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North Carolina’s First Medical Dispensary

In April of this year, Michael Mayes, founder of the cannabis consulting firm Quantum 9, had the chance to speak with The Charlotte Observer about the very first medical dispensary in North Carolina. Quantum 9 is a Chicago-based cannabis consulting firm committed to revolutionizing the cannabis industry. Mayes and his team have helped clients become cannabis business owners in over 27 US states and six countries.

The state witnessed the grand opening of North Carolina’s first medical dispensary. Notably, they say this will be the world’s largest medical cannabis dispensary superstore. More specifically, this will be the first medical dispensary in North Carolina to test and sell cannabis legally.

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The Risks & Challenges of Planning a Medical Dispensary

The Cherokee Nation’s 57,000-acre territory falls outside of North Carolina’s marijuana prohibition. As a result, the location makes it a perfect place to open a medical dispensary. Members of the Cherokee tribe are transforming an old bingo hall near Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort into the dispensary. This makes the dispensary the only legal place to buy cannabis within a three-hour drive of Charlotte. In November of last year, workers began harvesting cannabis that will be sold as flower, prerolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more.

Because this is a medical dispensary in North Carolina, not a recreational dispensary, applications, which require a healthcare professional’s signature, are necessary for purchases. The application forms are available online now. Consequently, the Cherokee Cannabis Control Board, which regulates the operation, is currently processing applications. Moreover, medically eligible tribe members will be prioritized first, followed by the general public.

According to Mayes, it is essential for the dispensary to consider the risks of overproduction and underproduction. In any case, these risks can sink a cannabis operation.

“If all 9,600 people living on Qualla Boundary bought the maximum 6 ounces of product allowed by the Cannabis Control Board each month, that would amount to 345,600 ounces a year,” said Mayes. “Producing the planned 1,200 pounds a week could leave the EBCI with an enormous amount of unsold product.”

All in all, this is a necessary consideration for cannabis operations throughout the country. However, the tribe’s goal to produce 998,400 ounces a year will not only serve residents within the Qualla Boundary but the 10.4 million residents of the entire state. In fact, the Cherokee are ramping up production and genetics research. Ultimately, this will ensure that the ground-breaking medical dispensary will serve communities throughout the state.

Cannabis Consultation for the First Medical Dispensary in North Carolina & Worldwide

Quantum 9 prioritizes cannabis consulting due to the many benefits cannabis offers worldwide. Through compassion and a strong will to help, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 continue to work hard at cannabis consulting and accessibility to the plant worldwide.

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