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Michael Mayes in The Herald-News

Michael Mayes, CEO of marijuana consulting company Quantum 9, was quoted in The Herald-News. The story was about Chicago businessmen starting a marijuana cultivation company.

Michael Mayes quoted in article about marijuana cultivation company

Marijuana Cultivation Company

Cresco Labs is the subject of the article. The company was started by four former businessmen from the real estate world. They were all quoted as knowing how risky the switch would be. In a similar fashion, they had a hard time explaining to their families.

Joe Caltabiano is one of the businessmen who started the marijuana cultivation company. He is a survivor of childhood leukemia. In addition, he spoke with doctors about the benefits of marijuana. It confused him how something that could help people be illegal.

However, the marijuana cultivation company ran into problems. They were the defendants in a lawsuit against an unsuccessful applicants. They say the state failed to review their application properly. It doesn’t look like that is gonna stop them from growing, though.

Mayes said that he believed the marijuana cultivation company would survive after their lawsuits. They are one of the largest marijuana growers in Illinois. In addition, the company won three cultivation permits. That is more than any other company.

Eventually, the company survived the lawsuit. However, Caltabiano left the company in 2020. He was president whenever he resigned. The marijuana cultivation is still one of the largest growers in Illinois.

Marijuana Consultant

The businessmen mention that they received help by a marijuana company in Denver. However, there were still problems with their application process.

Quantum 9 has worked with clients around the world. We have a success rate of 90.21. And we only see that number growing.

In short, we would love to work with you.

You can find the article here.

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