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It’s not what you know but who you know.

In a world filled with uncertainty, chaos, yet endless opportunity, it is essential to know that the connections made are vital. For entrepreneurs and start-up companies, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of building interpersonal relationships.

Cannabis Consultant Discusses LinkedIn Growth Hack

In this article, seven members of the Forbes Chicago Business Council explain key growth tactics for start-up companies. Forbes council member, Michael Mayes, is the CEO and founder of cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9.

On behalf of the council, Mayes is featured in a Forbes online article to discuss LinkedIn growth hacks. This elite association is an invitation-only organization for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in the Greater Chicago area.

Mayes photo for Forbes appearance with the Forbes Chicago Business Council

Since 2018, Mayes has been an active contributor to the council and continues to enhance his expertise in entrepreneurial cannabis consulting. He finds it instrumental to heighten his proficiency and leverage himself through the committee. Additionally, he applies his insight as a member of the board and implements these efforts at Quantum 9.

Mayes also discusses the concept of expanding relationships through LinkedIn. He states how LinkedIn is a perfect platform for Chicago start-up companies to build connections and opportunities.

“We have hired many [cannabis] consultants from LinkedIn” -Marijuana Consultant, Michael Mayes

By connecting with the right talent via LinkedIn, business owners like Mayes, have a more thorough approach to recruiting. He touches on the idea of “first vetting them on LinkedIn”. In other words, Mayes can carefully assess and evaluate potential candidates that will best fit the position.

As of July 2019, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 hold a 92% approval rating. With 22 out of 24 license applications approved, it is crucial to hire applicants of similar work ethic, background, and qualifications.

Aside from recruiting aspects, Mayes focuses his business efforts at Quantum 9 around licensing and public policy. Because of this, it is essential for the company to be credible while providing reliable expert cannabis consulting.

Finally, Quantum 9 highly values maximizing clients’ potential through permit acquisition, process planning, and employee training. Therefore, the goal is simple. To “perfectly align the best people with appropriate positions for our clients, everywhere”.

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