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The Washington Examiner quoted Quantum 9 CEO and marijuana consultant Michael Mayes. In the article, Mayes offers insight into the relationship between medical marijuana and an increase in jobs.

marijuana consultant Michael Mayes

Increase in Jobs

Medical marijuana impacts the number of jobs within a community. The large facilities and stores require people to work within them. The medical marijuana license application helps the applicant and officials cooperate. Moreover, the revenue is enticing for state and city officials.

Additionally, towns are able to tax the marijuana that is being sold. It allows towns to earn money while also turning people away from the black market.

Growers went to many towns to meet with public officials. As a result, they were welcomed because of the financial benefits of medical marijuana.  Most Americans believe that medical marijuana should be legal, according to a Pew Research Center poll.

Marijuana in Illinois

Illinois became the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana in January 2020. However,  individuals were able to begin receiving their medical marijuana license in 2013.

The first step in building local support is having a phone conversation, Quantum 9 CEO and marijuana consultant Michael Mayes said. Mayes mentions that the ultimate goal is to receive a letter of recommendation from the mayor. The letter shows that the city supports having marijuana facilities.

In addition, having a letter of recommendation shows that the applicant is viable applicant for a cannabis license.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Cards

The hope is to still bring in more jobs and revenue so that the towns remain viable.

Medical Marijuana Application Process

The application process for obtaining a medical marijuana license can be exhaustive. Above all, groups looking to obtain a license should start the process early because of the many steps . That is to say, hiring a marijuana consultant is very beneficial.

Marijuana consultant companies, like Quantum 9, have made the process easier. For instance, part of the medical marijuana license application is preparing blueprints for the grow facility. Marijuana consultants can help ensure that the facility meets the standards outlined in the requirements.

You can find the original article here.

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