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Do you have an interest in a marijuana business license in Maryland and want some information about the process from a top Maryland Cannabis Consulting Firm? Well, an adult-use marijuana market may be on the way for the state. Contact Quantum 9 for assistance on your Maryland Dispensary Application submission for when the time comes to apply. With that, our Maryland Dispensary Cannabis Consultants are here to explain recent news about the marijuana market in Maryland and how cannabis consulting services in Maryland can assist your application.

cannabis consulting services in maryland

Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Program

Maryland’s medical marijuana program is well established and there are over 80 operating dispensaries within the state.  The market is highly regulated and the licensees are chosen through a competitive merit-based application process.   If you are interested in applying for a medical marijuana license in Maryland, whether for a cultivation center, a dispensary or a processing center there are many things to consider.

With that, Maryland has placed the second highest entrance fees (only Illinois is higher.) There is a $6,000 application fee. A$40,000 yearly fee to run a dispensary. A $125,000 yearly fee for a special permit from the state.  Additionally, growers are facing a $125,000 to run a facility on top of the $125,000 for the special permit.

Marylands Adult-Use Cannabis Program

There is a current bill that outlines the rules and regulations for a recreational marijuana program in Maryland. This plan regulates the cannabis industry and allows sales by state-licensed businesses. Additionally, the bill expunges past convictions and establishes a social equity program.

This bill allows adults who are 21 years of age or older to possess marijuana. Adults can carry up to two ounces of cannabis and cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants. Additionally, this bill allows private cannabis retailers and delivery services. So, if you want a cannabis business in Maryland, the application for licenses should be available soon after approval of the bill.

Contact Quantum 9 for additional cannabis consulting services in Maryland.

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To begin with, in order to win a license in this very competitive market, you need a substantial amount of funding. Also, an impeccable business plan that will show your professionalism in this endeavor.  At Quantum 9, we have perfected our permitting philosophy and we have found the simple answer to get you what you want. Lastly, we give regulatory bodies all of the information necessary to gain visibility into all of your operations.

The more information you can provide on security, your team, diversion, and providing quality products and service, the better your chances are of procuring a license.  At Quantum 9, we pride ourselves on this cornerstone of our cannabis consulting services, and we are confident we can get you where you want to be. Learn more about our team and services or contact us today to see how we can help you accomplish your organizational goals.

Lastly, Quantum 9 has one of the best consultant and business analyst teams in the industry. Take a look at a few of our key members to see why:

Michael Mayes Quantum 9 CEO

Ed Rosenthal Master Level Gardner III/Most Published and Recognized Cannabis Author

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