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October 2016 | By Corporate Visions Magazine

Quantum 9 CEO Michael Mayes featured in Corporate Visions Magazine October issue. His company specializes in linking wealthy corporations to the cannabis industry. The company’s expertise contains a wide range of specialties such as acquiring special permits, team building, employee training and process planning.

Therefore Quantum 9’s system has led to maximum results in everything from growing, processing as well as dispensing marijuana. They are able to achieve such high results by having award winning growers, scientists and business owners. The team at Quantum 9 has a variety of useful degrees. These include degrees in medicine, cannabinoid therapy, agriculture, horticulture and business.

Quantum 9 around the world

Quantum 9 works with a wide range of clients in the United States and worldwide. They have worked closely with the German ministry to help start their medical marijuana programs. With medical and recreational marijuana increasing their popularity around the world, the industry is expected to grow to $36.8 billion by 2020.  However,  the move international has not been without a few hurdles. For instance, most companies in the industry operate only with cash. Michael has worked with these companies in Columbia, Holland and Canada to ensure operating efficiently.

Even with these hurdles, Michael and Quantum 9 are able to have a success rate of over 90% in getting corporations cannabis licences.  His team uses a 6-months plan to get these licences. They carefully make sure that everything from the Standard Operating Procedures to employees that work in the facility.  Quantum 9 was also responsible for the CBD pediatric bill writing in Kentucky. This bill assists kids access safe cannabis for medical purposes.

In conclusion, the key challenges Quantum 9 and the entire marijuana industry faces today is the issue of changing society’s point of view of marijuana. People still focus on the negative effects it has as opposed to the many benefits. The other challenge is the banking issue, but Quantum 9 has the pieces in place to solve that problem.


For more information on Quantum 9, to learn more about their cannabis consulting services with corporations in the cannabis industry. To see information on cannabis facility design, click here.

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