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Expert Cannabis Consultant, Michael Mayes Discusses Potential Lawsuits From Big Cannabis Companies While Applying For Licenses

In this article, the Marijuana Business Daily discusses the increase of lawsuits from cannabis companies against state regulators while applying for cannabis licenses. More specifically, these cannabis companies are already existing and fairly large multistate operators (MSOs). According to the article, these cannabis companies find that they’ve already invested roughly half of a million dollars in applying and securing a location, what’s another $50k on suing?

Here, Michael Mayes, the CEO of the cannabis consulting firm Quantum 9, addresses the various challenges while applying for a cannabis license. He adds how almost every state has its own constraints. Considering the legal challenges while applying for licensing, the article deems regulators at fault from the getgo.

Quantum 9 media image for Michael Mayes Expert Cannabis Consultant and CEO of Quantum 9

“Regulators can be own worst enemy” Claims Marijuana Business Daily

Noting how Mayes states that state regulators have essentially “contributed to their own problems” by these large cannabis companies can only plan for legal challenges. Additionally, this strategy of legal action has already seen some successes. This includes GTI’s medical marijuana cultivation win in Ohio after successfully appealing to the state. And Trulieve’s settlement in Florida. Resulting in the right to open 49 medical marijuana dispensaries, 14 more of the state’s maximum of 35.

All in all, an application “isn’t the end of the game” recognizes Jeremy Unruh from the Chicago-based MSO, PharmaCann. However, because of the limited amount of cannabis licenses approved, cannabis companies can only anticipate legal challenges.

Some claim bias and corruption contribute to the limited amount of licenses approved in most cannabis markets. Correspondingly, Mayes acknowledges these challenges are widespread, and prevalent corruption exists within the cannabis industry nationwide. He adds how states are seeking strategies to avoid litigation. To do this, cannabis companies will need to continue considering and anticipating the legal obstacles in applying for a license.

While competition and restrictions increase, the team at Quantum 9 work diligently toward providing patients access to the plant. Specializing in permit acquisition and licensing, Quantum 9 provides expert cannabis consulting to help aid your entry into the cannabis market worldwide.

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