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Forbes Business Council Member, Michael Mayes Discusses His Expertise as CEO of the Cannabis Consulting Firm, Quantum 9

Committed to revolutionizing the cannabis industry, Michael Mayes is the founder of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9. Mayes recognizes the value in strengthening his expertise and professional influence and does this through his affiliation with the Forbes Chicago Business Council. Because the council is invitation-only, he feels that being a member of such an exclusive community “adds a level of legitimacy” to his profession.

Mayes photo for Forbes appearance with the Forbes Chicago Business CouncilThe Forbes cannabis entrepreneur finds it instrumental to heighten his proficiency and leverage himself through the committee. Therefore, he applies his insight as a member of the board and implements these efforts at Quantum 9. In this article, the Expert Panel, Forbes Council features the cannabis entrepreneur to discuss various approaches to optimize a business. Additionally, the article examines the importance of essential conversations with internal and external stakeholders to enhance progress within the company.

“You can’t optimize what you can’t track” Reveals Expert Cannabis Entrepreneur of Quantum 9

Mayes stresses the importance of tracking all processes and progress on an “ongoing basis”. In other words, utilizing technology and communicative methods between shareholders and employees. With this, it is imperative to easily refer back to relevant information regarding financials, actional insights, and overall optimization. Through this strategy, businesses are able to effectively problem solve, measure growth and decipher new innovational breakthroughs.

Featured image for forbes chicago business council media appearance michael mayes cannabis entrepreneurBecause of the many benefits marijuana has to offer, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 continue to prioritize cannabis consulting across the globe. It is essential for people to have easy access to products with high quality and great significance. Through compassion and a strong will to help, Mayes and the team of Quantum 9 continue to work hard at cannabis consulting and accessibility to the plant worldwide.

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