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Cannabis Consultant Featured on NWA News

Michael Mayes, a marijuana consultant and founder of Quantum 9, was featured in Fox 24 NWA News. Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 have worked eagerly to prioritize access to medical marijuana in the state.

The NWA News report features Mayes, as the third dispensary in Arkansas plans to open mid-to-late August. In this report, Mayes discusses the next steps toward supply reassurance and preparation for medical marijuana in Arkansas.

Additionally, Mayes continues to work closely with local cultivators to ensure a “healthy supply and variety of products”. While Arkansans anxiously wait for another medical marijuana location, they claim it couldn’t have come faster.

“I wish it had been here sooner…” -Medical Marijuana in Arkansas Patient

Cardholder, Jon Nelson, is relieved to hear the news of a third location. Displeased by the slow pace of additional dispensaries, he knows it’s just a matter of time.

Nelson drives from Rogers to Hot Springs to purchase his medication and finds his six-hour commute tedious but necessary. It’s essential to make the treatment of medical cannabis accessible, but there are just not enough dispensaries available to help the people who need it.

Additionally, Nelson claims that treating his epilepsy, BPD, and other disorders with medical marijuana is the only treatment that has helped him. It is therefore vital that patients have easy access and availability to their choice of medication and treatment.

Promising Forecasts for Marijuana in Arkansas

Scott Hardin with the Medical Marijuana Commission, observes opportunity in growth for medical cannabis in Arkansas.

According to Hardin, the first two dispensaries sold over 200 pounds of medical marijuana in the state of Arkansas. With that said, Hardin is confident that Arkansans are more than ready for a third dispensary location.

With the value and importance that medical marijuana has to offer, the state of Arkansas continues to forecast positive trends and high sales numbers.

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