash their hands. Upon returning, they need to replace gloves after each interaction or use hand sanitizer to make the gloves last longer.

Surface Touching

In other words, every surface touched, every interaction, each bill passed, the Coronavirus could be waiting to claim its next victim. The US is on track to experience 100,000-200,000 deaths from the virus. The incubation period could be 1-14 days. Therefore, the time between catching the virus and showing symptoms of the disease. Budtenders could contract COVID-19 by touching contaminated surfaces or objects – and then touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. 

MMJ Consulting Firm Quantum 9 quantified that the average person touches their face sixteen (16) times in an hour, 128 times in an 8-hour shift. However, with supplies for healthcare workers dwindling in every industry, face masks, and nitrile gloves require constant change, if available.

Above all, after every transaction, the dispensary agent has to remember not to touch their face.  Also, remember not to cross-contaminate surfaces, and ensure the product remains untainted.

In conclusion, those in the medical cannabis industry are terrified at risking their lives for minimum wage and especially compared to other front line workers making twice as much.  Most of which require ten times more training on proper hygiene and sanitation procedures.

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City Pulse Logo Cannabis Consultant

Benefiting The Community at Greenwave

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Benefiting the Community at Greenwave Dispensary with Michael and Thomas Mayes

Meet CEO, co-owner of Greenwave Dispensary and expert cannabis consultant, Michael Mayes.

Banner for Michael Mayes CEO of Quantum 9As the CEO of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9, Michael continues to make significant advancements in the cannabis industry. Not only does the expert cannabis consultant run a global cannabis consulting firm, but Michael also co-owns several medical marijuana facilities across the United States. Constantly searching for ways to benefit his community, Michael works diligently toward cannabis consulting and licensing at Quantum 9 and Greenwave Dispensary.

In this article, Michael and his brother Thomas Mayes are featured in the Lansing City Pulse to discuss the status of their Greenwave Dispensary in Lansing, Michigan. Locals to Lansing, the brothers think it’s important to offer something beneficial to their hometown and community.

No Better Way Than to Offer Medical Marijuana-Infused Products That Benefit the Community

At Greenwave, the Mayes brothers prioritize accommodating their vendors, patients, and helping their community. With this, they continue to find a middle ground. A community where the dispensary can co-exist in an amicable way to benefit its patients and the surrounding businesses.

As the CEO of the Chicago-based cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9, Michael applies his experience to Greenwave and its community. He stresses the importance of integrating a safety plan while outlining the building’s design process.

Additionally, the article considers the brothers’ choice in the dispensary’s real estate location. Because the building was previously a chicken restaurant, the Mayes brothers have a kitchen available in their facility. Looking to potentially create a medical production facility, the dispensary continues its race toward opening day and ultimately benefiting its community.

A Portion of Greenwave Dispensary Proceeds Will Be Donated to the Homeless Hotel in South Lansing

Because the cannabis industry is so new, Michael acknowledges individuals who may be skeptical about medical marijuana. And instead, the plant should be seen as how it is. A viable solution to pain and other life-debilitating conditions.

He adds how it is vital for the dispensary to build trust within the community by offering a safe, well-lit, and clean environment. The brothers will donate a portion of their proceeds to benefit the homeless of Lansing. They find that keeping the dispensary community-focused helps build trust, quality assurance, and patient loyalty.

All in all, the Mayes brothers continue to seek ways of benefiting their community through Greenwave Dispensary and medical marijuana. Adding value to the people of their hometown and the Lansing community is the Greenwave way.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.


Marijuana Business Daily logo Cannabis Consultant

Making Moves in Illinois Cannabis

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Illinois Is Paving The Way For The Nation’s Largest Adult-Use Cannabis Markets

As of late May 2019, Illinois is the first state to legalize adult-use marijuana cultivation and sales through its legislator. Better late than never!

With this, Illinois is the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana and consists of one of the nation’s potentially largest adult-use cannabis markets. Forecasting tremendous business opportunities, the Marijuana Business Daily features Michael Mayes, the CEO of the Chicago-based cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9.

Featured image for Making Marijuana Moves in Illinois media appearance michael mayes cannabis entrepreneur

In this article, Mayes discusses the state’s “strong” status in operating capital for existing cannabusinesses. This includes details regarding the state’s first three waves of licensing, limitations on cultivation centers, and possession regulations.

Michael Mayes and the Team at Quantum 9 Work Hard Toward Access To Marijuana in Illinois and Worldwide

As the new law starts January 1st, 2020, anyone aged 21 or older can legally buy adult-use marijuana in Illinois. Interest and excitement are buzzing among people in and out of the industry. As a result, Mayes states how Quantum 9 has received over 2,000 inquiries since the announcement of legalization in May. With these considerations, competition for potential marijuana applicants will become highly competitive and challenging. Additionally, this will depend on the municipality’s social equity and financial strength.

However, because the state consists of 13 million people alone, business opportunities for the cannabis market remain strong in Illinois. Likewise, Chicago’s population of 2 million people and large tourist population positions this market in a very lucrative direction.

It’s an exciting time to be an Illinoisian as the state of Illinois forecasts $2.5 billion in annual sales a year by 2020 and continues making significant moves in the marijuana market. To learn more about what is to come for marijuana in Illinois, please click here.

Above all, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 prioritize maximizing growth for successful cannabis businesses. Specializing in permit acquisition and licensing, Quantum 9 has a 92% approval rating and continues to provide expert cannabis consulting around the world.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.

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Cannabis Licensing & Legal Challenges

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Expert Cannabis Consultant, Michael Mayes Discusses Potential Lawsuits From Big Cannabis Companies While Applying For Licenses

In this article, the Marijuana Business Daily discusses the increase of lawsuits from cannabis companies against state regulators while applying for cannabis licenses. More specifically, these cannabis companies are already existing and fairly large multistate operators (MSOs). According to the article, these cannabis companies find that they’ve already invested roughly half of a million dollars in applying and securing a location, what’s another $50k on suing?

Here, Michael Mayes, the CEO of the cannabis consulting firm Quantum 9, addresses the various challenges while applying for a cannabis license. He adds how almost every state has its own constraints. Considering the legal challenges while applying for licensing, the article deems regulators at fault from the getgo.

Quantum 9 media image for Michael Mayes Expert Cannabis Consultant and CEO of Quantum 9

“Regulators can be own worst enemy” Claims Marijuana Business Daily

Noting how Mayes states that state regulators have essentially “contributed to their own problems” by these large cannabis companies can only plan for legal challenges. Additionally, this strategy of legal action has already seen some successes. This includes GTI’s medical marijuana cultivation win in Ohio after successfully appealing to the state. And Trulieve’s settlement in Florida. Resulting in the right to open 49 medical marijuana dispensaries, 14 more of the state’s maximum of 35.

All in all, an application “isn’t the end of the game” recognizes Jeremy Unruh from the Chicago-based MSO, PharmaCann. However, because of the limited amount of cannabis licenses approved, cannabis companies can only anticipate legal challenges.

Some claim bias and corruption contribute to the limited amount of licenses approved in most cannabis markets. Correspondingly, Mayes acknowledges these challenges are widespread, and prevalent corruption exists within the cannabis industry nationwide. He adds how states are seeking strategies to avoid litigation. To do this, cannabis companies will need to continue considering and anticipating the legal obstacles in applying for a license.

While competition and restrictions increase, the team at Quantum 9 work diligently toward providing patients access to the plant. Specializing in permit acquisition and licensing, Quantum 9 provides expert cannabis consulting to help aid your entry into the cannabis market worldwide.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.

Featured image for the Daily Herald Michael Mayes media Appearance. Blog Post MMJ in Illinois

Medical Marijuana Customers in Illinois

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Expert Cannabis Consultant, Michael Mayes Discusses Medical Marijuana Customers in Illinois

Since Illinois legalized medical marijuana in 2013, the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program experienced many ups and downs. Although the cannabis industry in Illinois sits at about $20MM in sales, it’s been a very long process.

Over the years, medical marijuana in Illinois was very challenging to obtain. Ultimately, this created many challenges and reluctance to accommodate patients in need of medical marijuana. Due to strenuous restrictions on who can actually buy medical marijuana, the state needed to modify its program.

Similarly, in this article from January 2016, the Daily Herald features Michael Mayes, the CEO of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9. Here, the expert cannabis consultant addresses how dispensaries desperately needed more medical marijuana customers in Illinois. In order to sustain the market, the state needed to add to its list of qualifying debilitating conditions. Mayes then stated how the influence of adding chronic pain to the list would triple the state’s medical marijuana patient population.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Experiences Sales Surge

Only this past August 2019, did Illinois add chronic pain and migraines to the list of medically qualifying conditions. And with adult-use marijuana in Illinois starting in January 2020, the cannabis industry forecasts only growth from here.

Please refer to the graph below for Illinois’s total sales of medical marijuana from the Marijuana Business Daily: Chart of the Week.

MJBD graph of the week - IL medical marijuana customers sales Currently, Illinois is experiencing its “most significant and sustained period of growth yet, nearly three years after sales began in the state”. With that said, it’s important to consider what the industry will actually look like for adult-users.

According to the Marijuana Business Daily, adult-use customers can “expect to pay between 20%-35%” in recreational cannabis tax while medical marijuana patients in Illinois will continue paying only 1% in sales tax. Additionally, for new cannabusinesses and entrepreneurs, applications will be highly competitive within the cannabis industry.

Therefore, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 work diligently to increase access to the plant worldwide. With January 2020 quickly approaching, the journey to marijuana in Illinois continues. Quantum 9 maintains its pursuit in cannabis consulting and prioritizes permit acquisition and licensing. With a 92% application approval rate, Quantum 9 specializes in the development of business plans, facility design and more.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.

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Cannabis in Canada

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From Then to Now: Cannabis in Canada

In 2001, Canada legalized the usage of medical marijuana. Taking about 17 years, the nation legalized adult-use cannabis in 2018. Though Canada’s progress toward legalizing recreational marijuana was overall slow-going, cannabis sales growth has tripled to $10.9 billion since 2014.

With much progress and patience, the Canadian Cannabis Act paves the way to the legalization of cannabis in Canada. Furthermore, the act states how anyone 19 years or older can legally buy up to 30 grams of adult-use marijuana. Considering the nation’s journey to legalization took over a decade, it is interesting to look back on.

