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Built In featured the CEO of marijuana consulting agency Quantum 9 . Michael Mayes talked about how COVID-19 has impacted the cannabis industry. He believes that marijuana companies have turned to tech to beat the restrictions of COVID-19.

Many cities have issues stay at home orders. Marijuana companies remained essential, though. Both dispensaries and marijuana consulting companies have stayed open. Despite this, it prevented some customers from going to stores. As a result, marijuana companies using tech to sell their products online.

Cannabis Tech during COVID-19

States made cannabis essential because of medical users. Marijuana companies have allowed medicinal users to come into stores. Other users can have their orders sent to their home. That prevented lines that plagued Chicago stores earlier this year.

Marijuana companies do not get the same help as other businesses. That is because marijuana is not legal in every state. Lawmakers are looking for ways to give money to cannabis companies. Marijuana companies have turned to tech to keep their business running.

Companies have listed their products in addition to their strains on their website. This lets people place their orders from home. They close their website once they have sold out. It helps give more people the chance to buy. It also allows for companies to keep up with their orders.

Cannabis Tech in the Future

Blackbird is a marijuana consulting agency in Nevada. The company uses tech to reach their customers. They saw their sales go up after the state was issued a stay-at-home order. The company provides online sales software, shipping, and help with customer service. They work with over 700 cannabis companies.

Mayes says companies now have more to do to set up a better platform. Marijuana tech companies can now help stores build websites to reach people. It is kind of a new form of marijuana consulting.

The original story from Built In can be found here.

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