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The Value of Automation in Cannabis

Cannabis Business Times quotes Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9. The article addresses the rise of automation in cannabis. Mayes’ knowledge and expertise helps with understanding the future of the industry.

Mayes spoke about how the cannabis industry is growing. Big companies have come into the industry. Marijuana agencies have helped growers start their business. Automation in cannabis helps them prevent crop loss.

Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9 was featured in Cannabis Business Times.

Michael Mayes, CEO Quantum 9.

Benefits of Automation in Cannabis

The systems are mostly used for lighting and humidity control, according to the 2019 State of the Industry Report by Cannabis Business Times.

R. Green Leaf Organics in Albuquerque made the switch to automation in 2016.  Basically, they found powdery mildew in most of their marijuana grow rooms. Jacob White, Chief of Cultivation for R. Green Leaf Organics, believes that both cleanliness and environment affect marijuana production. As a result, the company installed a remote-controlled system that controls the CO2, lighting, temperature, and humidity. In fact, they no longer have a mildew problem.

Automation in Marijuana Cultivation

Automation in cannabis continues to grow because of how young the industry is. In addition, automation helps with the environment needed to produce marijuana. Some practices have come from the horticulture industry, but the environment differs from other forms of horticulture.

Older buildings have trouble installing systems for automation in cannabis. As a result, growers in older markets might not be able to use the new systems. Mayes mentions that enterprises have begun to retrofit old industrial buildings. Lastly, they create an automation system to run through the facility.  In fact, marijuana agencies are able to help and design the facility.

In conclusion, newcomers in the industry are encouraged to use marijuana consulting agencies like Quantum 9. A company’s growth depends on how well they understand the cannabis and horticulture industry, according to Mayes.

The original article from Cannabis Business Times can be found here.

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