Expert Cannabis Consultant, Michael Mayes Discusses Medical Marijuana in Canada (2013)

Similar to the United States, Canada experienced various roadblocks while on the journey to legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana. Though cannabis in Canada is legal for both purposes, it took years to get where the market is now.

In this article dated 2013, the Canadian news channel, CBC News discusses the increase in demand for medical marijuana. Additionally, the article features Michael Mayes, CEO of the Chicago-based cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9.  Here, Mayes explains Quantum 9’s increase in business with Canadian cannabis companies. He found that a lot of these cannabis companies were inquiring consulting with regard to architectural advice, grow-room optimization and overall advice in cannabusiness.

Oddly enough, the article adds how it became very common for Canadian cannabis companies to seek help from U.S. cannabis firms. Considering that the U.S. already legalized medical marijuana in about 20 states at the time, cannabis in Canada continued to grow with the aid of American marijuana firms.

All in all, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 work diligently toward access to the plant internationally and nationwide. Therefore, it is important to consider the various rules and regulations differing between states and regions. Focusing on permit acquisition and licensing, Quantum 9 is not your average marijuana consulting firm. Through thorough efforts concerning teambuilding, facility design, and application writing, the team works in over ten different counties with a 92% licensing approval rate.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.

Featured image for the Daily Herald Michael Mayes media Appearance. Blog Post MMJ in Illinois

Marijuana Dispensaries Are Cash Only

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This Is Why Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Illinois Are Cash Only

Currently, medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois only accept cash. This is because many banks and credit card companies are hesitant to pursue business with dispensaries and growers. As a result, all medical marijuana patients must come prepared with plenty of cash in hand.

Michael Mayes is the CEO and founder of the Chicago-based cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9. In this article from the Daily Herald, Mayes discusses what to expect while purchasing medical marijuana from a dispensary in Illinois.

According to the expert cannabis consultant, such investments for banking companies could ultimately put at risk their federal license. Therefore, banks “fear involvement in the narcotics business” because marijuana use is still federally illegal. For now, marijuana dispensaries in Illinois will have to continue its cash only restriction.

Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9 featured photo for expert cannabis consultant in blog post for Daily Herald: Marijuana Dispensaries Are Cash Only

Michael Mayes, CEO of the Cannabis Consulting Firm, Quantum 9 States The Cannabis Industry Is A “Multibillion-Dollar Business”

Although state banks are more open to working with medical marijuana businesses, it’s important to anticipate various banking issues that may occur while investing in marijuana. According to Mayes, this can include marijuana dispensaries depositing exceptional amounts of cash deposits with money smelling [~loud~] like marijuana.

He adds how health insurance does not cover medical marijuana. However, despite the tightly controlled process of purchasing medical marijuana with cash, there is still a very promising high demand for the cannabis industry in Illinois.

With Illinois legalizing adult-use marijuana starting on January 1st, 2020, the competition for new cannabusinesses will be highly competitive. Below is a timeline of what to expect moving forward for Illinois in the adult-use cannabis market:

Timeline of the adult-use market for Illinois by Julio S.

With that said, many start-up businesses will need to acquire the necessary licenses and requirements in order to commercially sell cannabis products. Therefore, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 continue to work diligently toward providing expert cannabis consulting worldwide.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.

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Medical Marijuana in New York

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Medical Marijuana in New York Legalized in 2014

The race to accessible marijuana in the United States continues to grow. Currently, the US consists of 33 medical marijuana states and 11 adult-use marijuana states. With New York legalizing medical marijuana back in 2014, the state has seen its fair share of concern and restrictions in overall process application and accessibility of the plant.

The article ‘Is New York’s Medical Marijuana Doomed to Burn Out?’ discusses the state’s success in the cannabis industry in 2015. Additionally, it analyzes the cause of complications and the stagnant momentum of its compassionate medical marijuana program. Though dated in 2015, expert cannabis consultant, Michael Mayes examines the similarities toward access to medical marijuana in New York and Illinois.

Banner for Michael Mayes CEO of Quantum 9Michael Mayes is the CEO and founder of the Chicago-based cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9. Specializing in permit acquisition and licensing, Mayes recognizes the various legal restrictions and speculation while expanding access to medical marijuana.

New York’s Lack of Medical Marijuana Patients

“It’s a huge, huge problem” states Mayes with regard to New York’s lack of medical marijuana patient population. He adds how shortages of registration may negatively affect the entire market, eventually resulting in price wars between businesses. With slightly over 10 qualifying debilitating conditions required for access to medical marijuana in New York, the list still needs to expand in order to successfully progress.

All in all, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 work diligently toward access to the plant internationally and nationwide. Therefore, it is important to consider the various rules and regulations differing between states and regions. Focusing on permit acquisition and licensing, Quantum 9 is not your average marijuana consulting firm. Through thorough efforts concerning teambuilding, facility design, and application writing, the team works in over ten different counties with a 92% licensing approval rate.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.

Fayetteville Flyer Logo

Accessible Medical Marijuana in Fayetteville

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Accessible Medical Marijuana in Fayetteville is Now Open for Business

Finally! The wait for medical marijuana in Fayetteville, Arkansas is officially over. Establishing accessible medical marijuana in Fayetteville has been overall hectic. With patients having to travel more than six hours to the nearest dispensary, the city of Fayetteville could not be any happier.

The Acanza Health Group facility is strategically located with the intention to be easily accessible to over 2,000 patients. Expert cannabis consultant, Michael Mayes works closely with Acanza as the facility’s spokesperson and cannabis consultant. Additionally, Mayes is the CEO of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9 where he and the team specialize in permit acquisition and licensing.

Quantum 9 / Michael Mayes logo picture for Fayetteville Flyer media appearance. photo image for blog post: accessible MMJ in FayettevilleFayetteville Flyer Features Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9 and Spokesperson for the Acanza Health Group

In this article, Mayes states how the facility’s location is effortlessly accessible off of I-49, opening its traffic to about 81,000 vehicles a day. With a high patient population in a five-mile radius, patients are provided readily available and accessible medical marijuana products.

As of 2018, Arkansas was ranked as the second-highest rate of opioid prescriptions in the country. Therefore, Mayes acknowledges Acanza’s main focus:

  1. Accessible medical marijuana in Fayetteville
  2. To “revolve around chronic pain and reduction of opioid withdrawal symptoms”

He adds how Acanza will also offer an arsenal of products to help the remaining patient population with various conditions. Offering numerous forms of consumption, Acanza patients can expect marijuana products such as smokable flower, edibles, and oils. With the goal to eventually turn the facility into an on-site cultivation center, Mayes reiterates the importance of an acceptable product list for medical marijuana facilities.

Fayetteville’s Expansion of Access to Medical Marijuana

With the Acanza Health Group facility being the first medical marijuana dispensary in Fayetteville, it is just the beginning. Because Mayes and the team of expert cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 prioritize permit acquisition and licensing, the firm will continue to offer excellent cannabis consulting in Arkansas and worldwide.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.

Cannabis Business Plan

Forbes Council: Cannabis Consultant

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Forbes Business Council Member, Michael Mayes Discusses His Expertise as CEO of the Cannabis Consulting Firm, Quantum 9

Committed to revolutionizing the cannabis industry, Michael Mayes is the founder of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9. Mayes recognizes the value in strengthening his expertise and professional influence and does this through his affiliation with the Forbes Chicago Business Council. Because the council is invitation-only, he feels that being a member of such an exclusive community “adds a level of legitimacy” to his profession.

Mayes photo for Forbes appearance with the Forbes Chicago Business CouncilThe Forbes cannabis entrepreneur finds it instrumental to heighten his proficiency and leverage himself through the committee. Therefore, he applies his insight as a member of the board and implements these efforts at Quantum 9. In this article, the Expert Panel, Forbes Council features the cannabis entrepreneur to discuss various approaches to optimize a business. Additionally, the article examines the importance of essential conversations with internal and external stakeholders to enhance progress within the company.

“You can’t optimize what you can’t track” Reveals Expert Cannabis Entrepreneur of Quantum 9

Mayes stresses the importance of tracking all processes and progress on an “ongoing basis”. In other words, utilizing technology and communicative methods between shareholders and employees. With this, it is imperative to easily refer back to relevant information regarding financials, actional insights, and overall optimization. Through this strategy, businesses are able to effectively problem solve, measure growth and decipher new innovational breakthroughs.

Featured image for forbes chicago business council media appearance michael mayes cannabis entrepreneurBecause of the many benefits marijuana has to offer, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 continue to prioritize cannabis consulting across the globe. It is essential for people to have easy access to products with high quality and great significance. Through compassion and a strong will to help, Mayes and the team of Quantum 9 continue to work hard at cannabis consulting and accessibility to the plant worldwide.

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medical marijuana in Fayetteville

Medical Marijuana in Fayetteville

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Acanza Operational Cannabis Consultant, Thomas Mayes, Discusses the Opening of the Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Fayetteville

It’s been an ongoing journey to medical marijuana in Fayetville. At last! The third medical marijuana dispensary is now open in Fayetteville! With medical patients driving more than six hours to their nearest dispensary, access to medical marijuana is now available in northwest Arkansas.

In the video, the Acanza operational consultant, Thomas Mayes, discusses the status of the Acanza Health Group facility. Here, he states how the dispensary is actively placing product orders and is training their employees accordingly. With regard to product knowledge and patient restrictions, Mayes explains the visitor policy while buying from a medical dispensary.

“You have to be a medical marijuana patient or caregiver”, Says Thomas Mayes, Operational Cannabis Consultant

Additionally, Mayes clarifies to the MSN Microsoft News who can actually buy from the Acanza medical marijuana dispensary in Fayetteville. With this, Mayes confirms that without being a medical marijuana cardholder or caregiver, the facility cannot even allow individuals in the waiting room. However, with the proper certifications and requirements, the facility offers various cannabis and cannabis-infused products. This includes various marijuana flower strains, cartridges, and marijuana-infused products.

The Acanza Health Group facility is located on McConnell Avenue, near the Washington County Fairgrounds. The location is excited about opening and is thrilled to finally see the location up and running. Offering various forms of consumption, the Acanza facility is open and ready to serve medical marijuana patients in Arkansas.

