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Would you like to start a cannabis delivery business in New Jersey? Here you’ll learn how to win a New Jersey Cannabis Delivery License. Read on for a step-by-step guide that will show you how to receive the highest score on your New Jersey cannabis delivery license application.

But if you’d prefer to speak with our New Jersey Cannabis Consultants directly, click the button below.

New Jersey Cannabis Delivery License How to Apply for a New Jersey Cannabis Delivery License

Below are actions you can take now that will improve your chances of winning a Class 6 Cannabis Delivery License. While New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission has not yet announced the window for accepting marijuana delivery licenses, you should begin preparing your application now.

Step 1 – Read the Rules and Regulations

The first step, if you want to win a cannabis delivery license, is to read the New Jersey cannabis laws and regulations. By doing so, you’ll understand the cannabis delivery license process and how to operate legally. More importantly, you’ll understand if you are qualified to apply (click here to check the eligibility requirements).

While the application for the Class 6 cannabis delivery license in New Jersey has not been published, you can expect the application to be 90% similar to the retail license application.

But if you don’t have time to read through hundreds of pages of technical laws and requirements, move onto step 2 and engage a New Jersy Cannabis Consultant.

Step 2 – Engage a Cannabis Delivery License Consultant

Working with a consultant on your delivery license application will make your life a lot easier. Consultants, for instance, will manage your application from start to finish.

Our New Jersey cannabis consulting firm will write your cannabis delivery license for you. We have a proven track record in New Jersey. So why not let the pros manage your application for you? Reach out today to learn how you can save time and headaches by allowing our marijuana delivery license consultants to manage your application.

New Jersey Cannabis Delivery License

Step 3 – Form a Business Entity

You’ll want to form a business entity for your proposed cannabis delivery business in New Jersey. We most commonly find applicants forming LLCs or corporations for their marijuana delivery license applications.

Step 4 – Prepare Documents to Prove Diversely-owned, Social Equity, or Impact Zone Business

Pay close attention to this step, because it can be the determining factor as to whether you win a cannabis delivery license or not.

New Jersey will prioritize applicants that are:

  • Diversely owned businesses;
  • Social Equity Businesses; and
  • Impact Zone Businesses.

Click here for more information on these priority applicant designations

It is best you start collecting your documents and filing for these certifications as soon as possible. Receiving your certification from the State can take weeks.

Step 5 – Write your cannabis delivery license application

Finally, you can now sit down and write your application for a New Jersey Cannabis Delivery license (aka Class 6 Cannabis Delivery license). Alternatively, if you engage our cannabis delivery license consultants, you can allow our consultants to manage your application for you from beginning to end.

As part of the cannabis delivery license application in New Jersey, you’ll have to submit a:

  • Business Plan;
  • Regulatory Compliance Plan
  • Environmental Impact Plan;
  • Safety and Security Plan;
  • Community Impact, Social Responsibility, and Research Statement;
  • Workforce Development and Job Creation Plan; and
  • About a dozen Standard Operating Procedures that are compliant with State and local laws.

The application will require hundreds of pages of technical documentation, as shown above. Do you have time to sit down and write the application? Reach out today to learn how we can save you time and reduce your stress when it comes to winning a delivery license.

New Jersey Cannabis Delivery License

Conclusions on New Jersey’s Cannabis Delivery Licenses

Applying for a cannabis delivery license is time-consuming and complex. Not to mention that you’ll compete against expert application writers and multi-state operators with strong legal teams. Why risk it by going at it alone?

Work with us to win a New Jersey cannabis delivery license.

Additional Information related to New Jersey Cannabis Delivery Licenses

Authorized Conduct

So what exactly can you do with a cannabis delivery license in New Jersey?

The answer is a Class 6 Cannabis Delivery license may be authorized by a cannabis retailer to deliver cannabis items to consumers on behalf of that cannabis retailer.

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