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Medical Marijuana in New York Legalized in 2014

The race to accessible marijuana in the United States continues to grow. Currently, the US consists of 33 medical marijuana states and 11 adult-use marijuana states. With New York legalizing medical marijuana back in 2014, the state has seen its fair share of concern and restrictions in overall process application and accessibility of the plant.

The article ‘Is New York’s Medical Marijuana Doomed to Burn Out?’ discusses the state’s success in the cannabis industry in 2015. Additionally, it analyzes the cause of complications and the stagnant momentum of its compassionate medical marijuana program. Though dated in 2015, expert cannabis consultant, Michael Mayes examines the similarities toward access to medical marijuana in New York and Illinois.

Banner for Michael Mayes CEO of Quantum 9Michael Mayes is the CEO and founder of the Chicago-based cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9. Specializing in permit acquisition and licensing, Mayes recognizes the various legal restrictions and speculation while expanding access to medical marijuana.

New York’s Lack of Medical Marijuana Patients

“It’s a huge, huge problem” states Mayes with regard to New York’s lack of medical marijuana patient population. He adds how shortages of registration may negatively affect the entire market, eventually resulting in price wars between businesses. With slightly over 10 qualifying debilitating conditions required for access to medical marijuana in New York, the list still needs to expand in order to successfully progress.

All in all, Mayes and the team at Quantum 9 work diligently toward access to the plant internationally and nationwide. Therefore, it is important to consider the various rules and regulations differing between states and regions. Focusing on permit acquisition and licensing, Quantum 9 is not your average marijuana consulting firm. Through thorough efforts concerning teambuilding, facility design, and application writing, the team works in over ten different counties with a 92% licensing approval rate.

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