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Updated May 2021 | Has the strong scent of marijuana kept you from smoking when you really needed it? If so, vaping marijuana may be the way to go.  Although many of us may be used to traditional smoking, many benefits exist when it comes to vaping. With that, you need to make sure you are using high-quality vape pens that brings you all of those benefits. Our cannabis consultant experts at Quantum 9 are here to explain all of the benefits of vaping marijuana.

header image for vape blog on vitamin e acetate confirmation from CDCSo, What Are The Benefits of Vaping Marijuana?

The major benefit of vaping includes the ability to fully experience the cannabinoids found in marijuana. Since vape pens heat up marijuana at lower temperatures, the terpenes are preserved. This means that you will get the best high and taste possible from any of the terpenes in the oil you are vaping. When marijuana is traditionally smoked, a lot of those terpenes burn off immediately. For example, vaping can convert 46% of THC in cannabis into vapor, while a joint can only convert 25 percent. Vaping uses much lower temperatures and those terpenes are preserved. This is why our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 recommend using a high-quality vape pen.

Also, vape pens are super portable and secret. You also won’t have the smell of smoke lingering on your clothing. This makes smoking on the go easy. And you can take a smoke break whenever you want.

It’s All About What Vape Pen You Use

Yes, vaping THC oil may give you the most benefits, but if you choose the wrong pen it’s game over. It is important to make the investment on a high-quality vape pen. A lot of vape pens are out on the market, so our cannabis consultant experts at Quantum 9 are here to help.

High-Quality Vape Pens

Now let’s look at what is on the market.

Pax Era

A popular vaporizer includes the Pax Era. PAX Labs is a very popular brand when it comes to marijuana vaporizers. The Pax Era functions as a THC pod system. You are able to buy these THC pods at your local dispensary and put them on your device. The Era includes temperature control, that provides consistent and flavorful hits. Although the Pax Era is a high-quality vape pen, the downfall comes with its pod system. The Pax Era is only compatible with specific pods and you are only able to use the device with these specific devices.

Puffco Plus

Another popular high-quality vape pen includes the Puffco Plus. This device vaporizes concentrates as well. People often use this device to mobilize dabbing. So, concentrates such as shatter and crumble are often paired with this device. The downfall that comes with this device is the messiness of it. You have to constantly refill the concentrates within the device, which can get a little inconvenient.

Vessel Vape

Lastly, a superior-high-quality vape pen includes the Vessel brand. Vessel includes a premium battery core that delivers a better tasting and fulfilling experience. This means that low heat vaporizes concentrates for the best possible effect. A major benefit to Vessel vape pens is the smart design of the devices. They protect your cartridge, which is important as THC cartridges are often pricey. Since the Vessel vape pen is for pre-filled cartridges, it makes the device easy and clean to use. Also, the Vessel vape pens are compatible with all 510 batteries, which means you will have a lot of oil options to chose from.  Lastly, they are easy to charge and have incredible sleek designs. All in all, the Vessel vape pen is one of the most convenient pens for smoking on the go, as well as obtaining the best high.

High-Quality Vape Pens

With that, our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 choose Vessel as their favorite vaporizer on the market. Their sleek designs and quality temperature control make the product outstanding in comparison to other devices.

To learn more about these high-quality vape pens click here.

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