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Cannabis consulting company, Quantum 9, talks about the benefits of medical marijuana in Illinois in an NPR Illinois feature. In the long run, marijuana business investment in Illinois is promising for business owners as long as they can put in the time to research the industry.


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The Economic Benefits of Medical Marijuana

To begin with, medical marijuana in Illinois brings in a new tax income. So, this serves as a benefit to the economy. Also, the decriminalization of the drug helps the state save money in the long run.

Next, medical marijuana legalization often turns into legal recreational marijuana in most states. For example, Illinois marijuana laws began as strictly medical and are now recreational. With that, they made more than $40 million in tax revenue within the first four months. In effect, this lets more and more people invest in these businesses. So, this is why cannabis consulting is very important for business investment in Illinois.

The Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Although a stigma with marijuana may exist, marijuana businesses in Illinois help many individuals that have serious illnesses. Accordingly, cannabis consulting experts at Quantum 9 explain how the cannabinoids found in marijuana help many people with pain-related issues. In addition, they explain that different strains of the plant help with different health problems. So, this means the use of marijuana will not always make one intoxicated or high.

Furthermore, people are more open to marijuana in general. For example, 91 percent of U.S adults say marijuana should be legal either for recreational or medical use. As a result, people are willing to accept those who use marijuana. On top of that, they are more accepting of marijuana businesses in Illinois and other states.

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Marijuana Business Investment in Illinois

Now that one can see how promising the marijuana business in Illinois is and has been, let’s look at how one can invest. To begin with, it is necessary to use a cannabis consulting company. With that, they will guide you in the right direction to having success in the industry. Quantum 9 provides consulting to people that are interested in how to run successful businesses in Illinois. Finally, the use of a cannabis consultant will make your journey in this business adventure a lot easier.

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