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Finally, Marijuana In Illinois

Adult-use (recreational) marijuana in Illinois is now legal starting in January 2020.

The table below outlines the following allotments for the possession of cannabis in Illinois starting January 1st, 2020:

Cannabis Consulting Firm, Quantum 9 Continues to Work Diligently Toward Permit Acquisition and Licensing

Through strong efforts toward access and eliminating division of the plant, companies like cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9 works hard toward permit acquisition and licensing worldwide. Although legalization is great news for the Illinois cannabis industry, it was quite the journey to get here.

For example, the CEO of Quantum 9, Michael Mayes spoke to Marijuana Business Daily to discuss the status of marijuana in Illinois. Dated January 2016, the article examined the worry that marijuana business owners experienced while trying to stabilize the market.

As a result, the marijuana program in Illinois needed to increase two things:

  1. Patient count
  2.  Qualifying debilitating conditions

Additionally, Mayes confirmed that adding chronic pain to the list would stimulate growth for the marijuana market in Illinois. He found that this addition would be a significant boost for the program, potentially tripling the current number of patients.

Sure enough, Mayes’s theory held true. As the months passed, so did petitions for new qualifying conditions. By adding ailments like chronic pain syndrome and PTSD to the list, medical dispensaries generated $1.7M in sales by the end of 2015.

Fast forward three years. It is now the end of 2019 and in just a few short months, adults 21 and older can legally obtain marijuana in Illinois.

From Medical Marijuana to Adult-Use (Recreational) Marijuana in Illinois

According to one of Quantum 9’s expert cannabis consultants, Julio Soriagalvarro predicts an increase in the demand for additional cannabis businesses in Illinois. Because the application process for a license is highly competitive, businesses should hire consultants to increase their chances of winning. Therefore, Quantum 9 expects “a surge in business from the Illinois market” and will continue to provide expert cannabis consulting.

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