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The U.S. cannabis industry sales forecast to value at $80 billion by 2030. Do you want in?

If so, keep in mind, in order to be a successful cannabis business, it’s important to be strategic, proactive, and purposeful while entering any, and all cannabusinesses. To many, opening a new business is only a fantasy and usually is dismissed and forgotten. But to some, entering an industry that is constantly evolving and highly controversial seems daunting yet intriguing.

Essential Steps to Winning Big and Building a Winning Team in the Cannabis Industry – Marijuana Consultant, Michael Mayes

Michael Mayes is the founder of the cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9.  He discusses critical components to winning big and building a winning team for a successful cannabis business. In this video, the expert cannabis consultant speaks at the Cannabis-Aid conference in Detroit, Michigan, as an active member of the cannabinoid research society.

Here, Mayes unfolds the strategies behind the successes of permit acquisition and licensing at Quantum 9. Additionally, he covers his ideal systematic approach to winning big and building a winning team. Consisting of topics such as licensing, cultivation, processing, and provisioning, Mayes examines the specific roles required to develop a successful cannabis business.

Necessary Roles for a Strong Team

Moving on, Mayes discusses the roles and their corresponding duties/requirements that form an impactful team. The following titles are some of the more critical positions that can make a company flourish:

  • Project Leader
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Lawyers/Attorneys 
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Lobbyist
  • Investors

If you would like to hear Michael Mayes go more in-depth on these topics in addition to examples of successful wins in the cannabis industry, please click here.

In the video, Mayes has three observed underlying themes. These insights include the following:

1.) Include team members that seek excellence and growth

2.) Experiences of team members must match the company’s goal

3.) Specialization is your business’s friend

In other words, it’s important to hire individuals who are driven by success and progress. For example, Mayes explains how awards and a strong record of success can help measure one’s will to advance and evolve, individually and as a business.

With that said, maximizing growth for a successful cannabis business is achievable by developing a work environment where there is a consensus goal. Moreover, hiring employees with diverse skills contributes to the bigger picture, connects diverging insights, and ultimately results in more robust specialization strategies.

Above all, to win big, one must build a winning team. Because “if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”. -Henry Ford

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