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Security for Illinois medical marijuana is taken just as seriously as the security used in areas such as Fort Knox Colorado.

Illinois Cannabis Security Requirements

For example, medical marijuana in Illinois grows within enclosed facilities. Also, security will monitor the areas with silent alarms and 24-hour video surveillance. Additionally, patients need special IDs in order to be within the retail centers.

Also, some of the strict requirements include time-stamped recorded videos of cannabis cultivation and dispensaries. At the same time, the videos are kept for 90 days on-site and another 90 days off-site. In addition, these centers must have a printer that is able to immediately provide still photos from the videos.

In order to prevent internal theft, employees within these facilities will wear pocket-less color-coded uniforms. With these intentions, these requirements will prevent the theft of the product. The color-coded uniforms will make it easier to monitor workers from going into restricted areas.

Security Design Consulting

Cannabis Consulting

With that in mind, business owners are in compliance with these strict restrictions. Quantum 9, a Chicago-based cannabis consulting company, provides expert marijuana consulting. Quantum 9’s consulting methods aid investors and entrepreneurs with the permit acquisition process.

To begin with, the security is intense. Business owners need to make sure they have detailed security plans that exceed the laws strict requirements. Quantum 9, a cannabis consulting company, has been guiding business owners in the right direction. Simultaneously, Quantum 9 helps exceed security requirements for cultivation and dispensary permits.

Illinois Cannabis Security-Michael Mayes Quote

Also, Michael Mayes of Quantum 9 is very aware of the strict requirements that the state requires and is moving quickly to have the best security in place. When asked about his security measures, he states:

“We outfitted a world-class 315,000-square-foot facility in Nova Scotia and the security with biometrics (was) around $1.8 million.”

As one can see, Quantum 9 is taking security as seriously as the state wants it to. Therefore, his cannabis consulting company is a necessary tool for business owners. This is important as there is a limited number of marijuana cultivation and dispensary permits available within the state.

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