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Illinois-based newspaper conglomerate, the Chicago Tribune, quotes legendary Illinois cannabis consultant Michael Mayes. The article addresses COVID-19‘s effect on cannabis investments. Firstly, the article was written by a reporter that has worked with Quantum 9 since 2015. Secondly, the new report found here.  Thirdly, the article addresses how investment dollars have slowed amidst the pandemic.

Illinois Cannabis Consultant Ponders COVID-19 Future

Cannabis investments have not just slowed but have come to a screeching halt. Illinois Cannabis consultants like Michael Mayes are concerned with the future of the licensing industry since the Department of Health typically spearheads the programs. However, cannabis sales in both medical and adult-use markets have scored since the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical cannabis remains on the essential supply list. Although, in some adult-use states like Massachusetts have closed adult-use stores.

Illinois Cannabis Consultant Advice | What to Expect

Mr. Mayes, an Illinois cannabis consultant since 2009, believes that the Department of Health in new territories like Georgia has paused most efforts. The State of Georgia was in the middle of rulemaking when the pandemic hit. Furthermore, the State was meeting with the public through town hall meetings to discuss pain points and opposition to the program.

Agencies across the United States remain faced with the decision on whether to concentrate on cannabis verse saving the elderly’s lives.

Cannabis Investments

A critical element in obtaining investment from a cannabis investor, for any cannabis business, involves a face to face meeting. Firstly, you need to shake hands (super scary). Secondly, share a meal (I hope you washed your hands). Lastly, sitting down at a restaurant not closed. The pandemic has created all types of problems, as an Illinois Cannabis Consultant, the future might not look that bright. The best any of us can hope for involves limiting the psychological damage this quarantine might have on society. As you walk down the street, you can’t help but think, does this person have the virus? Will interacting with them get me sick? Have I been careful?

In Conclusion

In conclusion, as all things will pass and the economy will return, as it always has. As Americans, we just need to suck it up for a little and stay vigilant.

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