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Cannabis Industry Innovation

Plexus Media featured the MJBizCon conference, the world’s largest cannabis convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here, industry leaders addressed upcoming trends and forecasts within the industry. Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9, discussed successful cannabis industry innovations.

In this video, Mayes shares the importance of companies focusing on “one linear thing, instead of focusing on many different things”. With that said, Mayes describes the effectiveness of concentrating on a ‘particular subset or method’ and then completely dominating it.

Plexus Media ft. Michael Mayes in Vegas. Cannabis Industry Innovation

Breaking this down, Mayes gives the example of live resin to an extraction company. He explains how choosing a sole product to pursue and specialize, is more important than innovating as one large extraction company.

For example, let’s say I was to open a new business. I would want my company to be focused and strategized. Therefore, instead of focusing on a large variety of offers, I would figure out a niche for my business and maximize its potential in the marketplace.

Similarily, Mayes advises companies to pick a focus and “knock it out of the park”. Mayes remains proactive and diligent about seeking innovation within the cannabis industry. Through compassion and a strong will to help, Mayes and the team of Quantum 9 continue to work toward accessibility to the plant.

“I’ve been passionate [about the cannabis industry] since I was young” -Michael Mayes

Because of its many benefits, Mayes and the team eagerly continue to prioritize marijuana across the globe. It is essential for people to have easy access to products with high quality and great significance. As a result, Mayes reiterates the importance and value that cannabis has to offer.

Whether adult users apply cannabis to therapeutic or palliative purposes, the benefits and advantages are endless. It all boils down to this, states Mayes, “Where somebody would sit down with a glass of wine, they could sit down with some cannabis to ease the day away”.

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