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Acanza Operational Cannabis Consultant, Thomas Mayes, Discusses the Opening of the Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Fayetteville

It’s been an ongoing journey to medical marijuana in Fayetville. At last! The third medical marijuana dispensary is now open in Fayetteville! With medical patients driving more than six hours to their nearest dispensary, access to medical marijuana is now available in northwest Arkansas.

In the video, the Acanza operational consultant, Thomas Mayes, discusses the status of the Acanza Health Group facility. Here, he states how the dispensary is actively placing product orders and is training their employees accordingly. With regard to product knowledge and patient restrictions, Mayes explains the visitor policy while buying from a medical dispensary.

“You have to be a medical marijuana patient or caregiver”, Says Thomas Mayes, Operational Cannabis Consultant

Additionally, Mayes clarifies to the MSN Microsoft News who can actually buy from the Acanza medical marijuana dispensary in Fayetteville. With this, Mayes confirms that without being a medical marijuana cardholder or caregiver, the facility cannot even allow individuals in the waiting room. However, with the proper certifications and requirements, the facility offers various cannabis and cannabis-infused products. This includes various marijuana flower strains, cartridges, and marijuana-infused products.

The Acanza Health Group facility is located on McConnell Avenue, near the Washington County Fairgrounds. The location is excited about opening and is thrilled to finally see the location up and running. Offering various forms of consumption, the Acanza facility is open and ready to serve medical marijuana patients in Arkansas.

The journey to medical marijuana in Fayetteville has been an ongoing race. Therefore, expert cannabis consultant, Michael Mayes works closely with the Acanza facility as their spokesperson and industry cannabis consultant. As founders of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9, Thomas and Michael Mayes continue to work diligently toward access to the plant. Through efforts toward facility design and application writing, the team works in over ten different countries with a 92% licensing approval rate.

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