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Among the most underappreciated traits of top sales professionals are the ability to assess buyer risk and to collaborate, as well as a sense of humor, and competitiveness. Forbes, in its October 2023 interview with the accomplished Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9, delved into the topic of these lesser-known qualities that set top sales professionals apart.

Mayes’ first choice? Ferocity.

The Competitive Edge

Mayes, with his rich experience in identifying and nurturing talent, emphasizes the importance of competitiveness in top sales professionals. He suggests an intriguing marker: “An underappreciated trait for a sales hire is how fierce of a competitor they are. If they played organized sports in high school or later, that’s a great sign.”

Highlighting the value of a competitive spirit often seen as honed through sports, this perspective offers a unique lens through which to view potential hires.

The Value of Aggression in Top Sales Professionals

Alongside competitiveness, Mayes places aggression on the list of key traits. While aggression in sales must be tempered with professionalism and ethics, it often reflects a drive to achieve goals and a proactive approach to challenges.

Assessing Character and Personality

While proven skills are invaluable, assessing a candidate’s character and personality traits can reveal a lot about their potential as a sales professional. Top sales professionals often possess the nuanced ability to assess the risk perception of buyers to tailor their sales approach effectively, as well as a sense of humor for an engaging sales experience.

Emotional resilience is also crucial in sales, where rejections and challenges are routine. Equally essential is the ability to collaborate. The best sales results often come when individuals harness their personal strengths toward mutually beneficial goals.

The Bigger Picture – Business Growth

In other words, when you assess the skills of a potential sales hire, don’t neglect character and personality traits. These can be crucial markers of what makes a top sales professional.

Such traits not only empower the individual, but also contribute significantly to the growth and dynamism of the sales team and, by extension, the business. A stellar team embodies these qualities. Such a team will surpass sales benchmarks and drive business growth and success.

Top Sales Professionals Underappreciated Traits, by Cannabis Business Consultants

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