The journey to medical marijuana in Fayetteville has been an ongoing race. Therefore, expert cannabis consultant, Michael Mayes works closely with the Acanza facility as their spokesperson and industry cannabis consultant. As founders of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9, Thomas and Michael Mayes continue to work diligently toward access to the plant. Through efforts toward facility design and application writing, the team works in over ten different countries with a 92% licensing approval rate.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.


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Obtaining Marijuana in Illinois

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The Progression of Medical To Adult-Use Marijuana in Illinois

Although Illinois begins its legalization of adult-use marijuana on January 1st, 2020, the journey to get there was a process. Starting in 2013, Illinois started its legalization of medical cannabis. From there, the state faced many ongoing obstacles while trying to increase the overall access to the plant.

However, companies like the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9 works diligently to aid their clients toward obtaining marijuana in not only Illinois but worldwide. Consisting of cannabis consulting in over 10 different countries, Quantum 9 specializes in expert cannabis consulting through application services, permit acquisition and licensing. Therefore, Michael Mayes, the CEO of Quantum 9, was featured in the Belleville News-Democrat to discuss the various hurdles patients in Illinois endured back in 2015.

Media for Marijuana in Illinois media appearance Cannabis consultant Michael MayesExpert Cannabis Consultant, Michael Mayes Discusses Medical Marijuana in Illinois

In this article, Mayes explains the complications many medical patients faced while applying for a medical marijuana card when the program first started. Two years into the program and only 3,000 patients were approved and on track to obtaining marijuana in Illinois. With this, Mayes observed the barriers in the overall process. From finding a sympathetic physician, to lengthy background checks and fingerprinting, Mayes states that the application was “incredibly difficult” (2015).

Additionally, Mayes stated in 2015 how the Illinois medical marijuana program is a perfect recipe for a “ripe black market”. To decrease the growth of an illicit market, the race to easily accessible medical marijuana continued. While Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 continue to persist toward cannabis consulting, advancements for marijuana in Illinois proceeds.

From Then to Now in Illinois

Eventually, as the application process improved, momentum for the cannabis industry in Illinois was apparent.  From 3,000 medical patients in 2015 to over 85,000 patients in 2019, Illinois is the 11th state to legalize adult-use marijuana.

With the new law starting in January 2020, anyone 21 or older can legally buy adult-use marijuana in Illinois. Therefore, the entrance of new cannabusinesses will be highly competitive because of the state’s limit on approved licenses.

Consequently, Quantum 9 forecasts an increase in demand in the state of Illinois. Because of this, the company continues to prioritize access to the plant globally and nationwide. Focusing on efforts toward facility design and application writing, the team works in over ten different counties with a 92% licensing approval rate.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.

Marijuana in Illinois

Adult-Use Marijuana in Illinois

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Adult-Use Marijuana in Illinois

Finally! Illinois is the 11th state to legalize adult-use (recreational) marijuana *cue ugly cry*

What does this mean?

Starting January 1st, 2020, Illinoisians can legally possess cannabis in accordance with the following allotments:

  • 30 grams of cannabis flower
  • 5 grams of cannabis concentrate
  • 500 mg of cannabis-infused products

Additionally, non-residents are able to purchase half of these amounts. With this in mind, it’s been quite an interesting journey for the state of Illinois.

Expert marijuana consultant, Michael Mayes discusses the stance of Marijuana in Illinois, July 2015

banner for Michael Mayes CEO of Quantum 9Michael Mayes is the CEO and founder of the global cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9. Back in July 2015, Mayes addressed to the Chicago Tribune the slow growth Illinois experienced while trying to sustain the medical marijuana industry. In this article, Mayes states how the overall access to the plant and growth of medical patients in Illinois is “slow going” and would need about 100,000 more patients to successfully sustain the market.

Note, this is exactly four years ago. The journey to adult-use marijuana in Illinois has seen its fair share of perplexities with regard to reluctance, legalities, and preparation. Shall we compare?

From Then to Now

In July 2015, there were only 100 accepted patients approved to access medical marijuana. With about 22,600 people signed up to obtain the plant, only 3,200 actually completed the application.

During this time, it was assumed that this was due to extensive submission processes including fingerprints to the state and lengthy background checks. In addition to its tedious sign-up process, there were very few qualifying conditions for potential medical marijuana patients. Ultimately, this created very large concerns for the cannabis market.

Fast forward 4 years, it is now September 2019 and January 2020 couldn’t come faster in Illinois! Through improvements in legalities, application processes, and the overall development of medical dispensaries, the growth of marijuana in Illinois is more promising.

Now, Illinois has over 80,000 medical marijuana patients in the system and actively purchasing medical marijuana. With over 50 qualifying debilitating conditions available for potential cardholders and more than 50 medical dispensaries scattered throughout Illinois, it is only up for the industry from here.

Moving Forward in Illinois

With Illinois allowing adult-use marijuana starting January 2020, dispensaries have been staffing up, remodeling and preparing. Here is a timeline of what to expect moving forward for Illinois in the adult-use cannabis market:

Timeline of the adult-use market for Illinois by Julio S.

For more about the legalization of adult-use marijuana in Illinois, please click here.

In order to meet the demands of the expected adult-use market in Illinois, many start-up businesses will need to acquire the necessary licenses and requirements. Because of this, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 continue to work diligently toward cannabis consulting with regards to permit acquisition and licensing.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.




Marijuana Business Daily logo Cannabis Consultant

Marijuana In Illinois

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Finally, Marijuana In Illinois

Adult-use (recreational) marijuana in Illinois is now legal starting in January 2020.

The table below outlines the following allotments for the possession of cannabis in Illinois starting January 1st, 2020:

Cannabis Consulting Firm, Quantum 9 Continues to Work Diligently Toward Permit Acquisition and Licensing

Through strong efforts toward access and eliminating division of the plant, companies like cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9 works hard toward permit acquisition and licensing worldwide. Although legalization is great news for the Illinois cannabis industry, it was quite the journey to get here.

For example, the CEO of Quantum 9, Michael Mayes spoke to Marijuana Business Daily to discuss the status of marijuana in Illinois. Dated January 2016, the article examined the worry that marijuana business owners experienced while trying to stabilize the market.

As a result, the marijuana program in Illinois needed to increase two things:

  1. Patient count
  2.  Qualifying debilitating conditions

Additionally, Mayes confirmed that adding chronic pain to the list would stimulate growth for the marijuana market in Illinois. He found that this addition would be a significant boost for the program, potentially tripling the current number of patients.

Sure enough, Mayes’s theory held true. As the months passed, so did petitions for new qualifying conditions. By adding ailments like chronic pain syndrome and PTSD to the list, medical dispensaries generated $1.7M in sales by the end of 2015.

Fast forward three years. It is now the end of 2019 and in just a few short months, adults 21 and older can legally obtain marijuana in Illinois.

From Medical Marijuana to Adult-Use (Recreational) Marijuana in Illinois

According to one of Quantum 9’s expert cannabis consultants, Julio Soriagalvarro predicts an increase in the demand for additional cannabis businesses in Illinois. Because the application process for a license is highly competitive, businesses should hire consultants to increase their chances of winning. Therefore, Quantum 9 expects “a surge in business from the Illinois market” and will continue to provide expert cannabis consulting.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.


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How To: Successful Cannabis Business

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The U.S. cannabis industry sales forecast to value at $80 billion by 2030. Do you want in?

If so, keep in mind, in order to be a successful cannabis business, it’s important to be strategic, proactive, and purposeful while entering any, and all cannabusinesses. To many, opening a new business is only a fantasy and usually is dismissed and forgotten. But to some, entering an industry that is constantly evolving and highly controversial seems daunting yet intriguing.

Essential Steps to Winning Big and Building a Winning Team in the Cannabis Industry – Marijuana Consultant, Michael Mayes

Michael Mayes is the founder of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9.  He discusses critical components to winning big and building a winning team for a successful cannabis business. In this video, the expert cannabis consultant speaks at the Cannabis-Aid conference in Detroit, Michigan, as an active member of the cannabinoid research society.

Here, Mayes unfolds the strategies behind the successes of permit acquisition and licensing at Quantum 9. Additionally, he covers his ideal systematic approach to winning big and building a winning team. Consisting of topics such as licensing, cultivation, processing, and provisioning, Mayes examines the specific roles required to develop a successful cannabis business.

Necessary Roles for a Strong Team

Moving on, Mayes discusses the roles and their corresponding duties/requirements that form an impactful team. The following titles are some of the more critical positions that can make a company flourish:

  • Project Leader
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Lawyers/Attorneys 
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Lobbyist
  • Investors

If you would like to hear Michael Mayes go more in-depth on these topics in addition to examples of successful wins in the cannabis industry, please click here.

In the video, Mayes has three observed underlying themes. These insights include the following:

1.) Include team members that seek excellence and growth

2.) Experiences of team members must match the company’s goal

3.) Specialization is your business’s friend

In other words, it’s important to hire individuals who are driven by success and progress. For example, Mayes explains how awards and a strong record of success can help measure one’s will to advance and evolve, individually and as a business.

With that said, maximizing growth for a successful cannabis business is achievable by developing a work environment where there is a consensus goal. Moreover, hiring employees with diverse skills contributes to the bigger picture, connects diverging insights, and ultimately results in more robust specialization strategies.

Above all, to win big, one must build a winning team. Because “if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”. -Henry Ford

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.






Cannabis Business Plan

Forbes Cannabis Entrepreneur

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Forbes Chicago Business Council Features Cannabis Entrepreneur, Michael Mayes

Committed to transforming the cannabis industry, expert cannabis consultant, Michael Mayes, recognizes the value in continuously evolving his professional influence. As the founder and CEO of cannabis consulting firm Quantum 9, Mayes advances his expertise through his affiliation with the Forbes Chicago Business Council. In this article, the Forbes Council features Mayes’s success story as a cannabis entrepreneur.

Prior to dominating the cannabis industry, Mayes worked as a technology consultant in Chicago. During this time, the future CEO kept an eye on a passive investment he made in a Denver-based cannabis company.

