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Benefiting the Community at Greenwave Dispensary with Michael and Thomas Mayes

Meet CEO, co-owner of Greenwave Dispensary and cannabis expert, Michael Mayes.

Banner for Michael Mayes CEO of Quantum 9As the CEO of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9, Mayes continues to make significant advancements in the cannabis industry. Mayes co-owns several medical marijuana facilities across the United States. Constantly searching for ways to benefit his community, Michael works diligently toward cannabis licensing at Quantum 9 and Greenwave Dispensary.

In this article, Michael and his brother Thomas Mayes are featured in the Lansing City Pulse to discuss the status of their Greenwave Dispensary in Lansing, Michigan. Locals to Lansing, the brothers think it’s important to offer something beneficial to their hometown and community.

No Better Way Than to Offer Medical Marijuana-Infused Products That Benefit the Community

At Greenwave, the Mayes brothers prioritize accommodating their vendors, patients, and helping their community. With this, they continue to find a middle ground. A community where the dispensary can co-exist in an amicable way to benefit its patients and the surrounding businesses.

As the CEO of the Chicago-based firm, Quantum 9, Michael applies his experience to Greenwave and its community. He stresses the importance of integrating a safety plan while outlining the building’s design process.

Additionally, the article considers the brothers’ choice in the dispensary’s real estate location. Because the building was previously a chicken restaurant, the Mayes brothers have a kitchen available in their facility. Looking to potentially create a medical production facility, the dispensary continues its race toward opening day and ultimately benefiting its community.

A Portion of Greenwave Dispensary Proceeds Will Be Donated to the Homeless Hotel in South Lansing

Because the cannabis industry is so new, Michael acknowledges individuals who may be skeptical about medical marijuana. And instead, the plant should be seen as how it is. A viable solution to pain and other life-debilitating conditions.

He adds how it is vital for the dispensary to build trust within the community by offering a safe, well-lit, and clean environment. The brothers will donate a portion of their proceeds to benefit the homeless of Lansing. They find that keeping the dispensary community-focused helps build trust, quality assurance, and patient loyalty.

All in all, the Mayes brothers continue to seek ways of benefiting their community through Greenwave Dispensary and medical marijuana. Adding value to the people of their hometown and the Lansing community is the Greenwave way.

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