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The cannabis industry is growing. With that, it is important to know how to win with international cannabis markets. With that in mind, the experts at Quantum 9 can help.

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Winning Cannabis Licenses Internationally

Michael Mayes, of Quantum 9, talks about the North American and other cannabis markets within the podcast at CannaInsider. Quantum 9 is a cannabis consulting firm. So, they focus on the licensing part of cannabis consulting. With that, they are winning with cannabis internationally.

To begin with, Michael Mayes began his career as an investor in 2009. Additionally, Mayes began to work with Colorado’s first for-profit medical marijuana market. The company began as a basement operation and grew fast from there. Now, he is able to win with cannabis licensing all around the world.

Also, Quantum 9 works around the world with about 10 other countries. While working with the company, Mayes helps other businesses win with the help of cannabis consulting. As a result, Mayes began his cannabis consulting company. Now, he has a 91.6% rate with business applications.

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Cannabis Consulting in International Cannabis Markets

Within the CannaInsider interview, Michael Mayes talks about the international cannabis market. Currently, the United States and Canada are at the top within the cannabis business. Mayes explains that a lot more countries are growing within the cannabis industry. With this growth, Quantum 9 is winning at cannabis lisencing around the world.

Also, the cannabis markets are different around the world. For example, the Canadian market relies mostly on E- commerce. This means that most cannabis is mail order. On the other hand, the Australian cannabis market is like the the United States. For example, the rules on cannabis are different based on where you are in Australia. With this knowledge, Quantum 9 is winning cannabis around the world.

Jamaican Cannabis Market

Another interesting international market is Jamaica. Mayes explains that Jamaicans make a living off of cultivating cannabis. With that, it is important that the legalization of cannabis does not affect the country. When asked about how Mayes works with the Jamaican cannabis industry he states:

“What we didn’t want to do is take that privilege out of the Jamaican’s hands and put it into private enterprise.”

Following that statement, Mayes explains that a private market can be bad for the country. This is why it is important to be up to date with cannabis markets around the world.

Lastly, cannabis markets are different around the world. It is important to work with successful cannabis consulting companies such as Quantum 9. With that, Quantum 9 is up to date with their information about the cannabis market. As a result, Quantum 9 is winning cannabis internationally.

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