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Cannabis Consultant Discusses Business Opportunites for Medical Marijuana in West Virginia

Currently, the wait for medical marijuana in West Virginia is quite painful to watch, but how long will this last? Expert marijuana consultant, Michael Mayes, is the CEO and founder of cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9. Mayes is featured in an online article for the Marijuana Business Daily to review the stance of medical marijuana (MMJ) in West Virginia.

Mayes featured photo for cannabis consultant in West Virginia. or the appearance in the Marijuana Business JournalWest Virginia is experiencing a prolonged journey toward access to medical dispensaries. According to state officials, there are not enough banking services to support the state’s medical marijuana program. In this article, the Marijuana Business Daily claims how WV could be the “slowest state in the country to allow MMJ companies to open for business”.

Furthermore, the state limits business licenses for medical cannabis locations in addition to its ban on smokable flower and edibles. As stated by the Marijuana Business Factbook, these types of restrictions “will likely keep patient counts from reaching their full potential”. For this reason, it is imperative that organizations remain proactive, resourceful and innovative.

Despite the current uncertainties regarding MMJ in West Virginia, Mayes discusses business opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs. Against the current momentum, he and the team at Quantum 9 continue to work hard toward access to medical cannabis in West Virginia.

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Business Opportunities for Medical Marijuana in West Virginia Remain Promising

Although the state expects delays while launching medical marijuana, Mayes confirms that there are still ways to prepare. For example, the expert cannabis consultant advises clients to “avoid recurring expenses”.

Examples of recurring expenses can include the following:

  • Government relations
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Equipment

With this in mind, Mayes notes that these types of “month-over-month costs could sink a great company before they start”. Therefore, steering clear from big financial commitments is crucial while considering the current market.

Additionally, our cannabis consultants will work closely with WV clients to take into account sales forecasts, business plans, and projected financial statements. Mayes finds value in anticipating the “what-if” scenarios in order to accurately predict the market’s potential.

Although the wait for medical marijuana in West Virginia continues, business opportunities within the market remain solid.

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