A few months into the investment, Mayes recognized the need to leverage his knowledge in process implementation and project management. To ensure that the skills he honed during his previous consulting career were applied to the Denver company, Mayes spent the next two years traveling between cities.

With the goal of reducing the company’s total expenses, Mayes decided to standardize each step within the supply chain. This would allow all departments to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Finally, he did this by creating a set of procedures to document the overall workflow of the company. Little did he know this insight would establish him as the founder of his own global cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9.

Featured image for forbes chicago business council media appearance michael mayes cannabis entrepreneur

“I would rather specialize and dominate this one sector than be a vertically shallow consulting firm.” -Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9

Since Quantum 9 opened in 2012, Mayes states how the company has completely evolved. With that said, Quantum 9 no longer advises companies to focus on business processes and facility optimization. Instead, the cannabis consulting firm concentrates on advising clients around public policy and permit acquisition.

Through these strategies, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 hold a 92% approval rating. With 22 out of the 24 license applications approved, Mayes continues onto his next move.

As more states legalize marijuana and the cannabis industry matures, it is crucial to track the decline in permit acquisition work. He is continually on the lookout for opportunities to grow his brand. Therefore, Mayes has already “created a federally trademarked cannabis brand” that will be licensed to the clients of Quantum 9.

Notably, Mayes’s perseverance and systematic approach toward business permit acquisition have rewarded him to be a member of the Forbes Chicago Business Council.

Michael Mayes, cannabis entrepreneur photo for Forbes Council appearance with the Forbes Chicago Business Council

“It has completely changed the way I run my business and standardize workflow” -Forbes Cannabis Entrepreneur, Michael Mayes

Because the council is invitation-only, Mayes feels that being a member of such an exclusive community “adds a level of legitimacy” to his profession.

Furthermore, the council chooses potential members based on one’s background and experience. Then, chosen affiliates can share learned insights and industry-related tips through the Forbes Council platform.

With this in mind, Mayes feels “incredibly fortunate to be among a group of such amazing business people”. Additionally, he and the team at Quantum 9 work hard toward providing superior cannabis consulting around the world.

For Quantum 9 cannabis consulting services, please click here.


First Medical Dispensary in Fayetteville

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Cannabis Consultant, Michael Mayes Discusses Fayetteville’s First Medical Dispensary

An agonizing wait turns to promising anticipation! At last, the first medical dispensary in Fayetteville, Arkansas advances its race toward launching its opening day. Projected to open sometime this month, we can only hope that this is the case.

Expert cannabis consultant Michael Mayes is the spokesperson and industry consultant for the Acanza Health Group facility. As the CEO of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9, the Northwest Arkansas News (KNWA) features Mayes to discuss updates on Fayetteville’s first medical dispensary.

Although there are very few open medical dispensaries scattered throughout Arkansas, Arkansans are confident in their demand for more. With many cardholders traveling as far as six hours to the nearest dispensary location, locals of Fayetteville say that medical marijuana can’t come faster. In this video, Mayes reviews what to expect moving forward.

Medical Marijuana KNWA Media Appearance

“Until dispensaries start growing their own products, they’re kind of held to whatever pricing that the grower is able to sell them for” -Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9

Because the facility is still in development, Mayes acknowledges the potential of varying prices between facilities throughout Arkansas. As a result, pricing for products may be inconsistent, depending on the grower and the shop.

Additionally, Mayes addresses how there are no credit card transactions while purchasing medical marijuana. With all dispensary locations accepting cash only, there are some scenarios where debit banking solutions are available.

All in all, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 work diligently toward access to the plant internationally and nationwide. Therefore, it is important to consider the various rules and regulations differing between states and regions. Focusing on permit acquisition and licensing, Quantum 9 is not your average marijuana consulting firm. Through thorough efforts concerning teambuilding, facility design, and application writing, the team works in over ten different counties with a 92% licensing approval rate.

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Marijuana Business Daily logo Cannabis Consultant

Marijuana Consultant in West Virginia

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Cannabis Consultant Discusses Business Opportunites for Medical Marijuana in West Virginia

Currently, the wait for medical marijuana in West Virginia is quite painful to watch, but how long will this last? Expert marijuana consultant, Michael Mayes, is the CEO and founder of cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9. Mayes is featured in an online article for the Marijuana Business Daily to review the stance of medical marijuana (MMJ) in West Virginia.

Mayes featured photo for cannabis consultant in West Virginia. or the appearance in the Marijuana Business JournalWest Virginia is experiencing a prolonged journey toward access to medical dispensaries. According to state officials, there are not enough banking services to support the state’s medical marijuana program. In this article, the Marijuana Business Daily claims how WV could be the “slowest state in the country to allow MMJ companies to open for business”.

Furthermore, the state limits business licenses for medical cannabis locations in addition to its ban on smokable flower and edibles. As stated by the Marijuana Business Factbook, these types of restrictions “will likely keep patient counts from reaching their full potential”. For this reason, it is imperative that organizations remain proactive, resourceful and innovative.

Despite the current uncertainties regarding MMJ in West Virginia, Mayes discusses business opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs. Against the current momentum, he and the team at Quantum 9 continue to work hard toward access to medical cannabis in West Virginia.

Featured image for Marijuana Business Daily media appearance for Michael Mayes/Medical Marijuana in West Virginia

Business Opportunities for Medical Marijuana in West Virginia Remain Promising

Although the state expects delays while launching medical marijuana, Mayes confirms that there are still ways to prepare. For example, the expert cannabis consultant advises clients to “avoid recurring expenses”.

Examples of recurring expenses can include the following:

  • Government relations
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Equipment

With this in mind, Mayes notes that these types of “month-over-month costs could sink a great company before they start”. Therefore, steering clear from big financial commitments is crucial while considering the current market.

Additionally, our cannabis consultants will work closely with WV clients to take into account sales forecasts, business plans, and projected financial statements. Mayes finds value in anticipating the “what-if” scenarios in order to accurately predict the market’s potential.

Although the wait for medical marijuana in West Virginia continues, business opportunities within the market remain solid.

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Cannabis Business Plan

Forbes: LinkedIn Growth Hacks

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It’s not what you know but who you know.

In a world filled with uncertainty, chaos, yet endless opportunity, it is essential to know that the connections made are vital. For entrepreneurs and start-up companies, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of building interpersonal relationships.

Cannabis Consultant Discusses LinkedIn Growth Hack

In this article, seven members of the Forbes Chicago Business Council explain key growth tactics for start-up companies. Forbes council member, Michael Mayes, is the CEO and founder of cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9.

On behalf of the council, Mayes is featured in a Forbes online article to discuss LinkedIn growth hacks. This elite association is an invitation-only organization for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in the Greater Chicago area.

Mayes photo for Forbes appearance with the Forbes Chicago Business Council

Since 2018, Mayes has been an active contributor to the council and continues to enhance his expertise in entrepreneurial cannabis consulting. He finds it instrumental to heighten his proficiency and leverage himself through the committee. Additionally, he applies his insight as a member of the board and implements these efforts at Quantum 9.

Mayes also discusses the concept of expanding relationships through LinkedIn. He states how LinkedIn is a perfect platform for Chicago start-up companies to build connections and opportunities.

“We have hired many [cannabis] consultants from LinkedIn” -Marijuana Consultant, Michael Mayes

By connecting with the right talent via LinkedIn, business owners like Mayes, have a more thorough approach to recruiting. He touches on the idea of “first vetting them on LinkedIn”. In other words, Mayes can carefully assess and evaluate potential candidates that will best fit the position.

As of July 2019, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 hold a 92% approval rating. With 22 out of 24 license applications approved, it is crucial to hire applicants of similar work ethic, background, and qualifications.

Aside from recruiting aspects, Mayes focuses his business efforts at Quantum 9 around licensing and public policy. Because of this, it is essential for the company to be credible while providing reliable expert cannabis consulting.

Finally, Quantum 9 highly values maximizing clients’ potential through permit acquisition, process planning, and employee training. Therefore, the goal is simple. To “perfectly align the best people with appropriate positions for our clients, everywhere”.

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Medical Dispensaries in Fayetteville

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The Rise of Medical Dispensaries in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Marijuana consultant Michael Mayes is featured in the Fayetteville Flyer to discuss the status of medical dispensaries in Fayetteville, Arkansas. As the founder and CEO of the cannabis consulting firm Quantum 9, Mayes is the spokesperson and industry consultant for the Acanza Health Group facility.

Quantum 9 / Michael Mayes logo picture for Fayetteville Flyer appearance on medical dispensaries

At this time, only two of the 32 licensed medical dispensary locations are open for business in Arkansas. Therefore, Mayes, the team at Quantum 9, and the Acanza Health Group are working together toward opening additional facilities.

With that said, the dispensary plans to open sometime this fall, with the possibility of opening late summer. In this time frame, the teams will prioritize product quality, security, and preparation.

“We want to give our patients the most comprehensive selection possible” -Marijuana Consultant, Michael Mayes

The teams ensure the prioritization of products that help treat ‘chronic pain and reduction of opioid withdrawal symptoms’. Moreover, the location will “disperse, cultivate, and process product on-site”. With this, medical dispensaries in Arkansas will offer a wide variety of flower and derivative products to further cater to patients with other various conditions.

Additionally, Mayes and Acanza based the Fayetteville location on its high volume of surrounding patient population. Directly off of the I-49 highway, the site is easily accessible to over 2,000 patients within a five-mile radius.

Mayes recognizes the potential of diversion and/or theft of patients’ personal information and overall product. Considering this, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 continue to provide cannabis consulting that delivers “the most comprehensive security system in the market”. To guarantee overall safety and security, Mayes states how it is necessary for security cameras to cover the entire dispensary.

Finally, as Quantum 9 and the Acanza Health Group work hard to increase access to medicinal marijuana, the rise of medical dispensaries in Arkansas continues.

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Best Practices in Cannabis

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Cannabis Consultant on Industry Innovation

Plexus Media featured the MJBizCon conference, the world’s largest cannabis convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here, industry leaders addressed upcoming trends and forecasts within the industry. Michael Mayes, CEO of cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9, discussed successful cannabis industry innovations.

In this video, Mayes shares the importance of companies focusing on “one linear thing, instead of focusing on many different things”. With that said, Mayes describes the effectiveness of concentrating on a ‘particular subset or method’ and then completely dominating it.

