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The CEO of marijuana consulting firm, Quantum 9, was quoted in The Chicago Tribune. Michael Mayes commented on Gov. Bruce Rauner issuing medical marijuana licenses before FBI background checks.

CEO of Marijuana Consulting Firm Quantum 9

Medical Marijuana License in Illinois

It is the law in Illinois to have a background check run for medical marijuana license applications. Applicants with a violent crime felony are prohibited from participating. In addition, applicants cannot have a drug charge. Although, there are exceptions for medical related drug charges.

The law is there to bring legitimacy to the medical marijuana industry. State regulators can revoke medical marijuana licenses later if they need to. Lawmakers know it’s better to wait for the background checks. However, they want to make sure that people can get the relief they need.

Quantum 9 CEO Michael Mayes noted how this may be a problem. It is hard for someone to have 10 years of experience in marijuana cultivation without a previous drug charge. It’s because marijuana has only become legal in some states this decade.

Peter Scweda of Nature’s Grace and Wellness paid a security firm to run background checks for his company. They got the background checks done early and were able to receive their medical marijuana license.

Medical Marijuana Consulting

Quantum 9 offers services that make the process of applying for a marijuana license more streamlined. Applicants who work with our marijuana consultants get the knowledge that you might not get if you didn’t work with experts in the industry.

Quantum 9 specializes in permit acquisition, which includes the process of getting background checks. Consequently, we have a permit acquisition success rate of 90.12 percent.

In other words, you can’t go wrong with working with us!

You can read the article here.

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