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The United States is moving fast with the legalization of marijuana. So, this is good news for investors who want to make large profits with marijuana. Now, let’s take a look at how profitable marijuana investment actually is and how marijuana consultants can help.

Are People Still Opposed To Legal Marijuana?

Yes and no. The culture of marijuana is changing. With that, there are still a few groups who are skeptical.

So, who are these groups?

Well, the groups that oppose legal marijuana are the ones who profit from their illegal status. For example, police unions do not want marijuana to be legal. Those arrests make them money. Another example includes Big Pharma. Those pills make them a ton of money as well. Also, marijuana can take the place of many painkillers such as Advil and Vicodin.

Profits in Marijuana Markets

To begin with, the marijuana market is very desirable, and profitable for young innovators. As one can see, the trend for investment within this market is on the rise. Michael Mayes, CEO of a marijuana consulting company, explains more about the market within his appearance on the Daily Reckoning. He states that “the cool factor can drive innovation.” So, this means that the skill-set for this business will be very strong.

The Benefits of Marijuana Investment

Secondly, there are many benefits to marijuana investments. So, it is important to use a marijuana consultant in order to fully benefit from the investment. Marijuana consulting company, Quantum 9, helps business investors succeed within this industry. Now, let’s look at how profitable marijuana is.

How Profitable is Marijuana?

Lastly, marijuana is very profitable in the United States. For example, a tomato producer makes about 10 percent in revenue. On the contrary, a marijuana grower can make up to 80 percent in revenue.

In order to better show the interest in marijuana, we compare search trends on the agriculture and cannabis industry. Now, let’s take a look at how the investment trend has changed in the past 10 years:

Cannabis vs. Agri investment trends

Also, marijuana is profitable for tax revenues. Because of the profitability, it is estimated that marijuana taxation can produce tax revenues of $10 billion to $14 billion. And that’s only within a year. On top of that, the profit in marijuana is also able to help the United States with the money it brings in from taxes.

As one can see, the marijuana market is booming and will continue to. With that in mind, it is important to use cannabis consulting companies, such as Quantum 9, to help interested investors succeed in this industry. Lastly, if you want to make large profits, choose marijuana.

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