Plexus Media ft. Michael Mayes in Vegas. Cannabis Industry Innovation

Breaking this down, Mayes gives the example of live resin to an extraction company. He explains how choosing a sole product to pursue and specialize, is more important than innovating as one large extraction company.

For example, let’s say I was to open a new business. I would want my company to be focused and strategized. Therefore, instead of focusing on a large variety of offers, I would figure out a niche for my business and maximize its potential in the marketplace.

Similarily, Mayes advises companies to pick a focus and “knock it out of the park”. Mayes remains proactive and diligent about seeking innovation within the cannabis industry. Through compassion and a strong will to help, Mayes and the team of Quantum 9 continue to work hard at cannabis consulting and accessibility to the plant.

“I’ve been passionate [about the cannabis industry] since I was young” -Michael Mayes

Because of its many benefits, Mayes and the team eagerly continue to prioritize marijuana across the globe. It is essential for people to have easy access to products with high quality and great significance. As a result, Mayes reiterates the importance and value that cannabis has to offer.

Whether adult users apply cannabis to therapeutic or palliative purposes, the benefits and advantages are endless. It all boils down to this, states Mayes, “Where somebody would sit down with a glass of wine, they could sit down with some cannabis to ease the day away”.

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Medical Marijuana in Arkansas NWA News Feature

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Cannabis Consultant Featured on NWA News

Michael Mayes, a marijuana consultant and founder of Quantum 9, was featured in Fox 24 NWA News. Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 have worked eagerly to prioritize access to medical marijuana in the state.

The NWA News report features Mayes, as the third dispensary in Arkansas plans to open mid-to-late August. In this report, Mayes discusses the next steps toward supply reassurance and preparation for medical marijuana in Arkansas.

Additionally, Mayes continues to work closely with local cultivators to ensure a “healthy supply and variety of products”. While Arkansans anxiously wait for another medical marijuana location, they claim it couldn’t have come faster.

“I wish it had been here sooner…” -Medical Marijuana in Arkansas Patient

Cardholder, Jon Nelson, is relieved to hear the news of a third location. Displeased by the slow pace of additional dispensaries, he knows it’s just a matter of time.

Nelson drives from Rogers to Hot Springs to purchase his medication and finds his six-hour commute tedious but necessary. It’s essential to make the treatment of medical cannabis accessible, but there are just not enough dispensaries available to help the people who need it.

Additionally, Nelson claims that treating his epilepsy, BPD, and other disorders with medical marijuana is the only treatment that has helped him. It is therefore vital that patients have easy access and availability to their choice of medication and treatment.

Promising Forecasts for Marijuana in Arkansas

Scott Hardin with the Medical Marijuana Commission, observes opportunity in growth for medical cannabis in Arkansas.

According to Hardin, the first two dispensaries sold over 200 pounds of medical marijuana in the state of Arkansas. With that said, Hardin is confident that Arkansans are more than ready for a third dispensary location.

With the value and importance that medical marijuana has to offer, the state of Arkansas continues to forecast positive trends and high sales numbers.

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Medical Marijuana WJTV Jackson 12

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Marijuana Consultant featured as guest speaker at Mississippi State Capitol

Michael Mayes, founder and CEO of Chicago based Marijuana Consulting firm Quantum 9, was featured in a CBS WJTV Jackson 12 original feature and USA Today Network’s Clarion Ledger write up because of his expertise. The articles discuss Mr. Mayes’ participation and involvement in a public hearing at the Mississippi State Capitol Building. The purpose of the hearing is to go over the current laws and legalization of Medical Marijuana. The hearing took place on February 4th and was hosted by the Black Caucus. Along with Mr. Mayes, the panel consisted of Dr. Victor Chou and Attorney Bethany Nieubauer.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is still highly controversial in many cities

What is viewed by some and scientifically backed as a feasible solution to chronic and debilitating illnesses, is still argued by so many to be wrong or immoral. In some instances, as in the case with Mississippi House Representative Omeria Scott, a person’s well-being and livelihood could be at stake. Democratic Rep. Scott has been battling cancer and recently fighting it into remission. She is pushing for Medical Marijuana legalization in Mississippi because of her being able to specifically identify with the pain management properties of Medical Marijuana.

Legalization to be addressed

There are countless cases across the nation that so are similar to Ms. Scott’s. This hearing and many like it are being held to discuss broad changes to state and federal marijuana laws. The new Democratic Congress has already scheduled their first hearing over the issue because of the urgency. A congressional panel is currently holding its first marijuana-related meeting and hearing of 2019 as we speak. It will focus on the banking laws and legal issues related to Medical Marijuana businesses. You can view it live here, and see multiple witnesses testify about these banking issues.

If you might benefit from Quantum 9’s expertise in the Medical Marijuana field, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Driving while High

Driving while High CBS Chicago 2 News Piece

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Driving while impaired

Cannabis Consultant Featured on CBS Chicago 2

Michael Mayes, of Quantum 9, a Chicago based cannabis consultancy was featured in a CBS 2 original report. The report by Dorthy Tucker explores the effect marijuana legalization will have on the number of impaired driving cases in Illinois. There has been an increase in the number of drivers driving while high on cannabis after medical legalization.

Now, authorities in Cook County are anticipating an even greater number of DUI’s following the approval of recreational use. The driving while high article was written on March 13th, 2018.

Driving with High Statistics

In 2017, 20 percent of the 113 DUI arrests in Riverside Illinois were related to drugged driving. Of those cases, nearly half of those involved marijuana.

According to Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel, “If we make recreational cannabis in Illinois legal, you’re going to see that 20 percent, in my opinion, jump to 30, 35 percent.”

Driving while High

CBS-Chicago-2 Logo

Michigan State Police DUIs for Cannabis

Michigan State Police are moving to counter the effects that more lenient legislation may have on Cannabis related DUI’s. Departments have implemented testing of a roadside device that uses saliva to measure recent cannabis usage. Trooper Tim Gean believes the device could make a difference in law enforcements ability to handle cannabis related DUI’s. “It’s another tool for the police to take impaired drivers off the road”.

The testing period for the device will last until November. Opponents of recreational marijuana believe that increases in traffic fatalities in Washington State are due to more drivers testing positive post-legalization.

One challenge facing law enforcement in this matter is the lack of a standard metric for measuring intoxication levels such as currently exist for alcohol.

For now, the true impact of cannabis-impaired driving will have in Illinois will remain a key topic for future debate.

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Cannabis Stocks Wall Street Journal Piece

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On September 13, 2017, David George-Cosh from the Wall Street Journal wrote an article titled “Canadian Exchange Weighs Risks in Trading U.S. Marijuana Stocks” which featured a quote from Quantum 9‘s CEO Michael Mayes. As a result, Canadian and US-Based companies flooded the Canadian stock exchange looking to enter the publicly traded cannabis industry.  As a result, legal cannabis stocks are on the rise and this article will outline some of the best companies to invest in.

Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis Stocks in Canadian History

Medical cannabis has been legal medically in Canada since 2001 for patients with valid prescriptions. After that, as of October 17, 2018, Canada became fully recreational, the only other country that has done this is Uraguay.  So, cannabis stocks have been on the rise.

For years, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that adult-use marijuana would be legal in Canada.  Therefore, promise kept and Bill C-45, aka the Cannabis Act, passed.

Marijuana Stock

Pot Stocks

Michael Mayes was quoted saying “Many institutional investors wouldn’t touch any of these firms with a 10-foot pole”

Marijuana Consulting

Best Cannabis Stocks to Invest In

Quantum 9 thinks the following stocks are the best for investors to invest in.

Canopy Growth Corp: (NYSE: CGC) Canopy is the largest marijuana company in the world.  So, their cannabis stock is one of the best to invest in.  Their business holdings are all over the world.  Therefore, if the legal landscape changes a sharp decline on the cannabis stocks won’t take place.

Aurora Cannabis: (NYSE: ACB) Aurora has made some strategic partnerships and have an amazing distribution network setup internationally.  

Aphria (NYSE: APHA) Aphria has been very busy internationally.  Therefore, their deep understading of greenhouse technologies makes them very attractive and near the top of all cannabis stocks.

Horizons Marijuana (OTCMKTS: HMLSF) Horizons is an ETF.  Therefore, it spreads the risk over many different cannabis companies like GW Pharmaceuticals and Scotts Miracle-Gro.

In conclusion, be careful when investing in this volatile space.


VoyageChicago Marijuana Piece

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VoyageChicago Marijuana

The Easy Road?

The VoyageChicago Marijuana Staff asks Michael Mayes if the road has been an easy one.  That couldn’t be any further than the truth.  Michael states that the road has been a tough one. Many ups and many downs. Therefore, the road has been very difficult. Michael discusses all the times he felt like the end was near and everything was at risk.  Cannabis consulting provides many outlets for consultants to focus on.

Marijuana Consulting


Things started to turn around when Quantum 9 focused primarily in success areas.  Meaning, areas with the most success.

The VoyageChicago Marijuana staff goes on to uncover many of the areas that were less than perfect. For example, Quantum 9 focused many years on creating a seed to sale tracking technology.  It wasn’t until that aspect of the business was terminated that the company soared to new lengths.

Cannabis Licensing Consulting

Cannabis licensing was a highly profitable and highly competitive space. The firm started to spend more time, money and resources in making that area of the consulting practice, the main focus. Most of all, new cannabis consultants were hired to ensure the material that was being submitted for the project were as thorough and accurate as possible. VoyageChicago Marijuana staff discuss the high win rate. Therefore, highlighting the 91.6% win ratio.

Cannabis ConsultingWhy so Successful?

Why do you think the firm wins so often? What is the secret sauce? – VoyageChicago Marijuana Staff

Michael remarks, “I think we are successful because I play an active role in the entire project. But, we help understand the scope at the start of the project. From the moment of contract execution, I lead the efforts. Meaning, I act as the main point of contact for all sides and run all the weekly meetings.”

VoyageChicago Marijuana Staff – “Isn’t that hard to keep track of all of the projects within the state?”

Michael goes on to say, “We only take on one or two projects in a state. So, this allows us to focus on a couple of clients without multiple focuses.”

