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From Then to Now: Cannabis in Canada

In 2001, Canada legalized the usage of medical marijuana. Taking about 17 years, the nation legalized adult-use cannabis in 2018. Though Canada’s progress toward legalizing recreational marijuana was overall slow-going, cannabis sales growth has tripled to $10.9 billion since 2014.

With much progress and patience, the Canadian Cannabis Act paves the way to the legalization of cannabis in Canada. Furthermore, the act states how anyone 19 years or older can legally buy up to 30 grams of adult-use marijuana. Considering the nation’s journey to legalization took over a decade, it is interesting to look back on.

Michael Mayes Discusses Medical Marijuana in Canada (2013)

Similar to the United States, Canada experienced various roadblocks while on the journey to legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana. Though cannabis in Canada is legal for both purposes, it took years to get where the market is now.

In this article dated 2013, the Canadian news channel, CBC News discusses the increase in demand for medical marijuana. Additionally, the article features Michael Mayes, CEO of the Chicago-based firm, Quantum 9.  Here, Mayes explains Quantum 9’s increase in business with Canadian cannabis companies. He found that a lot of these cannabis companies were inquiring consulting with regard to architectural advice, grow-room optimization and overall advice in cannabusiness.

Oddly enough, the article adds how it became very common for Canadian cannabis companies to seek help from U.S. cannabis firms. Considering that the U.S. already legalized medical marijuana in about 20 states at the time, cannabis in Canada continued to grow with the aid of American marijuana firms.

All in all, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 work diligently toward access to the plant internationally and nationwide. Therefore, it is important to consider the various rules and regulations differing between states and regions. Focusing on permit acquisition and licensing, Quantum 9 specializes in team building, facility design, and application writing. The team works in over ten different counties with a 92% licensing approval rate.

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