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Cannabis License Consultant in Forbes

Forbes Business Council member Michael Mayes screenshot image at the Cannabis-Aid conference to discuss Winning Big and Building a Winning Team

Forbes quoted Quantum 9 CEO and marijuana licensing consultant Michael Mayes. Mayes was featured as one of the 13 Forbes Business Council members who offered advice on improving business processes.

Forbes Business Council

The industry leaders quoted in the article are members of the Forbes Business Council. The council is an invitation-only and includes several successful small business owners.

The article lists 13 ways business owners can improve their business processes. Improving your business process makes it easier to streamline your company’s procedures.

Marijuana licensing consultant Michael Mayes suggested that businesses use systems like Basecamp. This allows for a system of checks and balances. For instance, the system lets you set due dates that track the progress of your employees. In addition, you can send a notification to your employees through the app.

However, Mayes was the only leader from the marijuana license consulting business to be featured in the article. Similarly, he is the only industry leader from the cannabis industry featured. However, he is not the only Forbes Business Council member in the cannabis industry.

Expert Panel

The industry leaders in the Forbes Business Council featured in the article:

  • Firstly, Michael Mayes – CEO of Quantum 9
  • Secondly, Kyle Hermans – CEO of Be Courageous
  • Thridly, Karthil Krishnan – Global CEO of Brittanica Group
  • Andy Rodosevich – CEO of Home Depot
  • Syed Gilani – CEO of Safr Technologies Inc.
  • Scott Amyx – Managing Partner at Amyx Ventures
  • Andreea Vanacker – CEO of SPARKX5
  • Dawn Brown MD.,  -ADHD Specialist at ADHD Wellness Center, PLLC
  • Kiara Cancer – Owner of Extraordinary Headhunters, LLC
  • Heather Newman – CMO of Content Panda/Creative Maven
  • Beth Worthy – President of GMR Transciprtion Services, INC.
  • Amanda Daering – CEO of Newance
  • And Lastly Chris Cashin – CEO of Parcel Consulting, LLC

Cannabis Business Consulting

In conclusion, Quantum 9 offers services to help make the process of obtaining a marijuana license easier. In addition, our CEO has been a member of the Forbes Business Council for almost two years.

To sum up, Quantum 9 has very qualified marijuana licensing consultants who are happy to help you.

You can read the article here.

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