In conclusion, if you are looking for expert cannabis consultants contact Quantum 9 today or email at

Other Great Articles Michael Mayes has been quoted in:

Fox News Logo Marijuana Consulting

Fox News Piece

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August 24, 2013 | By Larry Yellen

Chris Bochenski is a Chicagoan who’s pushing software to track marijuana manufacturing and sales.

In response to the question on Illinois’ future looking bright, Bochenski added, “Absolutely. The politicians and lobbyists have done their jobs, and now it’s time for industry to do theirs.” …


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ABC Piece

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April 4, 2015 | By Kevin Mahoney

Marijuana in Illinois

Number of Marijuana Patients in Illinois Chicago Tribune Piece

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Number of Marijuana Patients in Illinois

Michael Mayes was quoted in Robert McCoppin’s January 8th, 2015 piece titled “Few patients approved for medical marijuana in Illinois“.  At the time the number of marijuana patients in Illinois only totaled 650 patients. In other words, 650 total over the first four weeks of the start of the program. Fast-forward to November 2018 and the number of marijuana patients in Illinois total 42,000. Patient totals can be found on the state of Illinois website.

Number of Marijuana Patients in Illinois

Illinois Medical Marijuana History

Former Governor Patrick Joseph Quinn Jr. signed the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act in August of 2013, which legalized the use, sale, and cultivation of medical cannabis in the state of Illinois.

Illinois started accepting applications for growers, vendors, and patients in September 2014. As a result, dispensaries started dispensing cannabis in November 2014. In July 2016, Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill in that extended the state’s medical pot program until 2020 extending the four-year pilot program.

Number of Marijuana Patients in Illinois

Number of Marijuana Licenses in Illinois

Illinois remains one of the most restrictive programs in the nation. However, only a handful of licenses provided within the state. Only 53 dispensary licenses and 22 cultivation licenses total.

Most recently, a Cook County judge, in a June 2016 ruling, ordered the state to add PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, to the list of debilitating conditions. This came after Rauner rejected a recommendation from the now-defunct Cannabis Advisory Board. Rauner also killed the advisory board’s proposals to add a migraine, osteoarthritis, and other ailments to the list of qualifying conditions. Even with opposition, there has been a decent boost in the number of marijuana patients in Illinois but many more conditions need to be added.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Michael Mayes and team predicts that favorable legislative representation will be key. For example, legislation that supports the program will grow the number of medical marijuana patients in Illinois. That means Bruce Rauner needs to go. Visit our website for more information about the number of marijuana patients in Illinois. Visit our blog or email us at

Other Press

Wall Street Journal Piece

CBS2 Chicago Piece

VoyageChicago Piece

cannabis business plan in illinois

Crain’s Chicago Business Marijuana Cash

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cannabis business plan in illinois
Crain's Chicago Business Cannabis Cash

Marijuana cash is a problem for Illinois tax collection

On June 19, 2015, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum 9, Michael Mayes gave his expert opinion to Chicago Crain’s Business. Therefore, this article discusses what to do with Marijuana Cash.

Michael Mayes is a successful cannabis business person that has been working within the cannabis industry since 2009.  However, he first started working in cannabis in Denver, Colorado where Marijuana Cash became a huge issue.

In Denver, he honed his skills by helping Critical Mass Industrial (CMI) scale to a 90,000 sq ft cultivation center with two medical cannabis retail dispensaries. During his time at CMI, annual revenue passed $7M, all Marijuana Cash.

Banking was a huge issue. All the marijuana cash had to find it’s way into the banking system. It wasn’t until 2016 when “legal” banking started to appear in Colorado.

Retail Marijuana Businesses

Michael discusses his ups and downs with Marijuana Cash. The banking system allows you to deposit up to $10,000 in cash — anything above that the deposit becomes flagged. An investigation is conducted to determine if the account is a retail marijuana business (RMB). RMBs could lose their status with the bank.

That is where things got interesting. There is a tipping point in the industry right now. Since the most recent legalization with the Farm Bill 2018, the doors have blown open. Companies like Canopy Growth are even entering the US market. Banking is the next big area that will need to be reformed to ensure the health and wealth of the industry. Michael Mayes has been an industry expert helping companies navigate through the crazy cannabis industry.

In conclusion, the industry is headed up. However, there are a ton of issues that still need to be addressed. Michael Mayes is working on the forefront of the industry to address these issues, but a lot of work needs to be done.


High! Canada Piece

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High! Canada

July 30, 2017 | by Phil Wong

Phil Wong from High! Canada interviews Michael Mayes CEO from Quantum 9 about

Leafly Logo Cannabis Consultant

Getting Hired as a Grower – Leafly Piece

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Getting Hired as a Grower

Quantum 9 discusses the major aspects of getting hired as a grower in the cannabis space. In addition, cultivators are a unique breed. The best of the bunch thrive on exposure to new and different horticulture techniques. Two of the most important aspects of getting hired as a grower are being highly dependable and passionate about your garden. The master cultivator role is many times the most important position in the industrial medical cannabis space. The intricate knowledge the master cultivator is considered intellectual property and even trade secrets. Cultivating cannabis on an industrial scale is no simple task. Therefore, there is several factors within the controlled environment that have to be managed over a 90-day growing cycle. Including, the dangers if the nutrient schedule fails or the environmental controls fall outside of optimal levels. Either of those issues could negatively impact the crop. In some cases, completely kill your entire harvest.

Canopy Growth Crop Failure

Most recently, Canopy Growth, the largest cannabis company in the world had a recent catastrophic crop failure which resulted in $61.5M in the lost revenue.

Getting Hired as a Grower

For more information on contacting Quantum 9 or finding out more about our consulting services, like staff augmentation or licensing. We can be reached at or visiting our contact us page.  Check out over 150 articles Quantum 9 has been quoted in on our press page.

Other Recent Articles – Quantum 9 Featured

Wall Street Journal Article on Impaired Driving.


Baltimore Business Journals Piece

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March 8, 2018 | By Morgan Eichensehr

Michael Mayes was featured in the Baltimore Business Journals. Maryland’s house of delegates passed legislation that will require to make the state’s cannabis commission more diverse.

Baltimore Business Times

Cannabis in Maryland

The bill has passed in the house with 121 supporting votes. Called the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission Reform Act, the bill is a top priority. The bill’s purpose was to include more women and minority business leaders in Maryland’s cannabis industry. It passed with support from the Legislative Black Caucus and both republicans and democrats.

Maryland’s cannabis industry has the possibility to very lucrative. Consequently, Michael says, “Maryland’s early marijuana market could be worth about $6 million.”

The bill now moves on to the Senate where it will stay a top priority. It also will link the cannabis industry to trade associations to provide training opportunities. The Department of Labor will also be involved to assist in job placement.

Also, the bill restructures Maryland’s cannabis commission. The cannabis commission’s would have an executive director overseeing eight commissioners. The members of the commission could not have any outside ties to the government or the marijuana industry. The commission would also represent the racial and ethnic background of Maryland. Cannabis companies would submit report info on the diversity in their company.

As a result of the bill, medical cannabis for those involved in the Veterans Administration Maryland Health Care System or the Maryland Medical Assistance Program provides marijuana and a free or discounted rate.

Quantum 9 is a marijuana consulting firm that specializes in obtaining cannabis licences. Quantum 9 works with investors, entrepreneurs, patients and employees to make sure they have the necessary resources in place to be successful. They have worked in Maryland’s cannabis industry as well as other states. For more information on Quantum 9 and to learn more about other services they offer, click here.

ACQ5 Logo

ACQ5 Global Award Piece

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January 2017 | By ACQ5

Quantum 9’s CEO Michael Mayes featured on the cover of Gamechangers magazine. Gamechangers is a magazine that features entrepreneurs from around the world making an impact in their industry. The company is built of a team of 35 employees and has worked in 12 different countries. Quantum 9 was awarded with the 2016 US Niche Consultancy Firm of the Year.

International Government Work

The firm received this award by working directly with the German ministry. While working with them, they determined the tax on marijuana sales. Quantum 9 has also worked with the United States Department of Transportation. Through the partnership, they were able to provide information to test impaired drivers.

Michael usually works with other CEOs from all around the world. The cannabis industry is expecting to grow to a $36.8 billion industry by 2020 and Quantum 9 is owning the international cannabis licencing space. The firm has received licences for their clients at a 92% rate. The high success rate is due to many factors. Such as, Quantum 9 only takes on projects where the executives are pillars in the community and are very selective in choosing which clients to work with. They also typically spends 6 months per project to ensure every aspect of the project is at its best.

Michael has plenty of experience in this emerging field. Since 2009, he has worked in the marijuana field. Michael is currently the owner of businesses in Colorado and Michigan. His company, Greenwave, has grown a lot in the first 10 months.

The results of the past election has caused some executives to feel uncertain about the future. Michael’s attitude is to still operate as business as usual. He says, “I have built my business by swinging for the fences and luckily that has paid off big.”

Quantum 9 is a marijuana consulting firm that specializes in international cannabis licencing. To learn more about their services, click here.

Cannabis Consultants

Corporate Visions Magazine Piece

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October 2016 | By Corporate Visions Magazine

Quantum 9 CEO Michael Mayes featured in Corporate Visions Magazine October issue. His company specializes in linking wealthy corporations to the cannabis industry. The company’s expertise contains a wide range of specialties such as acquiring special permits, team building, employee training and process planning.

Therefore Quantum 9’s system has led to maximum results in everything from growing, processing as well as dispensing marijuana. They are able to achieve such high results by having award winning growers, scientists and business owners. The team at Quantum 9 has a variety of useful degrees. These include degrees in medicine, cannabinoid therapy, agriculture, horticulture and business.

Quantum 9 around the world

Quantum 9 works with a wide range of clients in the United States and worldwide. They have worked closely with the German ministry to help start their medical marijuana programs. With medical and recreational marijuana increasing their popularity around the world, the industry is expected to grow to $36.8 billion by 2020.  However,  the move international has not been without a few hurdles. For instance, most companies in the industry operate only with cash. Michael has worked with these companies in Columbia, Holland and Canada to ensure operating efficiently.

