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Cannabis Consultant, Michael Mayes Discusses Fayetteville’s First Medical Dispensary

An agonizing wait turns to promising anticipation! At last, the first medical dispensary in Fayetteville, Arkansas advances its race toward launching its opening day. Projected to open sometime this month, we can only hope that this is the case.

Expert cannabis consultant Michael Mayes is the spokesperson and industry consultant for the Acanza Health Group facility. As the CEO of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9, the Northwest Arkansas News (KNWA) features Mayes to discuss updates on Fayetteville’s first medical dispensary.

Although there are very few open medical dispensaries scattered throughout Arkansas, Arkansans are confident in their demand for more. With many cardholders traveling as far as six hours to the nearest dispensary location, locals of Fayetteville say that medical marijuana can’t come faster. In this video, Mayes reviews what to expect moving forward.

Medical Marijuana KNWA Media Appearance

“Until dispensaries start growing their own products, they’re kind of held to whatever pricing that the grower is able to sell them for” -Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9

Because the facility is still in development, Mayes acknowledges the potential of varying prices between facilities throughout Arkansas. As a result, pricing for products may be inconsistent, depending on the grower and the shop.

Additionally, Mayes addresses how there are no credit card transactions while purchasing medical marijuana. With all dispensary locations accepting cash only, there are some scenarios where debit banking solutions are available.

All in all, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 work diligently toward access to the plant internationally and nationwide. Therefore, it is important to consider the various rules and regulations differing between states and regions. Focusing on permit acquisition and licensing, Quantum 9 is not your average marijuana consulting firm. Through thorough efforts concerning teambuilding, facility design, and application writing, the team works in over ten different counties with a 92% licensing approval rate.

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