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Getting Hired as a Grower

Quantum 9 discusses the major aspects of getting hired as a grower in the cannabis space. In addition, cultivators are a unique breed. The best of the bunch thrive on exposure to new and different horticulture techniques. Two of the most important aspects of getting hired as a grower are being highly dependable and passionate about your garden. The master cultivator role is many times the most important position in the industrial medical cannabis space. The intricate knowledge the master cultivator is considered intellectual property and even trade secrets. Cultivating cannabis on an industrial scale is no simple task. Therefore, there is several factors within the controlled environment that have to be managed over a 90-day growing cycle. Including, the dangers if the nutrient schedule fails or the environmental controls fall outside of optimal levels. Either of those issues could negatively impact the crop. In some cases, completely kill your entire harvest.

Canopy Growth Crop Failure

Most recently, Canopy Growth, the largest cannabis company in the world had a recent catastrophic crop failure which resulted in $61.5M in the lost revenue.

Getting Hired as a Grower

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