Even with these hurdles, Michael and Quantum 9 are able to have a success rate of over 90% in getting corporations cannabis licences.  His team uses a 6-months plan to get these licences. They carefully make sure that everything from the Standard Operating Procedures to employees that work in the facility.  Quantum 9 was also responsible for the CBD pediatric bill writing in Kentucky. This bill assists kids access safe cannabis for medical purposes.

In conclusion, the key challenges Quantum 9 and the entire marijuana industry faces today is the issue of changing society’s point of view of marijuana. People still focus on the negative effects it has as opposed to the many benefits. The other challenge is the banking issue, but Quantum 9 has the pieces in place to solve that problem.


For more information on Quantum 9, to learn more about their cannabis consulting services with corporations in the cannabis industry. To see information on cannabis facility design, click here.

Cannabis Consulting News

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Piece

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CannaInsider names Michael Mayes one of the most Influential Voices in Cannabis Consulting

By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Piece

Michael Mayes was featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Michael Mayes has worked with the governments of Illinois, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. He has also done work with the German ministry. These things have made him one of the most influential voices in cannabis consulting.

Quantum 9 Worldwide

Officials worldwide work with Quantum 9 to help better understand the results of their choices. The German Ministry wants to make a nanogram limit for drivers to prevent driving while impaired. Quantum 9 works as experts in the cannabis field. They work in Jamaica, to make sure that Jamaicans are able provide a living as farmers.

Michael provides helpful advice in all things cannabis. Such as growing, processing, and receiving a permit to dispense cannabis. He has worked with major companies such as Tilray. Tilray is a Canadian cannabis company that has received approval to export. They are going to export marijuana to Croatia as well as Australia.

As a result of this, Matthew Kind, the host of CannaInsider, says “Michael Mayes and his team at Quantum 9 have mastered the details required to win cannabis licenses around the world, he is truly one of the most influential voices in international cannabis consulting.”

Quantum 9 are experts in exploring the distinctions between the cannabis markets. Specifically, in Germany, Canada, Australia, Colombia, Jamaica and in Spain. In Canada, the procedures for obtaining cannabis is a mail order system. Down under, Australia has legalized medical cannabis. Columbia is a major worldwide exporter of marijuana and Jamaica has been closing in on legalizing cannabis. Also, in some private areas of Spain, it is legal to use for recreational purposes.

Quantum 9 Inc. is a Chicago, IL-based cannabis consulting firm. They have that worldwide expertise helping businesses obtain cannabis licenses. For more information on their services visit Quantum 9.

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 New In Town 

February 17th, 2016 | By Allan I. Ross

“My brother and I grew up in Lansing, and we wanted to do something that would benefit the community,” said Thomas Mayes, who co-owns/operates Greenwave with his brother, Michael Mayes. “When we came across this building, we knew this was perfect for what we were looking to do. We’re very patient-focused and we’re here is to help people get better. (Greenwave) has the potential be unlike anything else being done locally.”

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Illinois MMJ Program Success

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Illinois MMJ Program Success Requires 600% Patient Growth

January 18, 2016 | By MJD Press Associate
Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9 Inc., a Chicago-based cannabis consultancy, told the paper that adding “chronic pain” to the list of qualifying conditions would be a major boost for the program, possibly tripling the number of patients.

However, the state’s medical cannabis program is receiving petitions for adding conditions to the approved condition list, but prior to that, the Illinois health department must take action on 8 ailments that an advisory panel in October recommended.  Those include: 

  • Intractable pain;
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic pain syndrome;
  • due to trauma; 
  • postoperative pain; 
  • Autism;
  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome; and
  • Irritable bowel syndrome.

Between November 9, when the first dispensary opened, and the end of 2015, dispensaries generated about $1.7 million in medical cannabis sales.

Twenty-two (22) dispensaries currently operate in the State of Illinois, and another 12 to 14 could open before the end of March. 

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June 19th, 2015 By Associated Press

Michael Mayes was quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times titled to “marijuana cash problem Illinois tax collection”.

Over $10 million in adult-use tax revenue from cannabis sales was generated in Illinois in January 2020.


Cannabis Consultants can be contacted here 

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International Business Times Cannabis Consultant

Legal Marijuana Cultivation Is Driving A Technology ‘Revolution’ In Industrial Agriculture

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Entrepreneurs Enter the Green Rush with Technology

By: Matt Berg


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Chicago businessmen follow promise of medical marijuana

Published: Saturday, April 4, 2015 10:54 p.m. CDT By CARLA K. JOHNSON – AP Medical Writer

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Heliospectra Builds Meaningful Relationships within the medical Cannabis Industry

By Heliospectra March 19, 2015
Florida Medical Marijuana

Michael Mayes featured in The Herald-Tribune

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Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9, Inc. was featured in a Herald-Tribune piece earlier this week written by Michael Pollick. The article focuses on The Florida Cannabis Action Network‘s development of a 2016 voter initiative to legalize marijuana. It is likely that Florida will have a medical and adult-use bill up for the vote in the presidential election-year ballot. Michael Mayes was asked to give his opinion on the market environment and the necessities involved in passing such legislation. Here is the direct quote from the Herald-Tribune.

A $10 million campaign to legalize marijuana in Florida “is feasible,” said Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9 Inc., a Chicago-based consulting firm that works with both recreational and medicinal marijuana business clients on a national basis.

Revenues from a wide-open marijuana program in Florida could easily be in the billions of dollars per year, Mayes said, “just because there is such a high likelihood that individuals in Florida could benefit from the use of marijuana, whether it is called adult-use or medical.”

Marijuana in Illinois

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Rauner issued marijuana licenses before FBI background checks

By Associated Press | February 5, 2015



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Illinois towns see jobs ahead in medical marijuana

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Vida Cannabis (Canada) Files Licensed Commercial Producer Application With Health Canada

By Vida Cannabis May 12, 2014

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Vida Cannabis signs design-build contract with Lindsay Construction

Published on May 07, 2014

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Vida Cannabis Corp. Appoints Pritesh Kumar Chief Cannabinoid Research Scientist and Quality Assurance Officer of Vida Cannabis (Canada) Ltd.

By Vida Cannabis April 30, 2014

Tampa Bay Times Cannabis Consultant

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Medical pot backers, foes in Florida eye potential rules

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Quantum 9 Featured In CBC News

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CEO Michael Mayes was quoted in this CBC article about the recent influx of American-based companies looking north to help the Canadian medical marijuana industry as the federal government brings in new rules. Mayes said that about half of his business now comes from Canada. He said that they come for agriculture advice and grow-room optimization, and demand is increasing exponentially.

The huge increase in demand is due to the opening of the Canadian free market. Starting April 1, 2014, the only legal source to obtain marijuana will be through producers approved by Health Canada. Licensed medical marijuana users will no longer be able to grown their own cannabis, and the previous sole supplier, Prairie Plant Systems, will become one of many.

Since the medical marijuana program began in 2001, the industry has grown from 500 to 37,000, with a forecasted number of users at 450,000 by 2024. This rapid growth led to the overhaul of the program, citing “unintended consequences” and “abuse” by Health Canada.

The new program will allow for better quality cannabis and more variety on shelves. In addition, the cost is likely to go down. Health Canada will maintain strict safety and security requirements, making this a very tightly-regulated ‘free market.’

Safety and security requirements begin with proper licensing. Prairie Plant Systems and its subsidiary, CanniMed Ltd., were awarded the first two licenses for producing and supplying cannabis, respectively. More than 200 applications have since been submitted.

Despite having more options, however, patients will be required to select one dealer – the term used for a dispensary in Canada – at a time. Healthcare practitioners will determine the daily dose for patients, with a maximum possession of 150 grams in no more than 30 gram containers. However, anything that is not dried marijuana flowers or approved pesticide residue cannot be sold. There will be no legalized pills or measured doses of marijuana. Producers must have their cannabis tested, must include the THC/CBD ratios on the label, and must report any adverse reactions to their products.

Individuals seeking to become licensed medical marijuana users can apply one of two ways: by applying directly to Health Canada under the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations, or by submitting a doctor a single form, completed by a doctor, a licensed producer once they become established. After April 1, Health Canada will remove itself from the equation completely and medical cannabis will be between a doctor, patient and grower.

One interesting point to note about the new law is the inclusion of import/export rules with appropriate permits. While these will likely not often be granted, the rules have opened up new ground for companies outside Canadian borders. In addition, producers are allowed to ship cannabis to dealers, producers, or directly to patients.

US companies looking to get a piece of this potential billion-dollar industry need to focus on the rules and regulations of the Canadian market. Rules may differ by province, and local laws such as building codes will need to be thoroughly researched. In addition, prepare for a different approach from Canadian businesspeople, including a longer decision-making process and a more professional demeanor.

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January 11, 2014 | By Sherrell Hubbard

Quantum 9 Cannabinoid Research Scientist Pritesh Kumar featured in WAVE 3 news story.

Marijuana Consulting

4 Things Potential Business Owners Can Do Before Their State Legalizes the Medical or Adult Use of Cannabis

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Medical Marijuana Greenwave Dispensary Benefiting the community Michael and Thomas Mayes

Even though California made the landmark decision to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis in 1996, in the last few years the pace at which new states began to follow their lead has increased exponentially. It is also significant that many of these new states sought to institute a system that was not only a legal medical marijuana system, but one which is regulated and overseen through officially recognized state authorities.  This marked a definitive moment in the history of cannabis legislation as it was the primary factors that lead to the Department of Justice’s federal memorandum recognizing compliant medical and adult use cannabis states to govern themselves. In turn, this enabled industry professionals and entrepreneurs to invest resources into commercial cannabis ventures, with the security of knowing that as long as they remained within compliance, will not be in violation of federal law.  Between the ground breaking decision away from total federal cannabis prohibition and the host of new medical and adult use states’ legislation coming on-line over the next two years, more and more people are interested in becoming involved in the legal cannabis industry than ever before.

Colorado and Washington set the example by passing measures for legal adult use of cannabis in 2013, and will have regulated storefront establishments in 2014. Illinois has followed suit and will also have legal adult use in 2014. Following these states’ leads, Alaska, Arizona, California, Oregon and Pennsylvania are working to become recreationally legal. Many more states are working to become medicinally legal including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New York Ohio and Rhode Island.

