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Forbes Chicago Business Council Features Cannabis Entrepreneur, Michael Mayes

Committed to transforming the cannabis industry, cannabis expert, Michael Mayes recognizes the value in continuously evolving his professional influence. As the founder and CEO Quantum 9, Mayes advances his expertise through his affiliation with the Forbes Chicago Business Council. In this article, the Forbes Council features Mayes’s success story as a cannabis entrepreneur.

Prior to dominating the cannabis industry, Mayes worked as a technology consultant in Chicago. During this time, the future CEO kept an eye on a passive investment he made in a Denver-based cannabis company.

A few months into the investment, Mayes recognized the need to leverage his knowledge in process implementation and project management. To ensure that the skills he honed during his previous consulting career were applied to the Denver company, Mayes spent the next two years traveling between cities.

With the goal of reducing the company’s total expenses, Mayes decided to standardize each step within the supply chain. This would allow all departments to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Finally, he did this by creating a set of procedures to document the overall workflow of the company. Little did he know this insight would establish him as the founder of his own global firm, Quantum 9.

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“I would rather specialize and dominate this one sector than be a vertically shallow consulting firm.” -Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9

Since Quantum 9 opened in 2012, Mayes states how the company has completely evolved. With that said, Quantum 9 no longer advises companies to focus on business processes and facility optimization. Instead, the firm concentrates on advising clients around public policy and permit acquisition.

Through these strategies, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 hold a 92% approval rating. With 22 out of the 24 license applications approved, Mayes continues onto his next move.

As more states legalize marijuana and the cannabis industry matures, it is crucial to track the decline in permit acquisition work. He is continually on the lookout for opportunities to grow his brand. Therefore, Mayes has already “created a federally trademarked cannabis brand” that will be licensed to the clients of Quantum 9.

Notably, Mayes’s perseverance and systematic approach toward business permit acquisition have rewarded him to be a member of the Forbes Chicago Business Council.

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“It has completely changed the way I run my business and standardize workflow” -Forbes Cannabis Entrepreneur, Michael Mayes

Because the council is invitation-only, Mayes feels that being a member of such an exclusive community “adds a level of legitimacy” to his profession.

Furthermore, the council chooses potential members based on one’s background and experience. Then, chosen affiliates can share learned insights and industry-related tips through the Forbes Council platform.

With this in mind, Mayes feels “incredibly fortunate to be among a group of such amazing business people”. Additionally, he and the team at Quantum 9 work hard toward providing superior cannabis consulting around the world.

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