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Driving while impaired

Cannabis Consultant Featured on CBS Chicago 2

Michael Mayes, of Quantum 9, a Chicago based cannabis consultancy was featured in a CBS 2 original report. The report by Dorthy Tucker explores the effect marijuana legalization will have on the number of impaired driving cases in Illinois. There has been an increase in the number of drivers driving while high on cannabis after medical legalization.

Now, authorities in Cook County are anticipating an even greater number of DUI’s following the approval of recreational use. The driving while high article was written on March 13th, 2018.

Driving with High Statistics

In 2017, 20 percent of the 113 DUI arrests in Riverside Illinois were related to drugged driving. Of those cases, nearly half of those involved marijuana.

According to Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel, “If we make recreational cannabis in Illinois legal, you’re going to see that 20 percent, in my opinion, jump to 30, 35 percent.”

Driving while High

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Michigan State Police DUIs for Cannabis

Michigan State Police are moving to counter the effects that more lenient legislation may have on Cannabis related DUI’s. Departments have implemented testing of a roadside device that uses saliva to measure recent cannabis usage. Trooper Tim Gean believes the device could make a difference in law enforcements ability to handle cannabis related DUI’s. “It’s another tool for the police to take impaired drivers off the road”.

The testing period for the device will last until November. Opponents of recreational marijuana believe that increases in traffic fatalities in Washington State are due to more drivers testing positive post-legalization.

One challenge facing law enforcement in this matter is the lack of a standard metric for measuring intoxication levels such as currently exist for alcohol.

For now, the true impact of cannabis-impaired driving will have in Illinois will remain a key topic for future debate.

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Michael Mayes

Author Michael Mayes

Quantum 9, Inc. is a Chicago, IL-based cannabis consulting firm. We specialize in getting high net worth individuals and private equity cannabis business licenses to cultivate, manufacture, and dispense marijuana. We have over 50 marijuana consultants that work for the company, and we have practiced in 12 countries. Our areas of expertise include permit acquisition, team building, employee training planning, and process planning. We help clients fully maximize the potential of any cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensary business.

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