With all these states slaked to pass marijuana legislation,

In light of the painfully long and confusing process of medical or adult use legalization, entrepreneurs eager to get their feet wet in the industry often have to play an agonizing waiting game before they can begin operations. A few things prospective canna-business owners or operators can start doing in anticipation of the finalization of their states’ medical or adult use legalization and regulation are to know the law, stay informed, start the talent acquisition process, and prepare documentation, protocols, and procedures.

1. Know the Law

The first thing that any prospective canna-business entrepreneur should have on their radar is the local, state and federal laws regarding production, sale, and distribution of medical or adult use cannabis.  There are several websites we recommend for information acquisition pertaining to legislation and regulation in your state: National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), Americans for Safe Access (ASA), Huffington post, and the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) These websites will give you a broad understanding of how the upcoming rules and regulations will be instituted. Further, these websites provide hyperlinks to the bills and constitutional amendments passed in each state.

For example, HB1 is the bill that Governor Quinn signed into Illinois law. Rules and regulations will be written 120 days from the effective date of the bill, or January 1st, 2014. Right now, entrepreneurs can read HB1 and start documenting each item currently established within the state legislation. By identifying rules and regulations early, companies can integrate proposed protocols and procedures in compliance with the final state regulations as they become available. Another way to identify potential legislation is to look at other state models that have already been successful in the process of regulating legal cannabis. Colorado is one of the best examples because it has one of the most strictly regulated and structured oversight processes in the world. Between the Seed-to-Sale video surveillance system, manifested transportation protocol and the strict Marijuana Inventory Tracking System (MITS,) Colorado regulation can serve as the framework for understanding how an infrastructure for cannabis regulation can be successfully implemented.

On the other hand, although California pioneered legal medical marijuana legislation in 1996, the current lack of direction and oversight from state legislation has proven to be problematic for the federal justice system.  On top of being knowledgeable on individual statutes, obtaining up-to-date information pertaining to which debilitating illnesses have been authorized for MMJ use in your state is of primary importance. Start researching approved illnesses in model states, as well as the various ways MMJ can cure or provide alleviation to the symptoms of prospective patients.

2. Stay Informed

Legislation is just one of many topics and specialties that a successful medical or adult use marijuana production or dispensing facility needs to intimately understand.  Other topics of significant importance include but are not limited to:

  • Medical research on the endocannabinoid system, and how cannabis interacts with the body is going to be germane to an understanding of marijuana and marijuana infused products. A good source of knowledge of the current understanding of the endocannabinoid system in America is Dr. David Allen MD, Ignorance Is Not Bliss article.
  • Understanding the various cannabinoid profiles found in cannabis and cannabis infused products is also of special significance, as it is the primary indicator for patients seeking illness or symptom alleviation.  Laboratories like CannLabs in Colorado can help identify proper cannabinoid profiles to treat special cases such as children, or patients with severe illness.
  • In recent years, research and development on how the human bodies’ endocannabinoid system interacts with cannabinoid profiles to contribute to various illness cures or alleviations.
  •  Ethan Russo, MD and The International Cannabinoid Research Society is a great place to begin familiarizing yourself with other non-psychotropic cannabinoids
  • Alternative delivery methods make the therapeutic effects of cannabis available in forms such as gel caps, vapor, juices, tinctures, and topical salves that can be both smokeless as well as not intoxicate patients.
  •  Juicing: In raw form, Cannabis leaves and flowers are concentrated with non-psychoactive, anti-biotic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-regulating and anti-cancer nutrient compounds including lesser-known Tetrahydrocannabicannabidiol (CBD), and Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) both of which are proving to be therapeutic substances capable of preventing and/or reversing a multitude of chronic and debilitating illnesses.
  • Basic understanding of cannabis cultivation:

o   Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Growers Handbook

o   Agricultural and horticultural text books

o   Innovators and advancements in hydroponic technology

§  Current Culture H20

§  Hydro innovations


3.  Start the Talent Acquisition Process

Talent acquisition is also going to be extremely important. The expansive nature and broad scope of a modern commercial cannabis production or dispensing facility requires an incredible array of expertise and ability.  Only with a sophisticated team of owners, board members, advisors, managers, and employees will a company truly be able to succeed in such a complex industry.

Experts are needed in areas ranging from medical advisors, doctors and pharmacists to agricultural and horticultural advisors, market analysts, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, HVAC and water specialists, as well as labor, production, trim, and plant crews; just to name a few.  Other positions of consideration include laboratory technicians, cannabinoid isolation scientists, extraction specialists, laboratory analysts for batch testing, and all of the individual experts necessary for an array of research and development programs.  The diversity of talent and expertise necessary for proper staffing and operations is staggering.

Lawyers, lobbyists, and consultants will also be the primary candidates for advice on sorting, charting, projecting and understanding the dynamic shift from total cannabis prohibition to fully functional and regulated systems of industrial manufacturing and dispensing.  Retain skilled lawyers who specialize in the practice of medical and adult use marijuana law for understanding the nuances of what is often confusing legal documents; as well as how they apply to your situation, in your location.

Lobbyists are also going to be a powerful ally.  They can advocate legislation in favor of a responsible and reliable regulatory system during the provisional drafting process.

Getting ahead of the law, and informing the public as well as legislators about these issues, is the best way to ensure the drafting of realistic and reasonable regulation. Being a proactive member in establishing legislation ensures quality medication to the patients, non-diversion of medicine to the state and responsibility to the public.

Finally, look to experienced consultants like Quantum 9, Inc.|, Denver Relief, iComply, 4front Advisors and other established firms to help you understand and anticipate the complexities of the newly emerging commercial cannabis industry.  These firms have extensive experience in the design, production, infrastructure, and operation protocols required for modern, legal, industrial agricultural manufacturing facilities.  From AutoCAD design, and automated hydroponic irrigation systems, to sophisticated inventory tracking and point-of-sale systems, reputable and experienced consultants have been through each and every aspect of the legalization and regulation process hundreds of times over.  The expertise, guidance, and problem solving abilities these firms can bring to an industrial cannabis project often mean the difference between license acquisition and failure, or between data driven protocols and guesswork.  The complexity of expertise required for the successful operation of these ventures, as well as the rapid speed at which medical and adult use cannabis regulation is established and revised, as often as a few times per year in some states, can be incredibly overwhelming.

4. Prepare Documentation, Protocols, and Procedures

Legal documentation is a key area. First of all, corporate structure will affect all future business.  When setting up your company, a few of the many questions to be addressed are:

  • How will equity shares will be split between the principal partners?
  • What is the structure of the company?
  • What promises are being made between individuals?
  • How will the operation agreement be architected?
  • What type of company or corporation will be created?
  •  How will that company be responsible for taxation?
  • What local or county codes or statutes may affect your situation?

A lawyer can help outline how relationships are set up, especially if you’re working with investors. You need to make sure the entity you’re creating is within the statutes of the law.  It may even be beneficial to have a lawyer on your board of directors or advisors, who is directly involved with operations. They may even have an equity stake in the company because there’s going to be an extensive amount of writing from the legal team in general. This person can complete the documentation in its entirety, or outsource parts or all of the documentation to a consulting firm like Quantum 9, Inc.|, Denver Relief, iComply, 4front Advisors.

There are additional considerations to take into account for investors in the cannabis industry.  There’s tremendous risk, work, investment, and potentially tremendous reward.  Carefully drafted partnership agreements will be paramount.  It is equally important to be involved with a like-minded group of individuals who are all in good standing with their communities, state and federal governments.  Furthermore, ensure these partnerships and arrangements are reflected within the company’s operation agreement. The issue of federal intervention is still possible for anyone unable to provide evidence of their regulatory compliance.

You will also need a site and facility planning documentation, as well as the need to find land, or a facility; either by purchasing, leasing or constructing.  Furthermore, the site of any cannabis manufacturing or dispensing facility is going to be held to an extensive list of regulatory requirements.

These requirements often entail the integration of the city and county codes of health, safety, and compliance; as well state and federal laws, regulations, and permits.  If this complex integration of regulatory and oversight bodies does not confuse you, then the cannabis industry is for YOU!

Beginning with building and facility planning, there will be a tremendous amount of security requirements- keypad entry, biometric entry, camera surveillance systems, inventory tracking, etc. In addition, cultivation assets for production and their location will need to fit within the rules and regulations of your state. For instance, the state regulatory and oversight departments may require 24-hour video surveillance coverage of every square foot of the facility.  In Colorado, the regulation goes so far as to require both streaming video to the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED), as well as offsite data storage of the last 40 days of surveillance.

In addition to planning for the facility itself, if you’re cultivating; you will have to understand cultivation techniques, manufacturing protocol, and facility design.  All of this must also be coordinated with the talent of the master gardener, and cultivation team as a whole. On the dispensing side, you’ll need to figure out how the secured areas will work, how the patient check-in procedure takes place, and how patients will be brought into and out of a secured medicine acquisition areas for the point-of-sale.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to get into the legal medical or adult use cannabis industry, you will also need a significant amount of logistical documentation, including procedures protocols. This would encompass everything required by the state, as well as any manufacturing and dispensing protocols for optimizing sanitation, security, workflow, scheduling, the production line, transportation, etc.  This also includes a business plan, procedures for transportation, addressing items such as a diversion of product, and protocols for all standard operating procedures. In anticipation of license application submission, all of this document architecture can be preemptively created so that it can be provisioned within the application for your permit.


All of this, of course, is in preparation of the execution of an application when your state becomes a legal medical marijuana state.

Though it may seem overwhelming to take in such extensive lists of documents and personnel required just for the basic framework of the application processes and operational standards; these are the practices and quality assurance guidelines that will create a solid, profitable and successful company.

Careful attention to the detail involved, not only in the preparation and design process, but also each portion of the application process can mean the difference between an industry leader and a forfeit license.

Rely heavily on the experts on your board, and among your advisers; as well as looking to lawyers, lobbyists and consultants for compliance reassurance, technical support and quality control.

Build a strong team – this cannot be accomplished alone. Strong, extensive cooperative networks are required.

Focus on the patients – it is all about them!

Have fun and be innovative!  We are being given a unique opportunity in history – treat it that way!

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[iii] IL HB 0001– Effective 1/1/2014




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Medical Marijuana Business Symposium This Weekend

August 22, 2013

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