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Quantum 9 is a globally renowned Cannabis license consultant firm. In 2015, CannAwards announced us the winner of the Most Disruptive Use of Tech. We are known for cutting edge technology, so it’s no surprise that Quantum 9’s use of tech took the cake.

quantum 9's use of tech

Clients Rave About Expert Record-Keeping Tech

Quantum 9’s Use of Tech: Something to Rave About

Vida Cannabis, a licensed medical cannabis producer, is one of Quantum 9’s top clients. In an article by Yahoo Finance, Vida Cannabis raved about Quantum 9’s use of tech. Quantum 9 developed a record-keeping database. Vida Cannabis attested that the quality was second-to-none. Quantum 9 developed a multi-faceted and full-service record-keeping software specifically for Vida Cannabis.

Yahoo Finance calls Quantum 9 “North America’s pre-eminent authority on cannabis cultivation consulting and technology services”. Vida Cannabis says the software Quantum 9 developed for them was

“…[The] product of countless hours of research and development. Furthermore, the proposed methods are specifically designed to comply with all MMPR requirements.”

We Know Our Stuff

Quantum 9 is more than a cannabis license consultant firm. We build businesses from the ground up. We start from the beginning with you. So, the very beginning. From Quantum 9’s use of tech to our business advice, we won’t miss a beat.

In other words, we start with the initial application. We offer application consulting. Basically, our firm uses FDA grant writers in marijuana application services. Firstly, we help you understand the return on your investment. We help you understand the market financially so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

How we implement Quantum 9’s use of tech…

cannabis license consultantSecondly, we get into the fun part. This is where some of Quantum 9’s use of tech comes in. At least, for some phases of the business plan. Our business planning services create a project roadmap for your cannabis business, whatever that may be. We are here for every step of your business plan to make sure every detail of your business complies with state regulations.

We even offer detailed facility design, marketing, and other services like our expert record-keeping technology. So, we specially tailor each and every service to our client. That means you’re getting something unique from us every time. Our services always ensure compliance with state laws. Lastly, Quantum 9’s use of tech is always second to none!

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